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P J Philipson

Jane Weaver’s current guitarist-of-choice P J Philipson follows up 2014’s Peaks with a new LP on Little Crackd Rabbit. Linotopia is built around Philipson’s spacious guitar-scapes, rendered on both acoustic and electric instruments. These are then augmented by effects, synths, drum machines and field recordings to create rich instrumentals that sit somewhere between Steve Reich and Manuel Goettsching.
  • CD (LCR012)
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  • Little Crackd Rabbit

Norman Westberg
The Chance To

Norman Westberg, the really tall one from Swans, has been treating us to archival reissues recently, but here is some exciting new music from him. The Chance To is a really impressive suite of guitar compositions, using treatments and overtones and minimal-maximal talents to carve out some powerful sonic space. CD edition from LCR Records.
  • CD (LCR010)
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Mia Zabelka
Cellular Resonance

Mia Zabelka brings intensive and experimental approaches to the archetypally classical sound object of the violin, using both physical and digital extended techniques (prepared objects in the strings, howling, an array of live electronics) to hone her own instrumental language. On Cellular Resonance, she even has processing assistance from Lydia Lunch(!), making this a particularly noisy release of hers. Out on Little Crackd Rabbit.
  • CD (LCR009)
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Brave Timbers

Brave Timbers began life as a solo project for multi-instrumentalist Sarah Kemp but on Hope Andrew Scrogham joins to flesh out her subtle compositions with mournful piano. This vinyl LP from Gizeh draws on ambient and neo-classical forms, the piano and violin create a dream-like atmosphere, but Kemp also knows how to write emotive and memorable melodies.

Mark Harris & JOHN 3:16
Victory Over The Sun

This is Victory Over The Sun, a thrilling ambient journey crafted by Mark Harris & John. The duo ambitiously take their project to uncharted land - album closer Vortex, for example, is an immersive wall of distortion that becomes more aggressive and immediate, before spiralling off into oblivion...
  • CD (LCR008)
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  • Little Crackd Rabbit

We Mythical Kings

We Mythical Kings is made up of Raz Ullah and Peter Phillipson. Visitations is their debut album - a result of controlled and structured improvisations on guitar synthesizers and a huge array of hacked effects. Recorded over a six day period, whilst locked away in a small cottage on the Isle of Mull and then collated later the album swings from abstract drones and pops to lush guitar picks and lofi driving rhythm boxes.
  • CD (LCR006)
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P.J. Philipson

Hypnodrone Ensemble
The Shape Of Space

Likely guitar-drone lads Aidan Baker of Nadja and Eric Quach of thisquietarmy team up with not one, or even two, but three whole drummers to form the Hypnodrone Ensemble: any guesses how the group might sound? The Shape Of Space is their first record, and it does an admirably good job of taking us all that place. On Little Crackd Rabbit.
  • CD (LCR005)
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Black Walls

Ken Reaume is primarily known for making meditative psych-folk under his own name, but he steps out into a shiny new alias with Black Walls; his debut under this new project, 'Communion', expands on his drone inclinations while also melding instrumental rock and beautified black metal together. While those genres might conjure up an overwhelming, unyielding sound in another artist's hands, Reaume gets a tranquil sound from them, 'Communion' often reminiscent of slight artists such as Stars of the Lid. 
  • CD (LCR004)
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  • Little Crackd Rabbit
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  • Label(s):
  • Little Crackd Rabbit

A.R.C. Soundtracks
Archive: Volume One

  • CD (LCR002)
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