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Tuscan Castle And Country Seat

Italian library music is full of strange treasures, but here’s one that particularly stands out. Tuscan Castle and Country Seat, put together in 1978 for a TV documentary by the young composer Teisco, is full of psychedelic electronics and krauty guitars and rhythms, assembled in ways that seem far too attention-g...view item »

Ian MacFarlane

Shhh... it's private press. Have some respect. This much unknown ambient synth record was made by Cybotron maverick Ian MacFarlane, whose music may once have been a little weird to most ears. An experimentalist with conspiracies and surrealisms in his head, he envisioned Pla...view item »

Egisto Macchi
Citta Notte

Experimental Library music from 1972, that has built up an impressive reputation amongst collector circles, despite having never been commercially released at all. Until now! Citta Notte is Egisto Macchi’s masterwork, a layered mass of melodic details and atmospheric synths. Fully remastered from the original tape...view item »

Charles Wain
The Last Wave (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Last Wave is a crucial work of Australian New Wave cinema. The soundtrack, produced by a certain Charles Wain, counterpoints the atmosphere of rural Australia and Aboriginal culture with experimental electronic sounds, casting a vivid eerie atmosphere over the picture. The soundtrack has never been released before n...view item »

Armando Sciascia
Impressions in Rhythm & Sound

More experimental wonders from the depths of Italy’s library music archives! This time we have Armando Sciascia’s Impressions in Rhythm & Sound, a wild set of sonic atmospheres that tread some lovely weird territory. First ever proper commercial release for this extremely rare piece of library music hist...view item »
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Ennio Morricone
Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore

This is the first official reissue of the 1974 cult classic soundtrack ‘Il Sorriso Del Grande Tentatore’. Casting some of his most frightening compositional enchantments, legendary composer Ennio Morricone has crafted a beautifully terrifying landscape of sound. The release also includes two previously unreleased tracks....view item »

Fabio Fabor / Armando Sciascia

Some of the strange sounds recorded in the name of library music continue to impress. Nowhere is this more true than with Fabio Famor and Armando Sciascia’s Infini, a 1972 set of uneasy atmospheres. This is the first time this music has been released commercially. Remastered from the original tape...view item »

John Barry
Walkabout (Original Motion Picture Score)

Walkabout is a seminal work of 1970s Australian New Wave cinema, delving into the surreal landscapes of the outback. The master tapes of John Barry’s original soundtrack (which is, obviously, of a very high caliber) were thought to be utterly lost for years, but now they have been recovered and released! The vinyl...view item »

Billy Mitchel
Electronic Dance (From The Motion Picture Walkabout)

Nic Roeg’s astonishing 1971 film Walkabout is a psychedelic exploration of the outback fuelled by a soundtrack that mixed orchestral cues with overhead bursts of psych-pop. The Roundtable have pressed one of these strange lost songs to 7” vinyl. Billy Mitchel’s Electronic Dance (From The Motion Pictur...view item »


This album, the only record made by the selection of Australia-based session musicians who went under the name Arena, is so revered by collectors of jazz-funk and rare grooves that it is very hard to find any of the scarce original pressings. But this material is too strong, too interesting, too special for that to remain the ca...view item »
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Armando Sciascia
Violin Reactions

Armando Sciascia has done significant work soundtracking odd wonders of Italian cinema, but also had a sideline in experimental library musics. Violin Reactions is of the latter group, with a mass of strings swirling around synthesiser lines and percussion. An extremely rare and desirable release, now out in the world a...view item »

Ennio Morricone

There are a lot of vinyl releases of Ennio Morricone music about these days, but this one stands somewhat apart from the herd. Controfase is hardcore GRM-style electroacoustic / orchestral material from the early 70’s, and it has never before seen a proper release. Fully remastered GRM Deluxe Replica LP, with deli...view item »
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Egisto Macchi

This is first ever commercial release of Bioritmi by Egisto Macchi. The enigmatic rarity was recorded in 1971. Bioritmi is a clever mix of avant-garde orchestration, dark modular composition and percussion that has been electronically altered. It has been said that Macchi melds the styles of Moondog...view item »

Gianfranco Plenizio
La Gatta In Calore

Including four previously unreleased tracks, beautifully remastered by American composer and acoustic experimentalist Alvin Lucia, ‘La Gatta In Calore’ is the first ever official album reissue of this rare 1972 classic by conductor/composer Gianfranco Plenizio (‘Hotel Rwanda’, ‘The Soul Keeper’)...view item »
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Ennio Morricone and Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consananza
A Quiet Place In The Country

Unreleased at the time for unknown reasons, this score to Italian filmmaker Elio Petri's artsploitation masterpiece 'A Quiet Place In The Country' was the first and last time that Ennio Morricone and Il Gruppo would co-sign a session together. It is an avant garde cacophony of harsh tones and disharmony that draws you into the intellectual and s...view item »
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Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont

Genius soundtrack work reeking of 70s horror of the more obscure variety from brothers Berto Pisano & Jacques Chaumont. Tactile sequences of tense beauty built from a mixture of strings and subtle synthesizers with stabs of cinematic drama make for a hugely involving listen. Remastered from the original tapes and beautifully...view item »
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Cosmic Eye
Dream Sequence

Cosmic Eye released this music in 1972 and is now coming to you in 2014 via The Roundtable imprint. What we have is some (very) psychedelic jazz, sounding positively out-of-time and, indeed, a little cosmic. Dream Sequence is formed of two long-form pieces from this British collective, with a he...view item »
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Living Music
To Allen Ginsberg

This is an odd little number. A bunch of Italians setting the poems of Ginsberg to tribal, psychedelic music. Why should this work, how could it work. Well around a minute and a half into the opening track 'Howl' and you begin to see how the simple, repetitive beats are the perfect platform for the strong vocals wh...view item »
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