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Kalbata ft. Tigris

Vanrock is a collaboration between Fortuna head honcho Kalbata with the five piece Afrodelic band Tigris. The result is six percussion-led tracks which distil the latter's Caribbean and African influences with the more techno and balearic sounds of the former. A fascinating meeting of minds and blending of genres which puts disparate influences together for something rather transcendental. Rock it in a van or any other vessel of your choosing.    


Rippling rhythms and deft descents into deep zones of satisfaction from Moontribe via Tel-Aviv’s Middle Eastern curio reissue label Fortuna Records. And a beautiful sleeve to boot. Who, what, when and why is Moontribe? While no answers to those are forthcoming, a load of splendidly absorbing sounds certainly are.

Hafla! - A Rough Guide to Jaffa's 70's Sound (Compiled by Fortuna Records)

Well this compilation was commissioned by the Ha’achim restaurant in Tel Aviv: whether or not that means that these bangers are going to be accompanying diners evening meals I don’t know, but it means this LP is fully grounded in the place it documents. Ten tracks from Jaffa in the 1970’s, absolutely bristling with life-force and excitement. Put together and licenced by Fortuna Records.
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  • Fortuna Records

Shimshon Miel
Amsterdam To Nueiba

Fortuna Records have unearthed another gem here. Tel Aviv-born hippie Shimshon Miel self-released his only LP in 1977. It was a strange experiment in psychedelia, full of drum circle percussion and floating chemtrails of guitar. Fortuna have repackaged two of the album’s cuts here as Amsterdam to Nueiba. They’ve also roped in Kalbata to soup up ‘Amsterdam Experience’ with a more DJ-friendly edit.
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  • Fortuna Records

Tsvia Abarbanel
Eastern Soul

Israeli crate-diggers Fortuna Records have a bit of a thing for Yemeni singer Tsvia Abarbanel. The label’s first release was a 7” single featuring her tracks ‘Wings Of Love’ and ‘Yahlel Hawa’, both of which also appear on this reissue of a privately-pressed recording made in 1970. The music of Eastern Soul is a heady mix of spiritual jazz, Yemenite funk and swinging standards. Abarbanel’s strong, earthy voice provides the album's anchor. Good stuff.

Aris San
Boumpam / Dam Dam

The king of the ‘Greek Jaffa’ sound makes it to 10” vinyl on this extremely limited release from Fortuna Records. Aris San revolutionised Greek traditional music in the 1970s by replacing the bouzouki with an electric guitar and psychedelic mindset. Boumpam/Dam Dam displays his ferocious guitar licks and groovy garage and surf-inspired backing.