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Boogarins are a psychedelic pop / rock group from Brazil who sing mostly in Portuguese. Manual is their second full-length record, and its eleven tracks feel at once grounded (by a rhythm section who propel everything forward) and about to drift away (elevated by the airy vocals and guitars). Released by the Other Music label.

Secret In The Dark

Monika, full name Monika Christodolou, grew up in Greece in a home where music was at the fore and with a family that regularly travelled. Her early years have seemingly shaped the travel hungry multi-instrumentalist. She had a hit in 2006 with Over The Hill which caused a bit of a stir in her homeland. She followed this with two successful albums and headline slots at Greek festivals. On a trip to New York in 2012 she plucked up the courage to pay a visit to Daptone Records and met Homer Steinweiss. After Steinweiss was impressed by her demos they began working together. The result is Secret In The Dark - a mix of ‘80s art pop and punchy ‘70s disco funk. Think Machine Gun by The Commodores with a Teutonic edge.

Invisible Familiars
Disturbing Wildlife

From the mind of Jared Samuel as Invisible Familiars, with guests including Scott Metzger, Ryan Sawyer,  Cibo Matto, Nels Cline, and Jolie Holland. Working with the backing band of Sean Lennon, this album is one for fans of Marc Bolan and T Rex, chilled-out jazzy songwriter numbers, cups of tea and Scrabble. CD and vinyl on Other Music.

Xylouris White

Xylouris White is the collaboration between legendary Greek lutenist George Xylouris, who has played on over 70 albums and comes from a family of well respected musicians, accompanied by serial collaborator Jim White, not the alt-country singer but the drummer from The Dirty Three, who's played with everyone from Nina Nastasia to Nick Cave to Bill Callahan. As if that wasn't an intriguing enough combination already, the album was recorded by Fugazi/Rites of Spring legend Guy Picciotto.

Shintaro Sakamoto
Let's Dance Raw

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