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Susan James
Sea Glass

Susan James’ sixth album, Sea Glass, is a glorious swirl of folk melodies and heart-swelling harmonies. It was originally released in 2015. She describes it as post-modern folk-rock. It was arranged with the help of High Llamas multi-instrumentalist, Sean O’Hagan. His influence on the arrangements - informed by Brian Wilson - is clear to see. O’Hagan compares James to ‘60s artists Judy Henske and Nancy Priddy.
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Three Dimensional Tanx
A Compulsion For Propulsion

Favoured by the Spacemen 3 and one-time backers of Damo Suzuki, Lancastrian group Three Dimensional Tanx clearly know their onions when it come to psych-rock. Their fifth LP A Compulsion For Propulsion incorporates elements of garage, fuzz, Kraut and other things of that ilk across fifteen mostly-short, mostly-sharp tunes. Can, Devo, Neu!, you know the drill.

Lords of Thyme

Presented as ambassadors for the new wave of old English folk music, The Lords of Thyme commit their debut album to wax after making a gentle splash with the CD version last year. Pitching themselves between Nick Drake, Fairport Convention and The Byrds with a rich, full-band radio-friendly sound, this is winsome songwriting in the most traditional sense, and what could be more folky than that?

Bohemian Garden

Balduin of Switzerland continues to study his favourite two decades at leisure, apparently heedless of all current pop fashions. From the title onwards, his new LP Bohemian Garden is a deceptively clever piece of work. Most of the sense of pastiche lies in the vintage production. Balduin’s straight-faced psychedelic songwriting and composition, on the other hand, are hybrids of so many diverse influences from the 1960s and 1970s that specific comparisons leave an incomplete grasp of what’s going on. Friendly and surprisingly varied stuff here.

Laurie Shaw
Felted Fruit

Amalgamating vintage sounds with a contemporary slant, not unlike Cate Le Bon, Laurie Shaw’s music emanates the gentle ebb and flow of soft vocals and warm fuzz. The 30 tracks on this double album are certain to make their impression on you, like crashing waves carve out the rocks of the shaw. One can’t help but feel this album’s richness and authenticity from the outset.

Wall of Blue Sky / Harbour

Daringly limited to 99 copies, this 7” on Sunstone Records contains two tracks from an unfamiliar Swedish band named Haleiwa. They sound upbeat and smooth, with perhaps a hint of lingering melancholy underneath. I guess a Wall Of Blue Sky has an aspect of oblivion to it, as well as the promise of sunny days.