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Elf Power
Sunlight On The Moon

11th album from Atlanta, Georgia band who play fuzzy, mid-fi psychedelic pop/folk with charmingly captivating melodies. The best of these songs has a subtle sort of gliding, magical pop-hook allure that you wish would never end. Members & guests have played in Of Montreal,Dark Meat, Nana Grizol, Great Lakes, The New Sound Of Numbers, Dream B...view item »

Stafraenn Hakon
Eternal Horse

Stafraenn Hakon are an Icelandic band, trading in one of their country’s prime exports: ambient-tinged post-rock. Eternal Horse is their ninth album, and took them four years: needless to say, they know precisely what they are about by now, and the record is produced just right. Out on the Darla label....view item »

Stafraenn Hakon

I'm not sure if I've heard Stafraenn Hakon before. Stafraenn Hakon isn't a man's name but he is a man and I'm going to describe what he sounds like for other people to read and hopefully feel empowered by. It's kind of a weird mix of post-rock epicness applied to a lo-fi bedroom singer-songwriter and topped off with a Sigur Ros-y 'ambient indie'...view item »

Memory and Matter: Selected Remixes Rarities and Unreleased Tracks 2007-2014

Jonas Munk is a busy chap. Not only has he been releasing gorgeous drifty synth and guitar soundscapes as Manual since 2000, he's also brought out albums and soundtracks under his own name, collaborated with the likes of Ulrich Schnauss, and...view item »

Harold Budd
Jane 12-21

Minimal and ambient composer Harold Budd promised himself that the compositions that make up the 'Jane' collections would be, above anything else, improvised. He recorded one a day, mixing quietened piano arrangements in with electronic flourishes reminiscent of his early recording days. 'Jane 12-21' collects the latter half.  ...view item »

I Saved Latin!: A Tribute to Wes Anderson

For teaching us all to embrace our awkward, cluttered lives and that there's always an ambiguously happy ending at the end of every sad story, we thank Wes Andersen. As do these artists, who have decided to tribute his celebrated directorial career by covering songs that have served in his soundtracks. Think of this thing as indie pop bands...view item »

I Am Robot And Proud

I Am Robot And Proud is the alter-ego of Toronto's Shaw-han Liem. It's been nearly six years since his last album 'Uphill City', which I haven't heard, but still I presume that means that 'Touch/Tone' is the result of several long years of tweaking and honing. It certainly sounds like it. This is production-focused instrumental electroni...view item »

I'll Only Break Your Heart

Brock Van Wey is back with another album! This dub-ambient-techno fella puts out so much stuff that it's becoming increasingly difficult to talk about without repeating yourself, although on the bright side this is genuinely quite different from other things I've heard from him. "Deeper" and "darker" say the only two useful words in the press re...view item »

Harold Budd
Avalon Sutra

Neo-classical pioneer Harold Budd originally released Avalon Sutra in 2004, his emotive and desolate ambient masterwork. The record combines soundscaping disciplines with gorgeous piano sonatas, recalling recent work by A Winged Victory For The Sullen. It's being reissued now through...view item »

Harold Budd & Jane Maru
Jane 1-11

Harold Budd's newest record, the simply titled Jane 1-11, now has a visual accompaniment from artist Jane Maru, who complements Budd's strikingly improvisational and unplanned classical work -- which was made without what we'd really term "composition" -- with reactive video projections for each piece.&nbs...view item »

17 Pygmies

Interesting how these four lads from Liverpool manage to capture the essence of Elvis, Chuck Berry, Tom Jones and Nancy Sinatra simultaneously while playing the sitar. Fooking amazing!...view item »

Peyton Pinkerton
Peyton Pinkerton

Best known for fronting US math rock outfit New Radiant Storm King, as well as being a member of the Silver Jews and Pernice Brothers, Peyton Pinkerton has gone solo with this home-recorded debut. Some awesome tunings and arrangements show Pinkerton to still be as sharp as ever....view item »

Windy & Carl
Antarctica: Bliss Out v.2

Michigan space-rock legends Windy & Carl’s 1997 album ‘Antarctica’ gets a second release on Darla Records, and with their names now cemented in experimental music history this is pretty amazing stuff. Carl Hultgren and Windy Weber create gorgeous waves...view item »

Jonas Munk
Searching For Bill (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Jonas Munk is a busy lad. As well as a massive discography of blissed out krauty electonica as Manual and more recently under his own name, he’s delved successfully in psych rock with Causa Sui and ...view item »

At Night This City Becomes The Sea

Another day, another Bvdub album. Now this guy is nothing if not prolific. I have enjoyed several of his past efforts, ‘The First Day’ especially has the ability to send my off to sleep gloriously at the end of a long day trudging over bleak, sopping moorland. I’m a bit torn with this review ...view item »

Harold Budd
Bandits Of Stature

What we have in our warm, clammy hands is an album featuring a slew of new compositions for string quartet by ambient master Harold Budd. These are minimal, sometimes melodic, sometimes atonal compositions featuring gorgeously played violins, viola...view item »


