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Amnon Raviv

An experimental record from Israel that’s become something of a Holy Grail for collectors, Mirror by sound artist Amnon Raviv was restricted to just 50 handmade copies when released back in 1983. This wider re-issue of 500 numbered vinyl copies will expand that circle of very lucky individuals! 

William S. Burroughs
Curse Go Back

This scarcely-released-before William Burroughs work has everything the Burroughs fan could ask for: cut-up techniques were used to create both the text and the tape-recorded reading of the text, so this is a plenty messed-around-with piece of sound poetics. Not to mention old Will’s amazingly craggy voice. Clear vinyl in an edition of 500 on London’s superb Paradigm Discs label.
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Captain Maurice Seddon
The Seddon Tapes - Volume 1

The latest discovery from the always sterling Paradigm Discs is this selection of material from a remarkably strange English eccentric named Captain Maurice Seddon. These twelve pieces, recorded between 1968 and 2003, are a mixture of audio diaries, letters and phone conversations, exuding a powerful sense of bizarre personality. Hard to explain, crucial to hear. LP with booklet on Paradigm Discs.

Pauline Oliveros
Electronic Works 1965+1966

Early electronic expansions from American Pauline Oliveros. Electronic Works 1965+1966 are a series of analogue gems from Pauline's recorded out put. She built a lot of her own equipment and constructed numerous pieces through improvisation. Also, she experimented with a multitude of analogue effects and gadgets, similar to the Radiophonic Workshop and EMS in England. These recordings are a foray into mid-centaury avant-garde electronics. Out on CD from Paradigm Discs.

Kymatik : Midwitch Cuckoos
Anthropological Constants

Paradigm Discs, that ever-reliable archivist of the deep underground, presents the strange soundscapes of Kymatik and Midwitch Cuckoos. Anthropological Constants was first released as a limited CDr, but now it has been remastered for vinyl (by Giuseppe Ielasi), to let the listener really reach inside these radically-processed field recording compositions. Edition of 500 LPs on Paradigm Discs.
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Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell
Beyond The Black Crack

Beyond The Black Crack is a strange old record from the mid-70’s: impressively, it is strange enough to match up to the given artist’s name Anal Magic and Rev. Dwight Frizzell. Cracked-up electronics and fizzling free jazz are involved in the mixture, which was heavily treated and manipulated after the fact, resulting in the succulent mess you see before you. A weirdo classic, remastered and reissued by Paradigm discs