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Sharron Kraus
Joy's Reflection Is Sorrow

Modern folk connoisseurs Sunstone Records (Kontiki Suite, Moth Effect) present the latest LP from Sharron Kraus. It’s a typically eerie set of songs from Kraus, taking in English and Appalachian traditions as well as influences from magick and Gothic literature. With her acoustic guitar and send-shivers-up-your-spine voice front-and-centre, Krauss incorporates everything from droning electronics to flutes across these eight entries. Reminiscent of Chelsea Wolfe.

Trappist Afterland

The psychedelic odd-folk group Trappist Afterland, who are, surprisingly enough, from Australia despite their convincing old-world Europe sound and vibe, present a new full-length, Seviien. I found myself reminded of the creeping ritual vibe of the great lost Leeds band Trumpets Of Death, particularly in the lilt of the vocals. Very atmospheric stuff, released by Sunstone.

Lords of Thyme

Presented as ambassadors for the new wave of old English folk music, The Lords of Thyme commit their debut album to wax after making a gentle splash with the CD version last year. Pitching themselves between Nick Drake, Fairport Convention and The Byrds with a rich, full-band radio-friendly sound, this is winsome songwriting in the most traditional sense, and what could be more folky than that?
  • Vinyl LP (SSLP1009)
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Bohemian Garden

Balduin of Switzerland continues to study his favourite two decades at leisure, apparently heedless of all current pop fashions. From the title onwards, his new LP Bohemian Garden is a deceptively clever piece of work. Most of the sense of pastiche lies in the vintage production. Balduin’s straight-faced psychedelic songwriting and composition, on the other hand, are hybrids of so many diverse influences from the 1960s and 1970s that specific comparisons leave an incomplete grasp of what’s going on. Friendly and surprisingly varied stuff here.
  • Vinyl LP (SSLP1011)
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Pill Fangs
Pill Fangs

This is the garage rock side project of Dan Haywood who we know better from being the leader and wordsmith of Dan Haywood's New Hawks. This is confrontational and unique garage rock which takes influenced from the early neanderthal and minimalist rock of Velvet Underground. Spitefully recorded in mono for that old day charm.  

Sir Plastic Crimewave
Feathered Serpents

Sir Plastic Crimewave is a veteran of a whole handful of heavy and avant-psych outfits (as well as the magazine Galactic Zoo Dossier), but Feathered Serpents is his very first time stepping out into the limelight for a solo LP! This one has been brewing for some time (15 years!), and is a sweet suite of cosmic acid-folk, covered in flutes and hand drums as well as banjos and spaced-out vocals. Edition of 300 on Sunstone.

Laurie Shaw
Felted Fruit

Amalgamating vintage sounds with a contemporary slant, not unlike Cate Le Bon, Laurie Shaw’s music emanates the gentle ebb and flow of soft vocals and warm fuzz. The 30 tracks on this double album are certain to make their impression on you, like crashing waves carve out the rocks of the shaw. One can’t help but feel this album’s richness and authenticity from the outset.
  • Vinyl Double LP (SSLP1008)
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Moth Effect

Moth Effect is an enigmatic one-man band. Crocodilians is a bunch of instrumentals that will leave you in a dream-like state. Moth Effect is influenced by ‘60s hard rock bands like MC5 and The Stooges and ‘90s bands such as Stereolab. The electronic influences come from the early days of the Warp and Ninja Tune labels. There’s also a feel of ‘70s kids TV show themes and library music. All these elements make Crocodilians an album that will appeal to those who search records shops and thrift stores looking for vinyl curios.   

Kontiki Suite
The Greatest Show On Earth

Second album from Kontiki Suite, a gang of countryish dudes making carefully crafted slices of pop-rock. The Greatest Show On Earth is dramatic not so much in the sense that it is sonically wild, but in that it summons up stories in the mind of the listener. Lovely cover art too. The band are self-releasing this one, but as a pro-produced digipak CD.

Bronco Bullfrog

Bronco Bullfrog pitch themselves as a ‘Psych-tinged Mod Pop’ band, and actually manage to deliver without sounding like a tired pastiche! Somehow they get the production just right, along with the vocal harmonies and the gentle kitchen-psychedelia of Marmalade’s lyrics. Double A-side 7” single in Sunstone.

All In a Dream

It's inaugural release day for Sunstone Records, who proudly give 'All In A Dream' to the world. Balduin is a solo project that's been dwelling in a bedroom out in Switzerland for the last twelve odd years, devoted to the classic tricks of pop music as heard through all the colours of the rainbow: psych, jazz and electronic all make cameo appearances.

Trappist Afterland

Trappist Afterland have a great name, suggesting a group of people who’ve drunk so much Trappist beer that they have broken through to some land beyond of other consciousness. Happily, the music could support that notion: Afterlander is full of thoroughly fried folk, a richly weird vein running through its centre. Red vinyl on Sunstone.

Wall of Blue Sky / Harbour

Daringly limited to 99 copies, this 7” on Sunstone Records contains two tracks from an unfamiliar Swedish band named Haleiwa. They sound upbeat and smooth, with perhaps a hint of lingering melancholy underneath. I guess a Wall Of Blue Sky has an aspect of oblivion to it, as well as the promise of sunny days.
  • Vinyl 7" (SSES 1005)
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White Candles

Fans of Broadcast, the Ghost Box label, Daphne Oram, Maston  and BBC Radiophonic stuff will enjoy this three track 7" of electronic psychedelia. It's full of fizzy synths, hazy vocals and all manner of special effects including a rather odd robotic vocal that appears half way through. Hey, it's the future!

Three Dimensional Tanx
I am go / Loose Id Syd

  • Vinyl 7" (sunstone 003)
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