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Bronze Mystic

As a raucous mix of sparse post-rock, jagged electronics and crashing percussions, Welsh-born Gallops' concoction is not for the faint-hearted. In their latest nine-track cut - Bronze Mystic - the ambitious trio have stood well clear of the dreaded second album syndrome, and instead built upon their debut.

Adam Betts
Colossal Squid

Adam Betts loves percussive overload, whether from IDM-style overdriven drum machines or from actual live drums. For his debut solo album, he throws plenty of both into the mix for a frantic fractal of super-math rhythm explosions. Betts is the drummer for Three Trapped Tigers, so you know he knows what's up when it comes to super-technical hyper-funk. Colossal Squid is out on the Blood And Biscuits label.


Strobes are a band with serious pedigree when it comes to seriously complex music: the members have performed with Three Trapped Tigers, Troyka and Squarepusher no less. Their debut album Brokespeak is a super-mathy work, like a mass of interlocking sonic fractals that nevertheless have grooves at their base. A frantic listen for sure. Out on Blood and Biscuits.
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Bop English
Constant Bop

Bop English is the solo project / labour of love of White Denim frontman James Petralli. Debut Constant Bop has been in the workings for years, and that time and craft is evident in the depth of the recordings. Available on CD, but if I were you I’d get it on vinyl, which is pressed to blue and yellow splattered wax, and is exclusive to independent record shops like us!

Lucky Leaves

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