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Stray Theories
All That Was Lost

If you like ambient music then you'll probably like this third record from Stray Theories called All That Was Lost. When Templeton-Wolfe isn't busy writing and composing material for other musical ventures, he gets time to release gold like this which will appeal to fabs of Hammock and Eluvium. Available ...view item »

The Longest Sleep Through The Darkest Days

Plymouth shoegaze/electronic poppers Winterlight are keeping it in the family with their latest album which sees leader Tim Ingham's daughter Isabel taking over on bass duties. Cute. They've taken seven years over this faffing with all kinds of sounds before realising if it ain't broke don't fix it. Smart. ...view item »

Porya Hatami & Arovane

The piano. Born two centuries ago in Italy, it has been stroked and bashed by just about everyone since. It can sound beautiful, harsh or indifferent. It has been modified, customised, emulated, modulated, deconstructed and reconstructed. Hell, we even have a Piano Day now, thanks to Frahm (but he doesn’t l...view item »

To Destroy A City
Go Mirage

Oh. My. God. For their third album Chicago trio To Destroy A City have unveiled a remarkable new trick. Vocals. Therefore their guitar driven opuses now have an extra human element. They hope you forgive them for this post-rock indiscretion and instead start to file them alongside other be-voiced post rock like Mogwai...view item »


If you’re a fan of Bonobo and Helios, mix it with a little of Loscil’s elongated ambience and drudgy, yet sonically on-point percussion you get Greg Pappas’ (ZXYZXY) Okada project. Tracks average 15 minutes in length and play o...view item »


Despite the fact that Brock Van Wey has released some 30 albums as bvdub, ‘Heartless’ is apparently the first to be pressed onto vinyl. n5MD have broken the tradition of CD/digital only releases, so if you’ve longed for some bvdub wax, th...view item »

Last Days

Last Days’ Graham Richardson is still preoccupied by seas and oceans, and has been since 2006’s ‘Sea’; this time it’s Seafaring. Perhaps his obsession is not all that surprising when you consider his Northumberland roots and his home county’s rugged coastline, filled to...view item »

Everything We Touch Turns to Dust

From a great American city which pits skyscrapers against mountains, Denver producer (ghost) touches upon '00s era IDM for his 4th album. 9 tracks update the blueprint of that classic electronica decade and find the protagonist awaking from a deep sleep to be confronted and confounded by modern day dystopia. Sounds fun. CD on n5...view item »

We Become Ravens

Today is the sort of day I want to become our Ian. I want to listen comforting shoegaze and electronica whilst eating a comfort kebab under a comfortable duvet. From the first note of this delightful music from Iceland I am given warm and melodic electronica that reminds me of Aphex Twin at his most melod...view item »

Collapsing Horizons

Dutch electronic types Tangent have crafted here, for our listening pleasure, their third album of swirling glitchtronica probably unlike anything your mama used to make, but possibly not unlike the things Daniel Lopatin still makes. Tangent are drummer and sound designer Ralph van Reijendam and vocalist and ...view item »

You Ware Nowhere

port-royal’s recent album Where Are You Now gets the full remix treatment, with producers turning in an array of different approaches to the material. The Sight Below, John Tejada and To Destroy A City are all involved, as are two winners of a remix competition! H...view item »


Franck Zaragoza steps out under his Ocoeur moniker for a fourth full-length exploration of the melancholy possibilities of solo piano compositions. I say solo piano: some delicate string arrangements also curl themselves around the edges of Reversed. Released by n5MD on both CD and grey / white vinyl fo...view item »

Where Are You Now

Since Roman times, Italy has been renowned for it’s strong (euro)dance culture. Prolonging ancient traditions, port-royal (mind the hyphen) have finally returned with a full length album. Where Are You Now is filled with catchy Mediterranean beats and brimming with electronic shoegazing energy....view item »

Everyone Looks Like Someone Else

This dog has some chicken in its mouth but is otherwise fairly unspectacular. I wanna see an obese breakdancing Alsatian or a Chihuahua being sick everywhere. Oh the music! Am I supposed to be reviewing it? By ML, It sounds pretty good but Fats has paused it to talk to some duffer on the phone about a band called "Cosmic Sandwich". Mu...view item »

The Robotic Girl Next Door

Next up Spark with 'The Robotic Girl Next Door'. . Anyway this is crunchy electronic music. Its quite original sounding  - there's some great beats and complicated but catchy electronics whizzing over the top. Sometimes I'm unsure whether the world needs anymore electronic music  - I'm sure there is an EU ele...view item »

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