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Cosmic Psychos
Cum The Raw Prawn

Recorded on a farm in Victoria, Australia Cum The Raw Prawn by Cosmic Psychos offers ten tracks of loutish Aussie punk that lives up to its title. Following their documentary film Blokes You Can Trust the band has seen a resurgence in interest in their sweary brand of rock. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Desperate Records.

Powder Monkeys
Time Wounds All Heels

Never before released on vinyl is the reissue LP of Time Wounds All Heels from Aussie nutters Powder Monkeys. Showing their brute force and energy, PM explode from the rock and roll tradition, via punk and hardcore. Somewhere between Led Zeppelin, The Stooges and Bad Brains, TWAH is lauded as their finest moment. Only 700 being pressed, out on Desperate and comes with download code.

Colored Balls
Heavy Metal Kid

This is a true proto-punk slab of dynamite, right up there with similar recordings by the likes of the MC5 and the Pink Fairies. Featuring a mix of growling punkers (the title track, 'Private Eye'), '50s rockers (a cover of '(You're So Square) Baby I Don't Care', 'Need Your Love'), hi-energy boogie ('Do It', 'Dance To The Music'), cosmic rock ('Back To You', 'Metal Feathers') and even a ballad in there, it's an eclectic mix held together by its outlaw sense of purpose. Along with, is sound of the great Sharpie stomp of 1970s Melbourne.
  • Vinyl LP (DEFCON3)
  • Label(s):
  • Desperate

The Kremlings
Whole Earth Cleansing

Some people have a bunch of energy that makes them sound like they’re angry, as is the case with The Kremlings, who sound apathetic yet frustrated. But in a very good and catchy way. Whole Earth Cleansing is their debut and it sounds good. There’s only 500 of the 180gr records going around, so get ‘em before they’re all smashed in rock & roll fury!

Take It Out On You

  • Vinyl LP (DEFCON2)
  • Label(s):
  • Desperate