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Philip Glass
Candyman (Original 1992 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Neo-classical stalwart Philip Glass was known to dabble in the film scoring business now and then -- he's produced works for the epic ambient landscape movie Koyaanisqatsi, as well as the thrilling drama the Truman Show, about that dude we're all watching on TV (who, ironically, is Jim Carrey). 'Candyman' is one of his most renowned soundtracks,...view item »

Michael Hoenig
The Blob (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Although it’s essentially about an animate piece of strawberry jam, the 1958 original gave me quite the nightmares as a child. Here’s the soundtrack to the even-creepier 1988 remake of The Blob by Michael Hoenig. Hoenig went for something a little more sober than the original’s bouncy theme song, whose...view item »

Roberto Donati
Cannibal Ferox

On the sleeve of this cult classic is a semi naked woman, with a strategically placed ‘banned in 31 countries’ banner covering her boobies, she’s in almost certain impending doom surrounded by a load of ne’er-do-wells with pointy spears. However you perceive yourself in life you should be grateful you are not this poor wo...view item »
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Tim Krog
The Boogeyman (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Boogeyman was, of course, a spooktacular slasher flick from 1980. And no such film from that time would be complete without a flash electronic soundtrack, which was provided here by Tim Krog. One Way Static have pressed up a new 180g black vinyl edition, in a run of 300 hand-numbered copies with obligatory obi strip...view item »

Rick Wakeman
The Burning (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Prog-king and Yes-member Rick Wakeman provided the soundtrack to 1981’s The Burning, a film in the proper slasher-horror tradition. Total cheesy-spooky synthesiser epiphanies from Rick here, the perfect accompaniment to the fun murdering of summer camp children. LP released in a g...view item »

NEKRomantik (Original 1987 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

When a movie is banned in several countries, that probably means it’s outside of my comfort zone. Judging by the pictures and descriptions, NEKRomantik is definitely no exception. However, does that mean the Original Extend Soundtrack is any less appealing? Hell no, especially with there only being 500 copies! Aft...view item »

Rick Wakeman
The Phantom Of The Opera

After completing his journey to the centre of the earth, Rick Wakeman decided over 15 years later to give Andrew Lloyd-Webber a run for his money by soundtracking the 1925 silent film version of Phantom of the Opera directed by Lon Chaney. Taking a more baroque turn, this release features harpsichords and organs, giving a much fuller picture of ...view item »

Klaus Schulze
La Vie Electronique Volume 1.1

Klaus Schulze - he of Tangerine Dream, Ash Ra Tempel and … Klaus Schulze fame - has set to work putting his affairs in order in the past decade. La Vie Electronique Volume 1.1 is in fact the second volume in the LVE series, a run that brings together Schulze’s rari...view item »

Shooting Guns
Another Wolfcop (Original Soundtrack Recording)

I am in awe of the person who felt that there needed to be two films about a Wolfcop. Also in awe of Shooting Guns who found the creativity to soundtrack them both. Heavy psych is the perfect accompaniment to this absurd horror comedy B-movie about a werewolf policeman facing down an evil business man....view item »

Klaus Schulze
La Vie Electronique Volume 1.2

A further archival dose of synthesizer sound from Klaus Schulze, the hyper-productive German maestro. La Vie Electronique Volume 1.2 is a double LP set of rare (and even unreleased) material from Schulze’s early 70’s period, showcasing that beautiful organic Moog-work style. 2LP on One Way S...view item »

Klaus Schulze
La Vie Electronique Volume 1.0

Klaus Schulze’s 70s work is an innovative and immersive as Kosmische synth gets. La Vie Electronique is a series of outtake compilations that has run to 15 multi-disc CD volumes. This double LP brings half of the first volume to vinyl for the first time. It captures Schulze,...view item »
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Florian Fricke
Spielt Mozart

Buio Mondo
Herederos De La Bestia

What could be a more perfect commission for an outfit who like to play around with the sounds and stylistics of vintage giallo horror soundtracks? Spanish band Buio Mondo were asked to provide an original soundtrack to a documentary film about the crucial Spanish slasher El Dia De La Bestia, and they have produced an in...view item »


There are plenty of tracks on this one to keep you going for a good amount of time, if you can even still register time as we know it after listening to the full record. The sophomore release from Metavari is called 'Symmetri' and is available on vinyl LP - includes a download code - but is limited to 500 copies and is released ...view item »

