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Dame Area
Centro Di Gravitá

Dame Area was originally the solo project of Barcelona-based musician Silvia Konstance, but recently the project has expanded to a two-piece with the addition of Futuro Di Hierro/Qa’a member Viktor L. Crux. Centro di Gravita - the pair's first LP together - is a mixture of sounds from the worlds of minimal synthwave, dark techno and Gothic industrialism. The seven tracks here reference Farah, Inga Copeland, Suicide and Muslimgauze in equal measure.

De Fabriek

B. F. E. Records (Minimal Man, Glorious Din) reissue this 1982 LP from Dutch experimentalists De Fabriek. Schafttijdsamba is a varied listen. On tracks like ‘Future Discoverer’ the group fit relatively easily into the minimal synth boom of the time, though admittedly with a more abstracted take on things. However, elsewhere the group’s minimalist groove tracks like ‘Barbara’ touch on The Pop Group and 23 Skidoo, and ‘Indudent Babylon’ is pretty much music concrete. Intriguing stuff.
  • Vinyl LP (BFE 047)
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James Plotkin
The Joy Of Disease Demos + Remixes

  • Vinyl LP (B.F.E.45)
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  • Burka For Everbody

Minimal Man
The Shroud Of

Minimal Man was the San Francisco outfit of Patrick Miller, little remembered in official histories but still well worthy of your time today. The Shroud Of is their 1981 debut full-length, a cheap-and-nasty sounding slab of minimal industrial post-punk, delivered with a messy nihilism. So yeah, it's great. Reissued by Burka For Everybody in an edition of 300.

Instant Automatons
Sincerely Making A Noise

Authentic home-crafted DIY weird-pop from Instant Automatons. Clicking drum machines and lo-fi guitars support and/or undermine the band’s sweet songs with strange little touches. Sincerely Making A Noise hoovers up various tracks from rare cassettes and EPs, pressing them up to vinyl in an edition of 300. On the Burka For Everybody label.

Tools You Can Trust
Working and Shopping

Working And Shopping pushes underappreciated 80s Mancunians Tools You Can Trust back into what might, at a push, be called the spotlight. Making post-punk / no wave music, but almost entirely without guitars (awesome!), the band’s sound is a very percussive and original one. Very nice. This LP compiles 7”s, 12”s, and Peel Sessions.

In Stone

In Stone is the third album from a band evidently very fond of things extracted from the ground, Bronze. Actually, what they really like is synthesisers, especially when they are tethered to psychedelic grooves. This is a sonically dense set of songs for synth-heads who like to space out (and maybe dance a bit). LP on Burka For Everybody.
  • Vinyl LP (B​.​F​.​E​.​31)
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German Army
Jivaro Witnesses

"German Army incorporates the memories of the vintage recordings of Cabaret Voltaire, Dark Day, Hafler Trio, and Kaa Antílope, albeit with a stylized, unique european manner of understanding the genre. Their sound, akin to Cabaret Voltaire, does not constitute a mere copy of these, but treats paranoia as a primordial sonic expression, and sound as a virus that spreads across the spoken word setting mechanisms that have remained hidden in the listener. They are not an ambient band, but the deep mark of Zoviet France and Nocturnal Emissions makes itself evident in the way they shaped the volt anatomy against a sky full of threatingly watching drones." 

Sam De La rosa

"Sam De La Rosa makes his solo debut on Burka For Everybody. In his last album, Sam De la Rosa, known for being Led Er Est´s lead singer, features a sound that resonates with sci-fi soundtracks and, by means of structure, depicts an aural yet lethargic ascension to outer space. His obscure and rusty pop songs, incorporating sounds coming into contact with oxygen tempered by folk forms, develop like roots that break up solitary urban concrete that looks back at abandoned geodesic domes." 
  • Vinyl 12" (BFE 022)
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