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20 Years

SURE have slowly honed a sound that blends post-punk with disco and a more mainstream sensibility. They spent time in what they call the 'cave' blending electronics, guitars, keyboards and kinetic beats in to a form of music that is grim but catchy, terrified for the future but making the best of the present. There's one thing for SURE  - they won't let you down.  
  • Vinyl LP (WYS-025)
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Pop. 1280
Way Station

Borne out of the process of putting together their last album - 2016’s excellent Paradise, released on Sacred Bones - industrial punk act POP.1280 deliver their fourth studio record Way Station this December on new label Weyrd Son. Expect more ragingly noisy thrills from the New York-based outfit! 

Animal Youth

Animal Youth are a Belgian shoegaze post-punk group with previous experience as members of the band Siamese Queens. Debut album Animal has the underslung and interlocked bass-guitar-and-drum team holding down the low-end while shiny and distorted guitars do their thing in the upper atmosphere. They’ve got the mood and they've got the sound. LP on Weyrd Son.

Kenney/ Kang/ Park
At Temple Gate

Husband and wife duo Eyvind Kang and Jessika Kenney are joined by Hyeonhee Park for this intense LP on Weyrd Son. Lots of space in this sound, with quieter moments dropping back to just distant viola, murmured vocals, and ambiguous field recordings. The trio can quickly turn towards churning percussion and incantatory outpourings however: this is really quite a journey.

Charnier EP

Minimal / brutal aesthetic post-punk from Charnier, a trio from Brussels. Their self-titled EP is dominated by old-school minimal-wave vocals and rigid rhythms: a sound fighting its way out of its own self-repression. The vinyl itself is beautiful: clear blue with a “black smoke” effect inside, plus a PANish printed PVC outer sleeve. On Weyrd Son.

_ever Alive - a tribute to Snowy Red

  • Vinyl Double LP (WyS-001)
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Breakdown / So Low

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Marie Davidson
Perte d'identité

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Soft Kill
Five Point / Full Moon

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Soft Kill

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Mushy / Meddicine

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