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Yung Wu
Shore Leave

A time long ago I was young and carefree when my only worry in life was completing my collection of the Feelies side projects.  The day I found the Yung Wu record was a special one. I had no idea what to expect. I mean...Yung Wu... I thought it would be experimental...or Japanese...or both.  I ...view item »

The Feelies
Here Before

My teenage self would have squeaked with glee had it known that 20 years on it would be writing a review of a new Feelies album. Having spend a large portion of my adolescence sitting alone thumbing through back issues of Q magazine, The Feelies were one of those names (like The ...view item »

Ezra Furman
The Year Of No Returning

Following on from the critical success of his Day Of The Dog album, Ezra Furman’s The Year of No Returning gets a timely reissue. Currently based in Chicago, Ezra Furman’s music fuses the classic sounds of Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones and ...view item »

The Feelies
In Between

The Feelies just release records when they like. They have released records in the years 1980, 1986, 1988, 1991, 2011 and 2017. In the years in between they have not released records. It’s perhaps this slow moving approach to their art which has led them to exist for a full 40 years.  I really enjoyed the...view item »

Teen Men
Teen Men

Let’s face it, we are all heading into a safe and anodyne commercial wasteland. Today for example, Pitchfork reported on Rod Stewart appearing on the James Corden show; The Quietus, meanwhile, ran with a piece on Kim Kardashian. Say what you will about The Wire but which other mainstream magazine would put Ashtray Navigations on the c...view item »

R. Stevie Moore and Jason Falkner
Make It Be

Warning: I'm about to get on a rather large horse.  I read a review of this record recently in one of the free mags that come through our door and the writer didn't know who Jason Falkner was. The Jellyfish, the Greys, the ...view item »

Eros and The Eschaton
Weight Of Matter

Have you ever wanted to strike Jonathan Donahue? I have to admit that a bearded middle aged man singing like an extra from 'Annie' and twinkling like a Disney soundtrack stopped me fully enjoying the last Mercury Rev album. However Eros and the Eschaton despite having to txt spk their titles have a much more pow...view item »

Petra Haden
Petra Haden Sings : The Who Sell Out

Here, Petra Haden takes one of the strangest (and best?) albums from The Who’s catalogue and makes it stranger. The Who Sell Out, the band’s advertising-themed experimental pop record, is performed in full by...view item »

Petra Haden

Petra Haden is a total boss at performing fully-fledged instrumental pieces using only her voice. Here on Imaginaryland, she sings material by Enya and Johann Sebastian Bach as well as a range of originals, always through a multi-tracked chorus of inventive vocal techniques. This is her...view item »

Parlour Tricks
Broken Hearts/Bones

Broken Hearts/Bones is the third album from Parlour Tricks and sees them continuing to blend indie rock and big-hearted pop. Their elaborate three-part harmonies and downbeat instrumentation are a distinctive blend and chilled-out playing and songwriting are top-notch. On CD and vinyl LP from Bar-No...view item »

Glenn Mercer
Incidental Hum

Life is full of soul-destroying, crushing disappointments… but not always. Glenn Mercer has been the perma-sunglassed leader of the Feelies throughout their thirty year plus on/off career, but this is the first time he's made a solo album. For the roots of the sound...view item »

Ezra Furman
Day Of The Dog

After hearing “My Zero”, the catchy indie-pop nugget, I really didn’t expect “Day Of The Dog” to sound the way it did. Although it’s his fifth album, I was previously unaware of Ezra Furman. This album is basically a rock ‘n’ roll album, and I mean proper milkshakes-at-the-diner 50s rock ‘n&r...view item »

Breakfast In Fur
Flyaway Garden

It’s summer outside. The grass on the other side of the ring road has been beautifully shorn and the smell of fresh grass clippings is mingling beautifully with the exhausts. My idea of a summer-pop album is probably decidedly less post Arcade Fire than many people. Those Canadians just don’t connect...view item »

Alex Chilton
Electricity By Candlelight – NYC 2/13/97

It's nice to have this little document of an intimate night in the presence of Alex Chilton. After a power cut at the gig, Chilton decided to carry on with his acoustic guitar. He improvised a few covers to a delighted crowd. it's fun, not brilliantly recorded but again nice to have. Tagged on the end is a supe...view item »

Of Montreal
Cherry Peel

'Cherry Peel', the first record from the chaotic twee mess that is Of Montreal, was originally released in 1999. With its psych-folk undertones and gleefully experimental take on pop music, it slotted right into Elephant 6's canon, fulfilling their golden rule -- music should explode all over the place. Now it's back on vinyl thanks to Bar-None....view item »