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Kev Brown
Fill In The Blank

Kev Brown has worked at a rate of knots in 2018. The dust has barely settled on his Homework LP and he’s already on to the next one. Fill In The Blank is another collection of beats, rhymes and other hip-hop ephemera. It feels like a moot point comparing beat tapes to Donuts these days, but the two records really are rather similar. Damu The Fudgemunk is all over this thing.

Kev Brown
Delve Into Classical Moog

“This is a journey into sound” I think that’s what Washington DC hip-hop artist and producer Kev Brown of the Low Budget Crew is trying to achieve with his latest experimental work, Delve Into Classical Moog. The Moog has been used in many genres since its invention in the mid-’60s and artists are still finding new ways to manipulate the electronic beast, as Kev Brown proves here. LP on Redefinition Records.

Kev Brown

Kev Brown’s first solo LP since 2005 drops via Redefinition Records (Pete Rock, Damu The Fudgemunk). Despite thirteen years passing between this record and the last, Homework - which has nothing to do with the Daft Punk album of the same name - catches a similar sonic moment to I Do What I Do. Here we have more than two-dozen hip-hop vignettes in the Guilty Simpson/MF DOOM mould.

Damu The Fudgemunk
Spur Momento Trailer

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