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Israel Nash

On Lifted, Texan hippie, Israel Nash has created a work of American roots music that’s been infiltrated by his psychedelic rock and spiritual leanings. To add extra texture to the album he’s also incorporated field recordings and found sounds from Texan ranch. Features guest performances from Grupo Fanta...view item »
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Israel Nash Gripka
Israel Nash's Rain Plans

Israel Nash Gripka is definitely a fan of Neil Young (this is just a hunch) and this album will definitely appeal to fans of Neil Young’s solo albums from the early 90s onwards. The Opener “Woman at the Well” could be on “Harvest Moon” although the production is a little muddier. Nash’s voice is similarly nasal and his songs ...view item »

The Handsome Family

The Handsome Family are an alt. country/Americana duo made up of husband and wife Brett and Rennie Sparks. They have been plying their trade since the early ‘90s to a committed fanbase. Unseen is their tenth album and is the first new material since the band had massive, and it has to be said, unexpected success (...view item »

Courtney Marie Andrews
Honest Life

After a few years out the spotlight to live an honest life in Washington state, Courtney Marie Andrews returns with … Honest Life. A record in the finest heartland rock tradition, her kiss-off tales of love and loneliness take flight in a voice that hits a sweet spot between Joni Mitchell, ...view item »

Courtney Marie Andrews
May Your Kindness Remain

Arizona-based singer/songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews is back with the follow-up to her critically lauded 2017 debut breakthrough ‘Honest’. Written while touring her first record, ‘May Your Kindness Remain’ explores Andrews’ relationships (some lasting, some fleeting) with people she meets on the r...view item »

The Handsome Family
Through The Trees (20th Anniversary Edition)

Here is a 20th anniversary edition of this classic album by noir-ish Americana experts and at-each-others-throats odd couple the Handsome Family. This time round you'll get the original album on sky blue wax plus an exclusive 15 track bonus CD of of the era demos, outtakes, rarities and live tracks.   ...view item »

Jim White
Waffles, Triangles & Jesus

This is his sixth studio album and is finely produced, journeying across the vast American continent. I’m not sure if that is a place I wish to visit these days, but Jim White makes it feel magical, heartwarming and limitless, helped in turns by his hometown (Athens) finest musicians, plus Dead Rock West and Holly Golightly...view item »

Gill Landry
Love Rides A Dark Horse

With his fourth album, Love Rides A Dark Horse, Ex-Old Crow Medicine Show guy Gill Landry treads a similar path that has been taken by greats such as Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits with a sparse, hushed approach to his sound. The songs are stories ab...view item »

Courtney Marie Andrews
Sea Town / Near You

Sea Town / Near You are the first releases from Courtney Marie Andrews since her album Honest Life was released to critical acclaim. Sea Town is a driving, folk inspired ditty with some ...view item »

Ian Felice
In The Kingdom Of Dreams

This is the first solo album by Ian Felice, one part of folky favourites the Felice Brothers. His brother Simone plays on it too as does fellow Felice brother James. A family affair then, just like his main band. Expect lushly conceived folk opus's with that haunted deathly feel in evidence Surprised this is his...view item »

Courtney Marie Andrews
On My Page

First time on vinyl for Courtney Marie Andrews 2013 album 'On My Page'. Once a session musician for the likes of Jimmy Eat World and Damien Jurado, Courtney decided to settle down and concentrate on her own songs which duly arrived on this album, the predecessor to her hugely successful 'Honest Life' opus. ...view item »

William The Conqueror
Proud Disturber Of The Peace

Indie-Americana informs the work of rootsy, bluesy three-piece William The Conqueror. Formed by folk favourite Ruarri Joseph, the band now also comprises Harry Harding and Naomi Holmes. The trio's recording sessions for Proud Disturber Of The Peace took them on a journey round the Isles of Britain from the peninsula of ...view item »

The Americans
I'll Be Yours

Plucked from obscurity by Sir Jack White and pals to become the house band in forthcoming PBS documentary American Epic which details the recording processes in early American music, the aptly named Americans were initially influenced by pre-war music. They also reconfigure the sorts of blue collar music made by the likes of ...view item »

Danny & The Champions Of The World
Brilliant Light

Those Roald Dahl and folk-rock fans Danny and the Champions of the World are back with a new and extra-large album named Brilliant Light, containing eighteen tracks over two discs. Oh and by the way, while stocks last you can get your hands on triple CD and triple LP editions that includes a whole extra...view item »
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Andrew Combs
Canyons Of My Mind

Described as ‘a landscape where the personal & the pastoral converge’, Canyons Of My Mind is the latest release from Andrew Combs. A little bit sad and a little bit spiritual, this eleven-track album brings together country and folk, with soothing vocals dipped i...view item »