It’s been a while since the last Manual album. In the meantime Jonas Munk has been keeping himself busy rocking out out some more with Causa Sui (those Pewt’r ...view item »

Death By Chocolate

Great little rockers out of Biel/Bienne in the land of Switzerland. I absolutely love this album, it is my favourite out of the three they've released. I love the spoken word 'hotel' pieces in particular. Coincidentally I have a cookbook which have these hotel menus in them (Vincent Price's Treasury of Recipes). Funny. The songs "Bric a Brac", "...view item »

Resistance Is Beautiful

You pretty much know what to expect from bvdub by now, right? Wrong! Oh, wait, no, no, never mind, you were right actually...or were you? This one starts out with the usual trademark drones and washes taking us to alternate planes of woozy consciousness and cosmic reverie. According to th...view item »

Harold Budd
In The Mist

The godfather of ambient music gets high scores for this album, In the Mist. This is one of my favourites because of the serenity and soothing nature of the music. Characteristic of Budd's smooth, ambient style the melodies wax and wane in an effective manner enabling the listener to either enjoy it by directly attending to it or play as soothin...view item »

Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie

'Bordeaux' sees the reuniting of ambient music heavyweights Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins) and Harold Budd (respected solo artist and Brian Eno collaborator) for what I believe is their third record together in recent years. Widely acknowledged to be leaders in the field and respected artists in their own right it's my assumption that when these ...view item »

Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow

Got my pre-order in the States yesterday. Awash in upbeat yet melancholic drones. Doesn't strive to reach or seek the show-off cresendos and peaks and valleys of their post-rock peers. More ambient than previous Hammock releases. Seems to linger in time. Great headphone/ear bud music to take along on walks. Timeless classic for ambient. ...view item »

Modern English

the name of the band is the only link to that era, first eighties, of pathos and tensions of which they've been absolute frontrunners. Unfortunately, beside good production and execution, there's not much more for those who worshiped the 4ad epopea. In a way, it's like listening to some latest Adrian ...view item »

Piano Magic

2016 finally marks the rebirth of Piano Magic’s seminal album Disaffected on vinyl. Moving from strictly post-rock oriented songs, the band changed it directions towards a more poppy sounds. Passing under the UK radar but gathering significant attention in continental Europe, Disaffected was somewhat of a cult hit...view item »

My Morning Jacket
At Dawn

On “At Dawn”, My Morning Jacket have added an ethereal quality to their country-rock sound, which to me has made them more interesting than out-and-out country rockers Drive-By Truckers for example. The ethereal sound does suit ...view item »

Those Bastard Souls
Twentieth Century Chemical

I am new to Those Bastard Souls. It came to me in a Darla summary. You see there is an expanded version of this album from Darla. On first listen, it reminded me of a fuzzed out Wilco on their best Foxtrot day - hazy, out of tune, and with a bluesy pop catch rarely taking my attention within 30 seconds. Further listens revealed that other songs ...view item »

Manual & Syntaks
Golden Sun

Manual and Syntaks? Manual I know but who Syntaks? Well together they have collaborated on a new album called Golden Sun on Darla. This is yr electronica along the lines of Ulruch Schnauss and Arovane's Tides with possible hints of later Boards Of Canada in there. It's got a palm tree and ...view item »

Bleeding Light

Here's a new CD by Aarktica who has been plugging away with post La Bradford textures for quite some time now. This new album proves somewhat of a departure from the earlier sound but s definitely my favourite so far. There's some absolutely beautiful horn sounds on this record and the use of vocals is a welcome addition. For fans...view item »

Harold Budd & Robin Guthrie
After The Night Falls

Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd: "After The Night Falls" (Darla) Part one of two part set, the other (which we have in stock) is entitled "Before The Day Breaks". Lush orchestrated piano w/ sustain & guitar w/ reverb- melancholic and a tad emotional, if you like the Cocteaus (obviously) or Danny Norbury's "Dusk" on...view item »

Alsace Lorraine
Dark One

I was disappointed to find that Caitlin Brice's vocals were more-or-less entirely absent from this disc. She does a harmony on one track at least. If you're a fan of Through Small Windows this might take you by surprise. Her adorably, fragile voice made the Alsace Lorraine sound for me. Love Spirals Downward did the same thing a while back but c...view item »

Azure Vista

Manual’s 2005 album Azure Vista has been enjoyed by synth-shoegaze fans for years, and now it finds itself released once more, for a hopefully-wider audience. The six original tracks are complemented by a disc of seven previously unreleased live tracks from around the same period. Double CD anniversary reissue on ...view item »


New on the ever consistent Static Caravan a brand new EP by Manual , an artist who, for me, never really topped the sparkling excellence of that first mini LP thingy he did. This is another good effort though it's washed out panoramic electronica which just lacks something in the production. Its like...view item »

My Morning Jacket
Chapter 1- The Sandworm Cometh

Album's are far too long these days. Its the fault of the CD. 40 minutes is about all I can stomach of any band. We once played a My Morning Jacket CD here at the towers  - when it started I was clean shaven. By the time it was finished I had a full beard. Boom Boom. Have I used that one before? Probably. Anyway here we are again wi...view item »