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Plastic Dance: Volume Two

The second edition in the inscrutable Plastic Dance series of compilations, curated by Andy Votel and Doug Shipman. Consisting of ten tracks spanning everything from dissonant jazz, sharp funk and twisted disco, Volume Two is a lovingly constructed clearing house for all manner of strange pieces of music. 
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  • Cache Cache

48 Chairs
70% Paranoid

Described as one of Manchester's best kept secrets, this was an album of the bringing together of free jazz honker Lol Coxhill and synth wannabees Gerry and the Holograms.  Originally made in 1981,  the album bridges electronic jazz and punk jazz with vocals supplied by punk one-timer Fran Kershner. A collision course of DIY and out there jazz that stands the test of time.  

Gerry & The Holograms
Gerry & The Holograms

Gerry & The Holograms are a fascinating footnote in Manchester music history: their eponymous main song allegedly influenced New Order’s ‘Blue Monday’ and was much beloved of Frank Zappa, and yet the quasi-novelty synth-pop group is scarcely known. This release of their only full-length record might change that. Vinyl reissue on Cache Cache.

Suzanne Ciani

Synth lady Suzanne Ciani has found a new cult status of late with the inspirational 'Lixiviation' comp on Finders Keepers and a timely reissue of her dreamy 'Seven Waves' on Bird. Now here's a particularly fun addition to your Ciani trove - a 7" on Cache Cache with two funky and futuristic vocoder-heavy pieces she made for Atari in the '80s, one of which you'll recognise from a bite-sized version on the FK comp.
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  • Cache Cache

Spider King
Shot To Pieces

Spider King are a little known example of early 1980’s British Northern post-punk being served up with a huge dollop of FUNK! on the side. Those sharp guitars and shouty vocals are all there, but so are broad, squelchy synth basslines. It fits remarkably well. Shot To Pieces, compiled from tracks recorded between 1979 and 1983, is the first full-length album from Spider King.

Stabat Stable
Ultrissima On The Junk's Moon

DIY tape experiments and bedroom post-punk from the incredibly obscure French artist Stabat Stable. Cache Cache have done all the hard work on this vinyl LP, first tracking down scuzzy cassettes and rare pressings and then compiling them all in this wonderful package. Ultrissima On The Junk's Moon blends cheap drum machines and playful synths into an unclassifiable proto-electro.