Willard Grant Conspiracy
Regard The End

I don't sense any of Harold Bloom's 'anxiety of influence', in the work of Willard Grant Conspiracy. Rather, Fisher has used the Nick Cave template to fashion and fathom a body of work of equal conviction and intensity: brooding soundscapes that resonate from some dark longing for the winter solstice to interminably delay its thawing. Regard The...view item »

Sturgill Simpson
High Top Mountain

Sturgill Simpson wanted this album to be “the purest, most uncompromising, hard country” possible, and he’s done a pretty good job: I mean, the first track is named “Life Ain’t Fair And The World Is Mean” after all. High Top Mountain is the debut solo recording by Sturgill...view item »

Joana Serrat
Cross The Verge

Joana Serrat plays an Americana-infused kind of grown-up pop music: the choruses sweep grandly in a radio-friendly manner, but the instrumental textures (provided by members of Slowdive, Cowboy Junkies, T...view item »

Treetop Flyers

Second full-length album from indie-poppers Treetop Flyers. Palomino was produced and recorded in-house, at the group’s own Soup Studios. Death and lost love are strong themes throughout the record, but the production and the songwriting doesn’t get bogged down into excessive melancholy. CD ...view item »

Israel Nash
Israel Nash's Silver Season

Israel Nash plays heartfelt Americana with a slightly woozy aesthetic, like his band Silver Season have been sitting out in the sun a little too long. I almost feel bad mentioning it, as he must get it all the time, but his voice’s similarity to Neil Young is unavoidable. That’s a bl...view item »

Danny & The Champions Of The World
What Kind Of Love

‘What Kind Of Love’ will be the fifth studio album from London based folk/rock/soul band Danny & The Champions Of The World, fronted by Danny Wilson (Grand Drive). This ten track release was recorded at Champs’s bass player/producer Chris Clarke’s Reservoir Sound studio in north London following their extensive world ...view item »
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Justin Townes Earle
Single Mothers / Absent Fathers

Justin Townes Earle has created this double album titled Single Mothers/Absent Fathers, a record where we can hear him dealing  with his own demons faced in both his family life and in toxic relationships with those around him -- as well as drugs and alcohol. The albums are a fantastic glimpse into the trouble...view item »
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Sturgill Simpson
Metamodern Sounds In Country Music

Sturgill Simpson described “High Top Mountain” the album prior to “Metamodern Sounds In Country Music”, as a “hard” country album. After hearing it I’m guessing that he meant something in the vein of the so-called “country outlaws” such as Waylon Jennings et al. Here though, he soften...view item »

Israel Nash
Rain Plans

Rain Plans is the first single to be taken from Israel Nash’s 3rd album, Israel Nash’s Rain Plans. The track has been inspired by nature and the world that Nash finds surrounds his new home just outside Austin, Texas. This 7” also contains the non-LP track ...view item »

Vikesh Kapoor
The Ballad Of Willy Robbins

Say hello to the new contender for the Great American Songwriter crown, Vikesh Kapoor. His debut LP ‘The Ballad of Willy Robbins’ follows in the traditions of songwriters like Tom Waits and Bruce Springsteen, a series of portraits of hardworking Americans and the...view item »

Danny & The Champions Of The World
Stay True

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Willard Grant Conspiracy
Ghost Republic

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The Handsome Family

Husband and wife duo Brett & Rennie Sparks aka The Handsome Family have been making mournful, melancholic yet beautiful music for twenty-one years now. “Wilderness” is their ninth studio album. “Wilderness” is a concept album about nature (really?) with every track nam...view item »

Deer Tick
Divine Providence

Anyone in the mood for some raw sounding country rock? I'm new to these guys. I'm only three minutes into the first song and I'm sure that's Jools Holland playing boogie woogie in the background. Not a great start! John McCauley has one of those gravelly drawly voices that you'll love or ...view item »

Jim White
Where It Hits You

I was hoping to get the Lambchop album opened and listened to but we don't have a promo (come on, City Slang) and its too nice to ruin by opening it so we have second choice Jim doing a fair back up job. Jim has been around awhile, I knew him from that 'Searching from the Wrong Eyed Jesus'...view item »
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The Felice Brothers
Celebration, Florida

With Celebration, Florida, The Felice Brothers expand their songwriting talents to a sonic soundscape that is eerie, compelling, and ultimately beautiful. While you won't find country-tinged, cacophonous hell-raisers like "Whiskey in my Whiskey" or "Love Me Tenderly," the band of brothers and close friends have developed a sound that is entirely...view item »
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The Handsome Family
In The Air

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The Mendoza Line
Full Of Light And Full Of Fire

This time around on Full Of Light And Full Of Fire the songwriting has been split between just Shannon McArdle and Timothy Bracy with one achingly beautiful contribution from Paul Deppler. Their honesty and sincerity, dipped into a wellspring of humour, humility and irony betray their personality as the most likeable couple on record today. For ...view item »
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