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A Lily
Id-Dar Tal-Missier

A Lily, aka James Vella, follows up last year’s interesting Ten Drones On Cassette release with Id-Dar Tal-Missier, a fully-fledged album which pulls that ambient drone mastery into contact with actual song forms. Xylophone, guzheng and organ all make appearances on the record, as so gues...view item »

Ice Baths
Ice Baths

Brrr! London label Blank Editions, associated with all sorts from Thurston Moore to Theo Alexander, take a chilly plunge with the self-titled debut from Ice Baths. This one seems to be about aggressive, jangly neo-eighties post-punk, rather gritty and lo-fi on record too. Brooding lyrics are dis...view item »

Girls In Synthesis
We Might Not Make Tomorrow E.P

A handsome bunch, these Girls In Synthesis. One of them looks like Joe Strummer, another has a Debbie Harry thing going on, and the final member resembles Guy Garvey. When you get to their music, however, there’s very little in common with any of the aforementioned, althou...view item »

Thurston Moore
Mx Liberty / Panik

Thurston seems to be unusually full of beans for an old no-waver on the verge of sixty, and all fired up on poetry and punk. This new single recalls early Sonic Youth with some almost metal riffing and early-Fall-like urgency. Lyrics are by London poet Radieux Radio. The b-side maintains a simil...view item »

Girls In Synthesis
Suburban Hell EP

Total Lahndahn Brit-punk filth from clearly irate trio Girls in Synthesis, offering a four-track 7” with goodies, plus a dub remix version for download. Brilliant production focuses on a great deal of noise, while vocals retain a more traditional punk bark. The chorus hook on the title track as well as the bass riff leadin...view item »

Virtue Signal

Aathens are a post-punk band from London. Their sound has all the usual hallmarks of a post-punk band - angular guitars and a precise rhythm section. However, there’s also an unexpected liquidity to their sound. Virtue Signal is their debut LP on Blank Editions. Aathens line...view item »

Housewives / Massicot
Exc. 281016 / Kokteilis

The no wave repeato-brutality of Housewives and the hip-hopped tropical pop-noise of Massicot both commit themselves to wax on this exciting split 7”, with a totally new track from each band. EXC. 281016 / KOKTEILIS is released by a powerful coalition of five labels: Harbinger Sound, Hands In The ...view item »

Ben Vince

Follow up album to his hugely limited cassette debut The Purge in 2016, London based multi-instrumentalist and improviser Ben Vince is especially adept with the saxophone. Working with loose improvisation but with a progressive drive, Monuments doesn’t stick in a loop builds and develops in front of you w...view item »

Douglas Hart
Let's Form A Cell EP

Douglas Hart started out as a founding member and bass player for a little band called The Jesus & Mary Chain. Since then he has directed music videos for many of your favourite bands. His new 12”, Let’s Form A Cell EP expands on the 7” he released in 2013 by taking a psychedelic a...view item »

Virile Strain Transmission

Apostille is the solo project name of Night School records instigator Michael Kasparis. Following his 2015’s debut album ‘Powerless’, ‘Virile Strain Transmission’ EP is an experiment into the unknown, in the words of Kasparis ‘Virile Strain Transmission an attempt to learn by unlearning, to explore all the dou...view item »

New Dance / Time She Stopped

A spiky chunk of no-wave-inflected post-punk from Housewives. It’s oh so '70s New York but not without a little humour and modernity thrown into the mix. If you like it short and bittersweet then this is your bag. Out on vinyl 7” from Blank Editions. Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies with download code....view item »

Familiar Obstacles

The consistently strong Blank Tapes cassette label releases a new slice of Tomaga, a London-based duo playing on drums, synthesisers and a delicious array of various acoustic and electronic objects. Familiar Obstacles has 2 side-long tracks running to 52 minutes, and there only 100 copies out there, so move fast!...view item »

Yuki Tsujii
I'm Rubbish But I Love You

The composition is a piece written and performed by Yuki as a gift to his mother who resides in his homeland of Japan. The record, mixed and mastered by fellow Bo Ningen associate Taigen Kawabe arrives in a handmade package that is traditional of past releases in The Solo Series. 1. 300 gsm printed inner sleeve that is stamped and number...view item »

Thurston Moore
The Solo Series No 5

Thurston Moore solo series no 5, a perfect slice of downtown N.Y.C, transported to stoke newington. Listening full blast like I am in CBGB's circa 1981....view item »

Ted Milton
The Solo Series No 4

I’d like to start this review by saying that Ted Milton is a crazy man. The world needs crazy people so we’re off to a good start with this one. I really shouldn’t like Ted Milton or Blurt (the band he is the only surviving member of) because he plays the sax and ...view item »