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Thomas Méreur

Constructed almost entirely from piano and vocals, Thomas Méreur’s debut studio album Dyrhólaey evokes the vast expanses of Icelandic wilderness that inspired the record. The space of the music and the loneliness of nature fold back in to the record’s secondary theme, that of grief and personal loss. 
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  • Preserved Sound

Aaron Martin
A Room Now Empty

A master of the safe space between ambient music and contemporary classical vibes, Aaron Martin is back with A Room Now Empty - not named after any of his gigs, I hope. As well as the usual layers of majestic, swooning cello, you can expect to hear banjo, lap steel, singing bowls, ukulele, the human voice and more. There’s even a roll-up piano.

Richard Youngs

Troubadour, jester, joker, prankster. These are all words that have probably been used to describe the gleefully playful Richard Youngs. A rare voice in experimental music that is simultaneously very good and also entirely up for taking the piss. Arrow was recorded between Glasgow and Hebden Bridge, and has Youngs playing a kind of free psychedelic jazz.
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  • Preserved Sound

Tess Said So
Scramble + Fate

With piano and percussion at their disposal, the duo behind Tess Said So have figured out an excellent and individual style that takes in aspects of contemporary classical, jazz, minimalism and much more besides. This is intricate and inventive music for an unusual pairing. Scramble + Fate is released in an edition of 150 hand-assembled CDs on the Preserved Sound label.

Poppy Nogood
Mood Paintings

Poppy Nogood, who is based in New York and named for a Terry Riley piece, presents Mood Paintings, an accurately-titled set of four tracks. A whole host of instruments were used in the creation of this album, but few can be easily distinguished from the abstract expressionist shimmer of the whole. Unhurried musical atmospheres, released by Preserved Sound in an edition of 150 CDs.
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  • Preserved Sound

Ales Tsurko

The self taught composer from Minsk Ales Tsurko sets his sight very plainly on progressing contemporary classical music. Melding techniques learnt both academically and not Transliaciya features elements of shoegaze, drone, ambient electronica and post rock masterfully manipulated and woven with modern classical, into something fresh.

Covarino / Incorvaia

Covarino / Incorvaia are a guitar and drums duo who had a decade-and-a-half hiatus before getting to work on this album. Perugia, named for their Italian hometown, was composed and recorded live in the studio, and is presented to the listener without any editing or overdubs, making this a pure document of some amazing ambient rock music being made in the moment. Out on Preserved Sound.

Poppy Nogood
Music for Mourning

American violinist and composer Poppy Nogood releases his first full length album on handmade label Preserved Sound. Echoing masters of the emotionally charged neo-classical, and minimalism such as Max Richer and Steve Reich, Nogood works around self imposed restriction and improvisation to create delicate and emotionally raw pieces.