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RYD is the recording moniker of Ryan Downie, a producer and songwriter from North London. He takes inspiration from Bon Iver, Missy Elliott and Timbaland to create his songs that blend the crystalline sound of electronics with some heart-wrenching themes and ethereal production. Self-titled debut LP and CD on 37 Adventures.
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Daniel Woolhouse
What’s That Sound

Daniel Woolhouse not under his Deptford Goth moniker is a different affair entirely. Less of the woozy downtempo melancholia, more life loving and richly organic indie pop songs. Piano, brass, piano and rich tone big band sound that’ll lift you right up. Hopeful summer afternoon driving spectaculars.

Junk Son
Beginning, Ending, Pretending

Junk Son are a Goldsmiths band, though with the pleasing twist that some members of the group studied popular music while others trained in contemporary composition. That uncommon pairing is responsible for the more unusual edges that really make the music stick. Debut album Beginning, Ending, Pretending is released by 37 Adventures.

J Churcher
Borderland State

J Churcher's debut album hearkens back to the 90s psychedelia of Slowdive and Mazzy Star. Haunting, reverb-drenched vocals sit atop hazy soundscapes and fuzzy guitars, all of it rooted in Churcher's formidable songwriting and compositional flare. With elements of chamber-pop, dream-pop, shoegaze and indie-folk, Borderland State offers much to be explored. Available on Vinyl LP on the 37 Adventures label.

New Skin

Debut album from London voice JONES. Having written a set of thoughtful songs (‘melancholic but optimistic’ she says), a killer production team including Lana Del Rey, Savages and Sam Smith associates have provided JONES with the proper-pop landscape she needs to shine brightly. Out on 37 Adventures.

J Churcher
Borderline State

J Churcher has worked on his debut album for the past 2 years, and you can hear the work: these productions are full of floaty organs and big guitars, all coated with a warm curtain of shoegaze-aesthetics. Borderline State, which also features the vocals of Anna B Savage, is a strong suite of classic widescreen indie rock. Out on 37 Adventures.

Gold Rush EP

salute presents Gold Rush, a strong statement from a new artist that showcases his lush production style. Working closely with dramatic vocalist Abra, some of the tracks here sound like a jazz bar upgraded to some shiny future synth club: this is some highly accomplished work. One to watch out for? The 12” EP is out on 37 Adventures.

Deptford Goth

Deptford Goth gets right down to it with a record called 'Songs', which we assume has some songs on it. The follow-up to the slow, smooth jams of 'Life After Defo', this record continues where he left off, blending together all the most patiently paced genres into one sultry combo: there's elements of R&B, as well as soul, tempered with meditative electronic sounds. 

Royce Wood Junior
The Ashen Tang

Crisp R&B productions from London-based Royce Wood Junior. Jam-packed with layers of instrumentation, The Ashen Tang is an impressive collection that retains soulful songs at its core. An instant hit for fans of James Blake and the current crop of melancholy London-centric producers. Out on CD & vinyl LP from 37 Adventures.

Tomorrow's Shore

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Evil Twin EP

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Royce Wood Junior
Midnight (Special Request Remix)

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Blue Daisy
Psychotic Love

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Clarence Clarity
Save †hyself

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