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Half Man Half Biscuit
Let's Not

This is the third single by Birkenhead surrealists Half Man Half Biscuit. Released in 1990, this follow-up to the indie smash hit 'Dickie Davies Eyes' failed impact on the charts despite the band being championed by the late John Peel, who called them a 'national treasure'. It is, nonetheless, a classic. Available on 12" vinyl. ...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
No-one cares about your creative hub so get your fuckin’ hedge cut

Well that wins album title of the year already. Now that the Fall are no longer around I'd hazard a guess that Half Man Half Biscuit are one of the few Northern English indie cults we can hang onto in these grim days. As always we just have song titles to go on at this stage but it's pretty much worth the admission price alone f...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
Dickie Davies Eyes

Second single from Birkenhead sardonic surrealists Half Man Half Biscuit. Released in 1986, the single reached number one in the indie charts and was championed by the late great John Peel. More recently, the band have been named by Andy Kershaw as 'England's greatest folk band'. This 12" vinyl version also features 'The Bastard Son Of Dean Frie...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
Achtung Bono

God almighty. If ever there was a band who summed up John Peel even better than the mighty Fall it were lovable Scouse scoundrels Half Man Half Biscuit. The deadpan satire & rambling, shambling paeans to everything laughable & crap in the world of entertainment have kept us in mirth for 2 decades now so I'm delighted to in...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
And Some Fell On Stony Ground

Not a new album by the Wirral's finest purveyors of witty post-punk but a collection of various singles and B sides hurled out over the scattershot second half of their career. Contains such classics as 'Bob Wilson - Anchorman' and 'Eno Collaboration' alongside a whole slew of other lesser spotted gems. ...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
Urge For Offal

Birkenhead's realest and most rambling rock band, Half Man Half Biscuit, occasionally creak out of the woodwork to throw sporadic new tunes and records our way. 'Urge For Offal' is one such moment, a completely spur-of-the-moment record that continues the band's tongue-in-cheek and delightfully surreal take on post-punk. ...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
No Regrets

Sardonic cover of Charles Dumont's 'Non je regrette rien' by Birkenhead weirdo surrealists Half Man Half Biscuit. Their fourth single, this was released in 1991. John Peel called them 'a national treasure', and more recently Andy Kershaw has named them 'England's greatest folk band'. Available on 12" vinyl. ...view item »

JD Meatyard
Northern Songs

'Northern Songs' is jd meatyard's follow up to last years 'jd meatyard' debut, again on the terrific indie label Probe Plus in Liverpool. The debut was a sober, lo fi debut, with some songs achingly painful in their telling of break ups and breakdowns together with instant classics such as 'Olive Tree - Pal...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
Mcintyre, Treadmore And Davitt

This was the legendary Birkenhead surrealists third album (if you count the ace compilation 'Back in the DHSS'), it showcases a more taut wiry sound than the previous work and was a much needed return after they temporarily split up. Plenty of classics here including the unsurpassable 'Everything's AOR'. All together now... "She’s the main...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
90 Bisodol (Crimond)

Apart from the demented yelps and mangled proto-raps of Mark E Smith and his rumbling Fall, there's barely a more distinctive sounding (or reassurance giving) English "indie" band than the Biccies, the Wirral's most celebrated musical export. I'm not one for concentrating on lyrics much in music. I find that I miss the hooks, dynamism, textu...view item »

Half Man Half Biscuit
CSI: Ambleside

The new Half Man Half Biscuit album is called - CSI AmblesideIts worth buying for that title alone. Always one of my favourite bands but the last few years have seen Half Man Half Biscuit slide a little too far into a kind of safe post punk version of Grumpy Old Men. The quirky Fall like rhythms being replaced by a kind of uninspired pub ...view item »