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Shinichi Atobe

Mysterious Japanese producer Shinichi Atobe surprise-drops a new LP via Demdike Stare’s DDS (Micachu, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe). Heat is a bit more welcoming than the austere techno sound Atobe has previously exhibited, with tracks like ‘So Good, So Right’ and ‘Heat 1’ displaying a stronger house influence than any of his other work. However, there is still a sense of woozy minimalism here that traces a line to records like Butterfly Effect. Fans of Juniper and Detroit Swindle step this way.
  • Vinyl Double LP (DDS035)
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Bird Sound Power

  • Vinyl Double LP (DDS020)
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  • CD (DDS020CD)

Shinichi Atobe

Shinichi Atobe first put Ship-Scope out into the world way back in 2001, on the highly respected and dearly departed Chain Reaction label. Now it’s out again, this time on DDS, for a new generation to enjoy its atmospheric electronic haze. Sort of ambient, but with a glitchy kick to it. Only one of these hand-stamped reissue 12”s each please!


Demdike Stare’s DDS label (Mica Levi, Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe) take another left-turn for this reissue. Conjoint were a downtempo/future-jazz ensemble knocking about in the late 90s and early 2000s. Among others, the group featured Ornette Coleman/George Clinton vibes/piano player Karl Berger and David Moufang aka Move D. Earprints was the second of their three LPs, and the aquatic-nightsong ambience of tracks like ‘The Joint’ suggests a hallucinatory meeting between Tortoise and Jan Jelinek as well as prefacing the work of Floating Points.

Colón Man

The sheer level of inventiveness on this record is almost too much to think about in any capacity, let alone a description this short. Suffice to say, those looking to explore an approach to modern electronic street music with a playful and abstract Jamaican twist should look here. You should look here now.

Mica Levi
Delete Beach

Delete Beach is a short anime film that features an exclusive original soundtrack by Mica Levi, the polymath equally at home singing punky songs, DJing grime, or scoring pieces for London Sinfonietta. Synths and strings and jagged beats are Levi’s palette of choice here, creating an atmosphere that stands up on wax as well as with the visuals. Double 10”.
  • Vinyl Double 10" (DDS024)
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Equiknoxx & Mark Ernestus
Mark Ernestus Remixes

Mark Ernestus - Basic Channel/Rhythm & Sound member as well as owner of Berlin’s Hardwax - takes on remix duties for one of the techiest duos in dancehall. One might have expected this two-track to be harder than it is, but Ernestus instead flips the Equiknoxx sound on its head to pleasant effect. The duo’s trademark tropes are repurposed to new effect - check how the thick string stabs of ‘Congo Get Slap’ are turned into a classic dub techno chord.

Shinichi Atobe
From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art

From The Heart, It’s A Start, A Work Of Art shows the now renowned Japanese producer Shinichi Atobe in his formative early years. As with his later work, such as Butterfly Effect and World Yet this is hard to define as it takes in myriad ideas from House Music and beyond. However, you can hear the embryonic ideas that would flourish in later recordings. Limited repress double LP on DDS.

Shinichi Atobe

Shinichi Atobe is one of today’s most enigmatic minimal techno composers. Ever since he brought out Ship-Scope on Chain Reaction in 2001, ambient-techno fans across the world have wondered who this man was. He returned after 13 years with The Butterfly Effect. Now DDS is releasing more of the genius’ long-forgotten techno, both glitchy and dreamy. I hope you're ready for World.

Strange Beauty

Before this release, Orior only existed in the form of a 1979 7” named Elevation, whose aesthetic appears to have made a huge impact on the Demdike Stare boys a few decades later. Thanks to their keen efforts, they’ve managed to find a whole double LP’s worth of material from the long-forgotten project, never before released! Wow! On DDS.

Taz and May Vids

Micachu, aka Mica Levi, follows up 2015’s album with The Shapes and the stunning Under The Skin soundtrack with a return to playful experimentation. Taz and May Vids compiles a handful of tunes made with regular accomplice Tirzah and Brother May and is a weird and joyful electronic odyssey. How can something so abstract be so fun?

Stephen O'Malley

Stephen O’Malley is known for his dark drone works with Sunn O))). Gruides is his first solo outing and his first orchestral piece. Gruides was commissioned by the French improvisational orchestra ONCEIM. It was recorded in St. Mary’s Church in central Paris - a venue where the acoustics lent themselves perfectly to the music. The 35-minute orchestral drone piece is technically demanding for the players and richly rewarding for its listeners.

Shackleton & Demdike Stare
Archive Series #1

Oof! Some people are gonna lose it with this one. This is a missing in action dubplate from Skull Disco era Shackleton (using THE vocal from Limb by Limb)pressed and released on vinyl for the first time by pulse fingering Demdike Stare. Presented with a new Demdike Stare mixtape and screen printed tote bag. Limited 12”, so get one if you can.

feeling romantic feeling tropical feeling ill

Micachu / Mica Levi isn’t satisfied with her recent highly-acclaimed film soundtracks and London Sinfonietta premieres: she keeps busy. Here we have a reissue of an excellent tape from last year, which sonically maps the three atmospheres alluded to with the title: feeling romantic feeling tropical feeling ill. Now on double LP.