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The Juan Maclean
The Brighter The Light

Unfairly overlooked in his Noughties heyday, Juan MacLean returns with the first album under his eponymous electronica project the Juan MacLean in half a decade. His long friendship with one James Murphy probably tells you enough about what it sounds like. Contains the single ‘Zone Non Linear’, and is released by the legendary DFA imprint. 

Larry Gus

Subservient is the fourth release for DFA by Larry Gus AKA Panagiotis Melidis. He sings in Greek and English over a mix of pop-oriented funk and Mediterranean rhythms. The album’s theme centres on how to balance family life with his artistic leanings, and really just how to survive when the world is seeming like everything is going wrong.

LCD Soundsystem

Yeah indeed, for this 2003 single from then-fledgling act LCD Soundsystem remains one of the finest things James Murphy has put his name to. Knowing, witty and immensely groovy, the two mixes of ‘Yeah’ here helped to solidify what we’ve now come to recognise as the project’s signature sound. The ‘Crass Version’ mines that rich seam of Killing Joke-style punk-funk while the ebullient ‘Pretentious Version’ steers closer to Arthur Russell’s disco endeavours.

LCD Soundsystem
Confuse The MarketplaceĀ 

Classic reissue from 2007 in the shape of Confuse The Market by LCD Soundsystem. This has been unavailable for 7 years, so there should be a bit of scramble to get your mitts on this! It contains the classic slow disco epic Freak Out / Starry Eyes, Hippie Priest Bum Out which featured on James Murphy and Pat Mahoney’s Fabriclive and a reworking of North American Scum which ups the acidity. 12” on DFA.

Chain Tripping

Dance-punk veterans Yacht give us their seventh studio album, and third on impeccable imprint DFA. Recorded between their home in L.A. and a studio in Texas, Chain Tripping sees Jona Bechtolt and Claire Evans in strikingly different mood than normal, utilising AI and machine-learning technology to push their art past new boundaries. 

LCD Soundsystem
I Used To (Dixon Retouch) / Pulse (v.1)

Imagine being voted Resident Advisor's number one DJ four years in a row? Well that's just what has happened to the boringly named DJ Dixon who has been hand selected to add a bit of vim and vigour to LCD Soundsystem's latest thing. The press release suggests that Dixon who has only 'Retouched' the track not remixed it has opened it up into a club space. Good work all round.    
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Eric Copeland
Trogg Modal Vol. 1 (Remixes)

Eric Copeland’s excellent first Trogg Modal LP gets served four ways on this remix set. With its set of lo-fi freak beats, Copeland’s album provides rich pickings for the quartet of Parris, RAMZi, Lokler and Gerry Read to feast upon. As such we get everything from EBM to Balearic house to anti-techno (Lokier, RAMZi and Parris in that order) across Trogg Modal Vol. 1 (Remixes).

In The Middle Of The Night

Highly praised newcomers Khidja step up from the underground to deliver their first EP for the prestigious DFA label, presented on 12” vinyl. Sprawling across four brooding and foundation-shaking tracks that take in house to twisted dub, the Romanian duo takes the listener through a range of nocturnal moods. 

Eric Copeland
Trogg Modal Vol. 2

It’s yr ex-Black Dice boy Eric Copeland, presenting further wonky weird-dance jams for our collective pleasure. Trogg Modal Vol. 2 is the slightly less frantic of the two Trogg volumes, but it's still a joy for Copeland fans: lots of colourful sounds and rhythms squirming around each other with much joy. On DFA.

LCD Soundsystem
Oh Baby (Lovefingers Remixes)

Brooklyn New York's most crumpled man returns following along from his well received American Dream album made whilst pretending to split the band up. Now it's time for some dancefloor ready remixes and this instalment sees LA Native Lovefingers have two goes at taking on 'Oh Baby' adding a bit of psychedelia and drive to the original. 

Eric Copeland

A bunch of artists pile in on a couple of tracks from Eric Copeland’s 2017 LP Goofballs. The remixes here generally preserve the same zany machine malfunction vibe of the originals. Highlights include Physical Therapy’s halftime techno flip of ‘Mixer Shredder’ and Machine Woman’s snappy club refit of ‘Neckbone’. Also, NHK yx Koyxen’s version of ‘Neckbone’ makes you wonder what Wiley would be doing these if he’d ever developed an interest in electro.


Planningtorock are planningtorelease a new LP for the first time since 2014. Powerhouse finds the Berlin-based artist back on DFA Records and turning in ten pieces of stormy queer-pop. Single ‘Transome’ is a winning combination of How To Dress Well-style r&b and dinky dancehall synths. One of the tracks was co-produced by Planningtorock’s close friend Olof Dreijer (The Knife).

Crooked Man
Crooked House

Too much low-key, cool and detached, smooth and sleek house music around these days? Well, if that’s what you reckon, then Crooked Man has the answer: a big album of big, booming, over-the-top electro-house. Lots of energy and sweet stretched grooves here on Crooked House, which is released by DFA of all labels.

