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Thurston Moore
Rock n Roll Consciousness

Thurston Moore has kept himself very busy since Sonic Youth disbanded in 2011, working with numerous small projects, playing with countless collaborators and running Ecstatic Peace. Rock n Roll Consciousness is his first properly distributed full length for a while, and flutters between avant-garde, no-...view item »

Awesome Color
Electric Aborigines

I haven't given this album as much of a chance as I would like to, but on first listen it's not as immediate as their first album and doesn't seem to be any more interesting. The only really immediate track is "Already Down," probably because I'm a sucker for minor-key arrangements. This album not only has more songs, they are also longer, so it...view item »

Sunburned Hand of The Man

A few years back Kieren Hebden disentangled a selection of Sunburned Hand of the Man's trademark jams into more palatable, rhythmical form and the result was Fire Escape (recently reissued on vinyl with eye ruining artwork from Yamantaka Eye). The result obviously pleased both parties because they're back with round 2, featuring artwork (and a ment...view item »

David Watson

On to the other stuff I have to put my lug holes through. David Watson: "Throats" which features Shelley Hirsch & Makigami Koichi on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace!.This is a collection of pieces for bagpipes, vocals & jaw harp. So, if the pipes do it for you and you're down with the avant-garde/experimental approach taken to thi...view item »

Thurston Moore
Trees Outside The Academy

Nice to be able to chance upon Thurston Moore's new solo album on Ecstatic Peace. It's a fine sounding collection entitled 'Trees Outside the Academy'. As expected from the elder statesman of Feedback & angry yoof it's a right bloody racket...erm NAAAAAT. Honestly, the first track sounds like The bloody Delgados no joke. Or Dinosaur Jr unplugge...view item »

The Sunburned

Another release from Ecstatic Peace! is The Sunburned with "Z", aka The Sunburned Hand of the Man. Five tracks denoted by repeated symbols and a sound that encapsulates freeform noise/rock. For the uniniated: there's no songs or traditional song structures, instead what you get is a drifting improvised melding of intertwining guitars and ...view item »

Glass Rock
Tall Firs Meet Soft Location

Glass Rock are a band made up from Tall Firs - a band clearly influenced by the like of Pavement and Sonic Youth - and Soft Location, a band I know nothing about other than they have a female singer who sings on this album. They decided to collaborate after Tall Firs heard and liked a song on the radio by the apparently then defunct Soft Locatio...view item »

Little Claw
Human Taste

Bloody hell, what an amazing week for boss tuneage? How we gonna whittle the recomendations down this week i'll never know!! Little Claw are MY kind of band. A sleazy no-fi art garage racket of optimum quality, opener & title track sounding like Yeah Yeah Yeah's unplugged in a binyard after midnight, hollowed out & claustrophobic. I...view item »

Hush Arbors
Hush Arbors

Hush Arbors AKA Keith Wood makes what I can only describe as psychedelic folk noise. His self-titled album is his eleventh release. It opens with a wall of distorted guitar before the more tuneful "Follow Closely" comes in with a fab, discordant lead guitar riff. "Rue Hollow" is genuine acoustic folk and shows him to have a voice a bit like a sl...view item »

White Out w/ Jim O'Rourke & Thurston Moore

Some downtown NYC free improv-racket fun from White Out with Jim O'Rourke and Thurston Moore is available on Ecstatic Peace. 'Senso' is a 2CD Set that was recorded at the Tonic Club New York back in 2004. It's totally all over the place clattering drums and oddball guitar and other unidentifiable sounds,effects. They sound like they're having a bla...view item »

Servile Sect
Stratospheric Passenger

Servile Sect serve up two sides of blistering psyche fuzz with a healthy serving of black metal vocalism on new LP the 'Stratospheric Passenger'. They cover a lot of bases on the record, at time they play the rousing ambient route which is almost pleasing in its delivery yet is soon pummeled to death by layers of death riffage and twisted nordic st...view item »


I was so excited about the arrival of the new Mouthus 'Divisionals' LP on Ecstatic peace that I decided to review it in the popular "rap/hip-hop" style:Yo! YO YO! MC A-N-T I came to bless the M-I-C. Feel me flow... YO!Representing for my peeps and brothers in lockdownYo my niggaz and niggarettes I just got back from th...view item »

Religious Knives
The Door

The Door? The bloody Doors, more like. Religious Knives feature members of noise princes Mouthus and drone cavaliers Double Leopards coming together to do some proper rock band type stuff. I've felt different things about this album each of the three times it's been on, the first I thought it sounded like it might be a potential future album of...view item »

Free Kitten

I never thought I'd be sat here reviewing a new Free Kitten album. I thought that band had long disbanded but I suppose everyone is back at it these days. The trio of Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon, Pussy Galore's Julie Cafritz and The Boredoms Yoshimi were the original girl power group. I'd pay to see them having a bitch fight with the Spice Girls... So...view item »

Tall Firs
Too Old To Die Young

I know bands on Ecstatic Peace have a debt to Sonic Youth but the new CD by Tall Firs is just so good at intermittently sounding like Uncle Thurston's mob, it needed a brief resume from me. It's der yoof in hazy, windswept mode. Track 3 'Hairdo' throws loads of playful, duelling minimal guitar shapes, that clackity Steve Shelly percussion & tha...view item »

Blaze Mountain Recordings

Islaja has a new release out on that giant of a man's label (I'm talking Thurston Moore here) Ecstatic Peace. After a couple of albums she's shifted continent. I'm still incontinent but that's by the by. Here she is all all of her psych glory creating what sounds like a very old record. In fact listening to this now I wouldn't have known it was a n...view item »

MV & EE With The Bummer Road
Green Blues

All this freak folk gear is getting stupidly popular these days and you can blame Banhart and his many wizards for this. Mind you if you've been reaping the benefits of it (like I have) then you'll more than likely love this album of psych droney nuggets with the odd pop egde. At times this sounds like Royal Trux after they've...view item »

Sunburned + Paul Flaherty
Unmuzzled Ox

Righto. What I want this minute is a bit of mad-as-chips drunken skronk-jazz mess with a monged arcade feel & some warped 'n' slurred dialogue intermittently scaring the shit out of all & sundry. Oh please, can I? This album may just answer my prayers. Paul Flaherty cocking around with everyone's beloved acid-fried munters Sunburned Hand...view item »

MV & EE With The Golden Road
Gettin' Gone

Here's a new Matt Valentine album. This time credited to MV  & EE with The Golden Road and it's called Gettin' Gone.... It's a fuzzy old psyched out affair with it's heart is psych folk and Americana. There's a wierd blues/ country thing going on at times underneath the fuzz.... you need to like guitars a lot to like this reco...view item »

Wooden Wand
James & The Quiet

Wooden Wand releases his 20th album (so I'm told) and I thought we'd write about it. This one is on Ecstatic Peace and it features Steve Shelley & Lee Ranaldo playing with their own instruments. Nice. I was expecting something more far out when I heard this and it's pretty much straight Dylan, T Rex 60's style folk rock. There's some decen...view item »

Sonic Youth/ Yamatsuka Eye (Boredoms)
TV Shit

Do you want screwed up? Here the best songs are the ones that feel like they are about to go very wrong, sounding noisy and out of control yet still inferring the amazing talent and restraint of these artists. Sometimes, though, it can be invigorating when they 'go all out'. This is the sound of that plunge. I don't know if Sonic Youth have ever...view item »