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Lost Map (Lazy Day, Alabaster DePlume) kick off their new VISITATIONS series with an EP from old favourite Monoganon. The Scotland-born, Sweden-based artist John B. McKenna has turned in a record of delightfully unusual electronica here. Opener ‘V...view item »

Bas Jan
Yes I jan

Bas Jan are a post-punk trio from London fronted by Serafina Steer, who you may know from her 2013 Jarvis Cocker-produced album, The Moths Are Real. The group underwent lineup changes during the making of their debut, Yes I Jan, meaning Steer is the only constant.The group are named after Dutch ...view item »
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Alabaster dePlume
The Corner Of A Sphere

The fourth LP from Alabaster dePlume sees the East London jazz-savant balancing positivity and hardship. Born from his monthly PEACH sessions at Dalston’s getting-a-reputation-for-itself Total Refreshment Centre, The Corner Of A Sphere seeks to make good of the troubles afflicting many a Millenial youth. dePlume&r...view item »
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The Year Dot

Firestations are the latest outfit to emerge from the ever interesting Lost Map stable and this debut features a brand of nice-listen indie pop with perky melodies, sunshiny vibes and unthreatening subject manner. So pleasant and harmony drenched that it's hard to imagine it being recorded in Walthamstow.  ...view item »

Pictish Trail
Future Echoes

Pictish Trail has been beavering away on this album in the splendid isolation of the Hebrides island of Eigg, where only his own bountiful creativity can intrude. Future Echoes is a lovely little set of lively folky songs with substantial lashings of electro-disco touches: there is much to enjoy here. Out on Lost Map, w...view item »


Malmo / Glasgow songwriter John B. McKenna IS Monoganon, and Killmens (good idea) is his new album, written in opposition to the toxic end of masculinity. As well as a vinyl pressing of John’s art-poppy songs, this release of Killmens also comes with a little magazine! Re...view item »

Lazy Day
Ribbons EP

Ian put this on and I thought oh not more of his shoegaze -- but then I remembered Lazy Day were on Lost Map and there singer is called Tilly Scantlebury which is one of the better names in rock. They make music that sounds like it comes from the 90s with slightly flangy guitars and melodic vocals and sits somewhere between ...view item »

Ed Dowie
The Uncle Sold

Adopting its intriguing title from a 1995 Kazuo Ishiguro novel, is The Uncle Sold from the London-based Ed Dowie. May For A Dead Queen makes for a cold, eerie, but no-less-spectacular preview single - but don't pigeonhole the record with this; it prides itself on throwing its au...view item »
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Vocalist Manuela Gernedel teams up with ex-Franz Ferdinand guitarist Nick McCarthy for a self titled full length of gentle, left-of-centre pop songs. Enlisting the help of some guest appearances from members of The Mystery Jets, Django Django, and Veroni...view item »

Lazy Day
Disappear / All The Time

In 2014 Tilly Scantlebury started recording songs in her bedroom. Since then, she has recruited a rhythm section and guitarist to form Lazy Day and help realise her dream pop/alt rock vision. The band had a RSD ‘15 split 7” with Tuff Love which completely sold out. Now the London-based quartet are go...view item »

Kid Canaveral
Faulty Inner Dialogue

First up the vinyl is an amazing shade of yellow. It’s like a lemon sorbet. Even though this music is produced with a pricey pop sheen I’ve just been listening to the Blossoms album so it might as well be Whitehouse for all my ears know. ...view item »
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ICHI is a Bristol-based, Japanese-born musician who makes a ridiculously dense and rich experimental pop music, that also taps into his new home’s post-punk and dub cultures. Maru's surreal mash of drones, acapella sounds, homemade instruments and samples is incredibly hard to categorise, so you shoul...view item »

Rozi Plain
Friend Of A Friend

After a busy time making and touring recent record Friend, Rozi Plain presents a nice round-up release that picks up some choice bonus recordings surrounding the album. Live radio sessions sit next to remixes by artists like Boxed In and Aidan O’Rourke, as well as 2 unheard origin...view item »
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Victoria Hume
Closing EP

The Lost Map label have really outdone themselves with this collection of experimental songwriting from Victoria Hume. On the surface the songs on Closing EP are compositions for piano, voice and strings, but within these limits they contain diverse, rich and highly emotional sounds that ma...view item »

Tuff Love

Young Glaswegians Tuff Love have been sporadically sprinkling EPs around for the last few years: now the time has come to compile Junk, Dross and Dregs (their titles, not mine) into one convenient package. The name of the game is gorgeous, hazy guitar pop with more than a touch of shoegaze shimmer. Rel...view item »

Tuff Love
Dregs EP

Tuff Love have always had a lo-fi ethos but their sound is more polished. Dreggs EP follows on from their two highly regarded EPs Junk and Dross and their Record Store Day 7” single Groucho. Dreggs is a pristine piece of DIY indie pop and could be their best yet. 10” ...view item »