Eric Copeland
Trogg Modal Vol. 1

Eric Copeland - he of Black Dice fame - turns in a record of bleep-bloop goodness for DFA. The first volume of his Trogg Modal series finds Copeland exploring the freakbeat club sound that he locked into on 2017 full-length Goofballs. Fusing lo-fi techno, Balearic house, minimal synth beat and … generally weird shit, Copeland has come through with another befuddling yet beguiling LP here.

Guerilla Toss
Twisted Crystal

Weeee’re not gonna take it! No, we ain’t gonna take it! We’re not gonna take it! Any… ... Whoops, might have misread the title of this one. Twisted CRYSTAL is Boston disco-rockers Guerilla Toss’s third LP for DFA, and the group really seem to have grown into the label’s sound now. Cuts like ‘Meteorological’ are spunky dance-punk joints equal parts The Rapture and Laurie Anderson.

The Remixes

After their The Cure-to-a-baggy-beat debut EP dropped back in 2017, CCFX (a CC Dust/Trans FX collaboration) return to the scene of the crime to serve up four versions of tunes from their eponymous debut. The Remixes, it must be said, is an occasion where the re-rubs are far superior to the originals. The first two are these nice mixes of jungle, shoegaze and ambient music that have a bit of The Orb about them, while the latter pair are big-beat synthwave.


Made up from members of punk band Vexx, synth-pop group CC Dust and post-punkers TransFX, Olympia’s CCFX bring the three worlds together cohesively on their self titled EP debut. These four tracks would fit comfortably alongside My Bloody Valentine, The Cure and New Order. EP released through DFA.

Guerilla Toss
Flood Dosed

Originally released in 2015 on cassette and digital formats only, now DFA revisit Flood Dosed for a vinyl edition with a bonus track for extra spice. Noisy art rock performed with feverish aplomb, fragmented glitched out guitar licks and synth bloops create a schizophrenic kraut groove with a Sonic Youth tonal disregard.


Perel's debut album manages to strike the balance between post-punk and disco that only the better artists on DFA's roster manage to. The German producer is a proud fan of Eurythmics and 2 Unlimited and she has the comfort with more poppy melodies you'd expect from one. 

Essaie Pas
New Path

Montreal electronic duo Essaie Pas are back with their fifth album (their second on DFA Records) ‘New Path’, a riff on Philip K. Dick’s dystopian sci-fi novel A Scanner Darkly. Their particular brand of coldwave songwriting lends itself beautifully to the doomy subject matter at hand, the disembodied chants and aggressive percussion amping up the beautifully bleak atmosphere.

NHK yx Koyxen
Exit Entrance

This is most welcome news: lopsided dance miscreant Kohei Matsunaga is back! His new record for the NHK yx Koyxen record is also his first for DFA, offering the usual medley of melody, abstraction and frantic programmed drumwork. With his love of pitching anything and everything, it's hard to know what to predict beyond an unabashed foray into dance experiments.

Dawn People
The Star Is Your Future

Dawn People's category defying character is no surprise given the wide ranging influences that have fed its creation. Opening with hip-hop tempo beats, jazz flute and distinct Avalanches style plunderphonics, the palette twists and grows over the album, introducing warm synths, loungey grooves and additional madness to the mix.
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LCD Soundsystem
American Dream

You can have a strange relationship with LCD Soundsystem, a bit like Marmite - you either love them, or hate them. This ten track release, entitled American Dream, is no doubt a great collection of tracks for any LCD fan but might not be for everyone. Available on Vinyl LP and CD on DFA / Columbia.  

Eric Copeland

Of noisemakers Black Dice but at this point probably more notorious for his solo efforts as a dissonant dancer, Eric Copeland once again graces our doors with a record of off-kilter shenanigans. Goofballs continues to combine his economical sound sources of knackered drum machines and samplers into a driven and funky affair. Via DFA.

Guerilla Toss
GT Ultra

Guerilla Toss set a psychedelic tone immediately and very clearly with the artwork for GT Ultra, by housing the album in a sleeve of vintage acid blotter designs. Heavy. The music is pretty lysergic too, cramming in slightly too many elements into the busy, energetic mix of their songs, in a pleasingly wild way. Get heady with GT Ultra, released by DFA.

Delia Gonzalez
Horse Follows Darkness

A follow up to her previous record ‘In Remembrance’, Horse Follows Darkness is the second dark and mind-bending release from Delia Gonzalez. Although this record has a lot to live up to, the use of deep string drones and simple melodies that follow a straightforward narrative allow for Gonzalez to express her innermost self. 

DFA Compilation#1

Originally released in 2003, you know, when everyone used CDs. Now revisiting their first compilation, which put them down as a more than credible source of new productions, DFA are releasing it on vinyl for the first time. Featuring several unique visions of dance music from The Rapture, LCD Sound System, Black Dice, and The Juan MacLean.