Popol Vuh
For You And Me

Now 28 years old, For You and Me was the 17th LP from Popol Vuh, the German legends who helped define a sound in the ‘70s and worked closely with the director Werner Herzog...view item »

Philip Glass
Candyman 2 – Farewell To The Flesh

One Way Static release modernist composer Philip Glass’ unlikely soundtrack to Candyman 2 - Farewelll to the Flesh. On this first pressing vinyl LP there are creepy, repetitive motifs that gradually blur together, choral voices and baffling organ arpeggios. An astonishing soundtrack. This ...view item »

Der Todesking (Original Expanded 1989 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Der Todesking is a notably experimental film from 1989, exploring death and suicide in an intense and oblique way. The film’s soundtrack is also notable, mixing lo-fi synth material with some sharp and clean minimalist classical instrumentation, This version of...view item »

Popol Vuh
Cobra Verde (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Popol Vuh provided the soundtracks to many of Werner Herzog’s finest films, including Cobra Verde. In fact, this 1987 film soundtrack was their final collaboration, and what a way to end: epic psychedelic space-world-ambient soundscapes from a kosmische maestro. This has been out-of-print pretty m...view item »

Popol Vuh
Agape-Agape Love-Love

For this release, Popol Vuh mastermind Florian Fricke enlisted a Gregorian-style choir to help realise his visions of sacred wonder, inspired by Rumi, the thirteenth century Persian poet. Agape-Agape Love-Love was released in 1983 and has been tragically out of print since. Now, this re...view item »
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Popol Vuh
Spirit Of Peace

Popol Vuh’s Spirit Of Peace was used in part by Werner Herzog as the soundtrack to his The Dark Glow Of The Mountains, where it's gorgeous sense of spiritual yearning fitted the picture well. And yet this rich album has been out of print since its 1985 release! Thankfully One Way Static h...view item »

Michael Holm
Mark of The Devil I & II

Mark Of The Devil is a film fondly remembered as an early example of gratuitous violence in cinema (the first film certificated 'V' for violence). Here, its soundtrack and the soundtrack of its sequel are brought together, showcasing Michael Holm's varied compositional talents: some very slick, tense and dramatic pieces...view item »
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Stelvio Cipriani
Papaya, Love Goddess Of The Cannibals (Original 1978 Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Stelvio Cipriani’s much sought after soundtrack to the classic cannibal film Papaya, Love Goddess of the Cannibals is finally repressed to wax by One Way Static. Cipriani was a prolific Italian composer, relentlessly writing scores for iconic horror, giallo, exploitation and spaghetti west...view item »
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Dream Warriors (Theme From A Nightmare On Elm Street 3)

Nightmare On Elm Street 3 made a strong impact with a generation’s worth of horror fans, and they’ll no doubt be happy to relive the fear with Dokken’s title theme, now available as a nicely coloured 7 on the One Way Static label. Total RAWK wildness, no doubt at all that this was made in 1987. Backed ...view item »
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The Laze
The Phantom Of The Opera

Don’t worry, this is not an Andrew Lloyd Webber recital but maverik Merseyside septet The Laze’s original soundtrack to Robert Julian’s 1925 silent horror film. The group premiered this soundtrack at a live performance on Halloween 2010 and have sinced toured it throughout the UK and so this recording shows a band in supreme co...view item »
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Shooting Guns

Evil shit soundtracked by more evil shit: Shooting Guns helped give the gnarly Wolfcop its elemental stride, blending together punishing electronic whirring with doom metal precision, the juxtaposition making for a cacophonous, disorientating sound that takes you out of the world you knew i...view item »
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Don Peake
The Hills Have Eyes - Original 1977 Motion Picture Soundtrack

I thought I was going to have an untimely accident when I found this. I snatched it up quickly and through sheer will power, I managed not to do any back flips or somersaults. I seriously never imagined I'd see this soundtrack get a release. I've been a fan of the film since I was a teenager and the creepy score is absolutely essential in settin...view item »
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David Alexander Hess
The Last House on The Left

Here’s the latest product of the current horror soundtrack reissue boom; a deluxe reissue of the score to Wes Craven’s grisly classic ‘The Last House On The Left’, unusually written and performed by the film’s star and the man performing a large portion of the on-screen violence, the late David Alexander Hess. ...view item »
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