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Robin Richards
Castel EP

Robin Richards, key composer and bassist of Manchester alt-poppers Dutch Uncles, aims to make a name for himself with debut solo EP 'Castel'. And its contents signal he will, as the 6-track pursues political explorations - delving deeply into Soviet Oppression. It does so with fluttering pianos and ambient soundscapes, with an intricacy Dutch Uncles fans will come to expect.


Pozi are a London trio formed of violin, bass and drums. On their debut PZ1 released on PRAH Recordings, they channel their emotions into their voices and their instruments, making for a ramshackle post-punk din. Their press release compares them to both Sleaford Mods and IDLES which at this point is probably a bit of a no-no. 

Haiku Salut
There Is No Elsewhere

Fresh from collaborating with Public Service Broadcasting on the very successful Every Valley LP, Haiku Salut come through with their third full-length. There Is No Elsewhere is a synthesis of the more palatable end of contemporary classical music - Yann Tiersen, the Erased Tapes and Village Green stables - with the light electronica of Mum and 20th Century British composers like Ralph Vaughan Williams. Out via PRAH Recordings (Oliver Coates, Group Listening).

Group Listening
Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works Vol. 1

Prah Recordings - the label responsible for releasing Oliver Coates’s fantastic Upstepping LP - with a collaborative LP between jazz pianist Paul Jones and Steve Black aka Sweet Baboo. Clarinet & Piano: Selected Works sees Group Listening rearranging pieces from the likes of Brian Eno and Arthur Russell for (you guessed it) clarinet and piano. Combining their main instruments with sparsely-utilised mbira, effects pedals and drum machines, the pair create sweet contemporary chamber music that wouldn’t sound out of place on a recent These New Puritans record.
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  • Prah Recordings

Oliver Coates

Oliver Coates is an acclaimed contemporary cellist, and yet this album sounds like a fully-fledged modern electronic dance record. Believe it or not, almost every single sound on Upstepping was originally derived from Coates’ cello, who then applied an absolute ton of processing to make this club friendly set of experimental bangers. On Prah Recordings.
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  • Prah Recordings

Lung Dart
As I Lay Drying

Lung Dart are Tim Clay and James Rapson. Using a huge range of field samples and youtube rips they create textured blocks of nostalgia. Sounding like Leyland Kirby making ballads, they play on the odd sense of isolation that comes from the youtube age. It’s loving, but strangely detached from the world.

The New Cycle

The New Cycle is meant to be ‘electronic music without the electronics’: the elements at its foundations are orchestral instruments (from both the Western and the Karelian traditions) and field recordings. The results, clicked into a techno-derived grid, are pretty damn lush and melodic: Suokas has pulled off a smart sonic trick. Edition of 500 LPs on Prah Recordings.

Oliver Coates
Towards The Blessed Islands

Prah Recordings is a new label set up by Stephen Bass of Moshi Moshi. Renowned cellist Coates straddles the worlds of classical and contemporary music. He has collaborations under his belt from the likes of Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood, DOOM and Massive Attack - and likewise he has performed concerto performances around the world notably with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales, BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra and Britten Sinfonia. Towards the blessed islands (the title taken from a poem by Norman MacCaig) is Coates debut album and devotes itself to rich sounds and clear harmonies which develop slowly over time. The cello is tuned or strung differently, or thrown into an unusual playing method on every track. "Think Sonic Youth and their guitars" says Coates.  The album was recorded in churches, tombs, disused oil rigs and field recordings were made in railway stations at night. Also there's covers of Squarepusher classic Tommib Help Buss as well as a beautiful restyling of Roy Harper's Another Day.
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  • Prah Recordings

Aisha Orazbayeva & Tim Etchells
Sleeping Through

This EP is the first fruit of an intimate new collaboration between Aisha Orazbayeva and Tim Etchells, pushing violin and voice into an intense, sometimes uncomfortable space together. Sleeping Through is challengingly minimal but powerfully performed. Vinyl LP released in a limited edition on the Prah Recordings label.