Seamus Fogarty
Ducks and Drakes EP

With a name as quintessentially Irish as Seamus Fogarty, you can be sure that you’re getting treated to a music steeped in folk tradition. Ducks and Drakes follows his debut album, progressing the alt-folk lineage further into some interesting directions. Fusing field recordings with electronics and his well-infor...view item »
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Tuff Love
Dross EP

Dross is the second release from Glasgow based Tuff Love. Creators of infectious, fuzzed-up lo-fi pop the city is best known for, Dross follows the duo's debut release Junk EP and it's equally triumphant at evoking the adrenaline of the band's live shows. Shimmering and blistering in equ...view item »
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Rozi Plain

Friend is the third album by alt-folk practitioner Rozi Plain. The Winchester-born singer/songwriter has roped in of Hot Chip’s Alexis Taylor and a few members of Francois & The Atlas Mountains to help on this record. You may have heard the single Actually...view item »

Randolph's Leap
Most Clunky

12” vinyl on Lost Map. 9 songs from Glasgow’s folky pop outfit Randolph Leap’s debut album, Clumsy Knot played with a full 8-piece band at Lost Map and Kid Canaveral's annual Christmas Baubles show. Highly limited edition of 250 with 5 different colour combinations, they are hand stamped and include ha...view item »
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Tuff Love / Lazy Day
Groucho / Portrait

A summer-ready split release on Lost Map. Tuff Love deliver Groucho, a slice of sunshine pop, whilst the flip side sees their friends Lazy Day offer up their track Portrait, an epic, intimate accompaniment to the hazy fuzz-pop of the A side. Out on split 7" inc. download from Lost Map. Lim...view item »
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Tuff Love
Junk EP

Here’s an EP of C86ish indie jangle from a new trio from Glasgow called Tuff Love. The formula is simple, bouncing and slightly antipodean-sounding numbers with jagged clean tones and fuzzy distorted ones, accompanied by bored sounding, breathy vocals that are somewhat at odds with the energetic music and lend it a wistful, nostalgic feeli...view item »
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Insect Heroes

Sweet vocals, off kilter percussion and randomly layered electronic sounds characterise Insect Heroes' 'Apocalypso', which is actually way more cheerful and abundantly more twee than the metal name and artwork suggests. This record is recommended for fans of loopy indie pop bands such as the Unicorns and Islands, who make you feel through the mo...view item »

Rozi Plain / Rachael Dadd

This 7" of beautifully muted folk and electronica pangs with nostalgic longing, with a delighted melancholy shared between artists Rozi Plain and Rachael Dadd. The split sees a track from Plain's record 'Friend' and Dadd's forthcoming, perfectly titled 'We Resonate', both ricocheting with folk music that is never traditional nor sparse....view item »

Seamus Fogarty
God Damn You Mountain

I need to go up to Anstruther, home of Fence Records, just to see what it’s like. I have no excuse not to go, it’s just up the coast somewhere, right? Fence seems to have been going for a long, long time and ...view item »
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Monoganon / Nonagonom
LOST CAT 00°2 16'05​.​2014"

From Glasgow, Scotland via Malmo, Sweden comes another fine release from Monoganon. A dreamy, wistful band with a balance of witty songwriting ability and just the right amount of shoegazy guitar influences. A sense of humour and big heart mark them out as something special. Out on tape from Lost Map....view item »
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Woodpigeon Vs. Eagleowl

Formed in Edinburgh in 2005, eagleowl - all lower-case if you please - were initially a duo comprising Bartholomew Owl (guitar, vocals) and Malcolm Benzie (violin, guitar, vocals). With the addition of Clarissa Cheong (double bass, vocals), several years of activity as a trio followed. The band has since grown into a multi-instrumental...view item »
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This Silent Year

Scottish lo-fi folksters back with an album that's been two years in the making- a fact reflected in the depth and expansive reach of the band's sound that has grown to incorporate elegantly arranged strings and harmonium in addition to the more ubiquitous guitar, organ and drums. All these elements gently carry the melancholy themes of loss tha...view item »

Randolph's Leap
Clumsy Knot

Glasgow-based Randolph's Leap is basically home recording geek Adam Ross, who, like Snow White, is occasionally assisted by seven musical helpers. By day, he works in a cafe on a wind farm and by night he tinkers away making up songs about coffee shops and running away to live in the woods. Folkie indie goodness, on wholesome vinyl or nasty mode...view item »
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Kid Canaveral
Who Would Want To Be Loved?

Limping in at second place to Quasimoto in the best shaped vinyl of the week stakes comes Kid Canaveral, with this heart-shaped single which was presumably supposed to coincide with Valentine's Day? Although listening to the lyrics I'm not totally sure, this is a jangly anti-love indie pop anthem with sweet "aah-aah-ah" girl backing vocals, and ...view item »
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Scottish art crew Monoganon do some mathy addition and subtraction and cos and sin nonsense, crafting a record that's as exuberant and free-wheeling as it is technically devotional: the time signatures that drive F A M I L Y stutter and change, but these tracks move with the slow, evocative beau...view item »