Nils Bech

Leftfield pop music, that moves away from the city and into the wilderness. Teaming up with young Norwegian producer Drippin’ snaps Nils Bech into an upfront force. When he is known for his ethereal, rapturous avantgarde pop songs, Echo is not so much a departure from this, but a focus and succinct approach to it. More dramatic and upfront.

Factory Floor
25 25

Eagerly-awaited second full-length album from Factory Floor, now operating as a duo. 25 25 continues the group’s journey straight to the heart of the dancefloor, with a tightly stripped-down, boldly minimal approach. Synths and drums and vocals alike are strictly controlled for maximum industrial efficiency. CD or double LP edition on DFA.

Crooked Man
Crooked Man

Light and bass weighty house tunes from Crooked Man, cuts through the deep and serious straight to the dancefloor. Having released the first album on Warp with Cabaret Voltaire’s Richard H Kirk and run the legendary Jive Turkey nights with Sheffield don Winston Hazel and an incredible line of production credits it’s great to have him back under his own steam after such a long break.

Eric Copeland
Black Bubblegum

Black Dice dude Eric Copeland continues to create music that somehow sounds completely messed-up and rather poppy: Black Bubblegum indeed. This new album is particularly dub-focused, skanking up and down and round and round, festooned with all sorts of weird slices of sound. CD or pink-coloured vinyl on DFA.

Shit Robot
What Follows

Shit Robot returns with a third full-length LP. What Follows is a real analogue synth album, discovered organically through playing around with equipment. The results are dancefloor-ready electro-pop, and A-list guests on the record include Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip and Nancy Whang of LCD Soundsystem! Out on DFA.

Essaie Pas
Demain est une autre nuit

Essaie Pas are an electro-disco-pop duo hailing from Montreal. Debut full-length Demain est une autre nuit is laden with atmosphere whilst also carrying great momentum: enough, in fact, that they supported Factory Floor on a US tour. French-language vocals keep their distance, while the rhythmic pulse keeps you warm.

Guerilla Toss
Eraser Stargazer

Eraser Stargazer is the new album by Boston five-piece Guerilla Toss. It follows on from their 2104 debut album Gay Disco and their 2015 EP Flood Dosed which won the band praise from the likes of Henry Rollins and Busy P of Ed Banger Records. The band describe their chaotic sound as New Age Rage, celebrating positivity and aberrant spiritualism through ferocious yet cerebral and danceable rock music.

Larry Gus
I Need New Eyes

Versatile Greek sampler and composer Panagiotis Melidis, better known as Larry Gus, invites us to drink in the infinite musicality of all the sounds around us. On his new album I Need New Eyes, with its rather painful album cover, Larry combines a rich multitude of samples with complex rhythms and catchy melodies.

Slim Twig
Thank You For Stickin' With Twig

Lonesome rockabilly artiste Slim Twig is still confounding people with psychedelic swirls on Thank You For Stickin' With Twig. Hey folks, it looks countrified, but what you're getting is the usual sonic liftoff of keyboards and guitars intersecting, compressed into the nostalgic sounds of the cassette era. Psych for the fussy.

Eric Copeland

In which Black Dice roller Eric Copeland has tracks from his last solo album, Joke In The Hole, remixed and reimagined by the likes of Larry Gus, Fhloston Paradigm, Anthony Naples, and most excitingly, the inimitably Panda Bear, who adds some brand new vocals into his take on ‘Cheap Treat’. 1000 copies only on DFA.


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Prinzhorn Dance School
Home Economics

Prinzhorn Dance School crafted this collection with a first-take kind of ethos, so that Home Economics does not lack in freshness. Released on DFA, this carries many of the familiar hallmarks of that label (such as a tight, funky rhythm section), but comes from this side of the Atlantic, giving a different angle.

The Juan Maclean
In A Dream

The Juan Maclean have been around some time now and always on DFA records.  They've been around long enough to see various trends such as  electroclash, disco-punk, electro-disco come and go yet are still at it doing their own thing. There are certainly house and techno influences in this, lots of Moroder style squiggly synths and Neu-ish drum patterns. There are some crazily rock guitars attached which I'll have to get back to you about and cold post punk female vocals. Its kind of stadium disco of sorts full of vintage sunths and kraut pulses with the classic interplay you find on all the great disco records.  


Shangri-La by Yacht gets a double white vinyl reissue - the first time it’s been available since 2011. Shangri-La was the band’s second album to be released on DFA records following 2009’s acclaimed album See The Mystery Lights. Shangri-La saw the band making use of a proper studio for the first time and trying their hand at mixing a number of seemingly disparate genres such as disco, psychedelia, punk and krautrock and sewing them all together with some neat pop stitching.

Crystal Ark
The Tangible Presence Of The Miraculous

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Free Energy
Stuck On Nothing

  • CD (CDV3081)
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