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The Boats

The Boats’ Abstraction is pressed to translucent red vinyl, and interestingly packaged alongside some art cards in a transparent sleeve. The music however is far from see-through: instead, Abstraction is a thickly opaque wall of distortion and hammering beats. Limited to 300 copies on Other Ideas.
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The Remote Viewer
Us. In Happier Times

Not quite a reunion but certainly an album of unheard material from bleak but heartwarming Lancashire electronic bods the Remote Viewer. The duo split out of Hood circa 1999 and made several records of rainy northern techno before splitting off into the Boats/the Humblebee and A New Line (Related). This collection is a series of found tracks made back in the day and perfectly reminds us of the time electronica could be small, tuneful and cute. 

Tape Loop Orchestra
The Invisibles

Can’t argue with a name like Tape Loop Orchestra. The project, helmed by Andrew Hargreaves, does indeed build their tracks out of hissing loops of tape material, and their compositions do have a grand scope to them. New album The Invisibles delivers a potent portion of decaying ambience, a work of murky beauty. The LP is pressed to clear vinyl in an edition of 300.


This is the second of a three LP trilogy of releases from Andrew Hargreaves, an extraordinarily haired man who if you are paying attention you'll know is also in The Boats. Here, he explores a love of industrial techno, four to the floor kick drums and noise pushed waaaay into the red. Fans of Pan Sonic, Throbbing Gristle and Wolfgang Voigt will find much to enjoy. Limited edition blue vinyl of 300. 

The Humble Bee & Players

Limited to a mere 280 copies on white vinyl + Bonus CD, from Other Ideas. Stemming from research on the formation of snowflakes Craig Tattersall curates 6 musicians to create individual pieces which are then brought back together. With a bonus CD of the original results, and LP of 6 remixes from Tattersall.
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