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Ecstatic Vision
Under The Influence

Philidelphia stoner rockers Ecstatic Vision treating us to covers of their favorite psychedelic & stoner tracks. The result is grunging psych rock that will vibrate your molecules. Endless blues riffs that will etch lines in your brain. Includes covers of classics by Keith Mlevhu, Hawkwind, the MC5...view item »

Yawning Man
The Revolt Against Tired Noises

Active for over thirty years, Palm Desert, California-based stoner rock trio Yawning Man didn’t begin releasing albums till 2005. So here’s just their sixth full-length, boasting a beautiful cover painting of a rather formidable rabbit and chock-full of thick, mainly instrumental melodic scuzz. When vocals do ap...view item »

Mountain Legacy

Italian doom-metallers Deadsmoke return to Heavy Psych Sounds with their second full length album. Mountain Legacy takes their unflinching sludgened-doom riffs through lone...view item »

The Lords Of Altamont
The Wild Sounds Of…

The Lords Of Altamont are a group who’ve placed their influences firmly on their sleeve: early gnarly garage rock, MC5 style, from the era when leather-wearing biker types like these took a stand against hippies. The LA group’s ne...view item »

Nick Oliveri
N.O. Hits At All Vol. 2

As a mixture Nick Oliveri's released and unreleased greatest works, N.O Hits At All Vol.2 is psychedelic series containing the best of a creatives past 25 years in the industry. Featuring both Oliveri's adept bass strums and unique vocals, this is a solid collection of an individual's impassi...view item »

Dead Witches

Forming member of Electric Wizard and Ramesses gives Mark Greening all the qualifications needed to set up a truly awe inspiring doom project, so teaming up with Virginia Monti of Psychedelic Witchcraft they finally shed some candlelight over their new gloomy, g...view item »

The Freeks

Heavy, fuzz-filled, psych-screaming rocking roll to get you stomping yer boot heels right here. Equally belongs on a world stage as it does in a little biker bar off some beaten track. Third full length since starting in 2007, featuring ex-members of Fu Manchu and Nebula as well as the drummer playing for ...view item »

Glitter Wizard
Hollow Earth Tour

We don’t get enough glam rock coming around these days, so we ought to be grateful for the appearance of Glitter Wizard, who play riff-heavy psychedelic hard rock with a strut in its step. Hollow Earth Tour is their latest explosive missive, and is released...view item »

Fatso Jetson
Idle Hands

Commonly credited as the fathers of the desert strain of stoner rock, Fatso Jetson bring us eleven-track psych rock offering - Idle Hands, and its exactly what you'd expect from the five-piece. Raw, immediate and littered with scorching guitar riffs - this record is as bold as it is adre...view item »

Hot Lunch
House Of Whispers

Hot Lunch describe themselves as a "punk 'n' roll" outfit with a deep affection for the 70s. They make irreverent punk rock about their daily routine: "beer and wizard staff meetings". This is a band to rival Andrew WK in their mission for pure party; there's even a Simpsons reference on "There's Nothing Like Revenge for Getting Back at Peo...view item »

Nick Oliveri’s Mondo Generator
Best Of

Nick Oliveri is of course best known for his essential work in Queens Of The Stone Age, but his group Mondo Generator actually predates that. This Best Of is indeed a best of compilation, with twenty years worth of music represented. Major stoner-rock guests include Dave Grohl...view item »


Deadsmoke are a band who have no mercy: this self-titled album of theirs is unrelentingly blackened in its delivery of crushing doom riffs, thick-as-mud sludge, and soulless vocal howls. Which is to say: it’s great! The band hail from Italy, and this is very strong for a debut. Out on Heavy Psych Sounds....view item »

Black Rainbows

Italian hard-rockers Black Rainbow first released their Supermothafuzzalicious album in 2011, and now it’s being pressed up and circulated again thanks Heavy Psych Sounds. The trio are very big on heavy rock riffs, which ground each track in the sounds of t...view item »

Black Rainbows
Stellar Prophecy

Italian hard-rockers Black Rainbow release their new fifth album, Stellar Prophecy. The trio certainly live their heavy rock riffs, which ground each track in the sounds of the 70’s. This one has 2 tracks that really stretch out into spacey psych territory, plus some shorter sharper numbers. Released by Heavy Psyc...view item »

Stoned Jesus
Stormy Monday EP

Heavy Psych Sounds reissue Stoned Jesus’ Stormy Monday EP on CD vinyl 12” and very limited white 12”. This band sound pretty much exactly how you would imagine they would from their name. Slow, sludgy guitar, some light sprinklings of organ and laid-back guitar solos. A lovely blend of tough ha...view item »


More nominative determination at work here, as the Heavy Psych Sounds label delivers another LP of something heavy and psychedelic. Fair enough! Isaak are a band formed out of past members of Gandhi’s Gunn, and they get stuck straight into the stoner metal vibes that come so naturally to them. Sermoniz...view item »

Ape Machine
Coalition of the Unwilling

Very old-school riffing from Ape Machine, a band entirely in love with the sound of a certain kind of 1970’s rock band (think Black Sabbath and Deep Purple), and perfectly happy to just get on with playing that, thank you very much. Fair enough. Coalition of the Unwilling is out o...view item »

Old Man Lizard
Old Man Lizard

From the murky meadows of Suffolk rise Old Man Lizard, a sludge-rock / stoner-rock band now on their second full-length. The self-titled beast has treacle-thick riffs, just as you’d hope, and superbly abject-sounding howls for vocals. This will definitely work for you if you enjoy the heavy. Green vinyl on Heavy Psych Soun...view item »


Doom metal hailing from the chilly climes of Sweden. Throneless present their self-titled debut album proudly, as an expression of hatred for society. They know how to structure a jam, creeping upwards with relatively light, melodic playing until… The Riffs descend. Four long tracks, on brown vinyl, from the Heavy Psych S...view item »

Sgt. Sunshine
Sgt. Sunshine

One of stoner rock’s true lost classics, Sgt. Sunshine’s self-titled debut is finally being reissued by the lifesavers at Heavy Psych Sounds. With the original vinyl going for upwards of 70 quid, this fresh vinyl is a steal. Expect solid metal riffs that will leave you with a sore neck, expect awe-inspiring solo...view item »

Cosmic Wheels
Cosmic Wheels

Packed with headbanger riffs and foot-stomper beats, Cosmic Wheels’ self-titled debut is going to rock our world. Inspired by the true legends of the 60s, Radio Moscow drummer Paul Marrone and his brother have decided to record ten tracks of fiery, psychedelic and earsplitting old school rock. Get rea...view item »

Naam / White Hills / Black Rainbows / The Flying Eyes
4 Way Split

Wow, there's actually a label out there called Heavy Psych Sounds! Admirably direct. Well then you can guess what you’ll find on this four-way, double-vinyl split can’t you? White Hills, Naam, Black Rainbows and The Flying Eyes all get a full side to stoner-rock out on, making this a release that is ...view item »


Straight out of the cannabis crypts is Naam. Kingdom is the new EP from Brooklyn's fuzz barons. This one is chocka with super scuzzed out guitars, bonged-out bass lines and pummelling drums. This one will get you up or send you off to sleep with it's warm and hazy production, vocal reverberations and...view item »

Karma To Burn
Karma To Burn

Sometimes known as K2B, Karma To Burn are a heavy stoner rock band from Morgantown, West Virginia with a doomy, desert sound. Renowned for their uncompromisingly deep, disturbing and largely instrumental sound, Karma to Burn’s self-titled album quickly became an essential document for any serious stoner rock fan to own....view item »