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Sun City Girls
Torch of the Mystics

Sun City Girls were a much revered improvisational rock band from Arizona who featured guitarist Sir Richard Bishop. Torch of the Mystics was probably their most loved album. It was recorded in ‘88 and released on vinyl by Malora in ‘90 it was as mind blowing as it was influential. A CD was ...view item »

Alvarius B
With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven

Alvarius B is of course Alan Bishop, formerly of Sun City Girls and now doing whatever he damn feels like. With a Beaker on the Burner and an Otter in the Oven has been released on vinyl as three separate LP releases, but is also available here as a double CD set, featuring all thirty-f...view item »

Robert Millis
The Lonesome High

Robert Millis, who you’ll know from Climax Golden Twins and his work with Sublime Frequencies, releases his first solo album The Lonesome High, which finds him (perhaps surprisingly) in singer-songwriter mode. Although make no mistake, these songs have certain weirdnesses to them. Oh, and ...view item »

Hound Dog Taylor's Hand
Hound Dog Taylor's Hand

Hound Dog Taylor’s Hand is a Seattle trio who play bluesy free-rock with a guitar / bass / drums line-up. Led by Jeffrey Taylor of Climax Golden Twins, these guys play loose and sweet, drawing influence from classic American music and further-out stuff alike. Excellent jams, pressed to vin...view item »

The Invisible Hands

Alan Bishop has been quietly conjuring up storms and telling the spookiest stories under his alien name, Alvarius B., since the untimely end of Sun City Girls. Records such as 'Baroque Primitiva' have shown his free-wheeling experimentation at its most blissful and contented, but now he goes for a far out collaboration, bringing in four Egyptian...view item »

The Invisible Hands
The Invisible Hands

Sun City Girl Alan “Alvarius B” Bishop has spent the last couple of years putting together an Egyptian psych-folk troupe The Invisible Hands and composing this debut album, available over here in an English-language edition as well as an Arabic versio...view item »

Alvarius B
Baroque Primitiva

Alvarius B is Alan Bishop from the Sun City Girls and he's been knocking around doing stuff for donkeys years now. Baroque Primitiva is his 6th album which came out on Poon Village on vinyl a while back but sold out mega quick and here's a deluxe CD reissue packaged in a hardback sleeve with a 32 page book. The cover features loads of ladies...view item »

Sun City Girls
Funeral Mariachi

Top tits. I got the real nutters. The behemoth, legendary uber-nutters that all other nutters are measured by. Can you measure a nutter? Can you polish a fish? Can you defrost a toad? Can you bear to sit through an entire album by these guys? If you can then you will well be totally rewarded as this is probably their most accessible, sumptuous &...view item »


Let it be known, that Tourroists is a difficult record. Tourrorists is a scathing political record that unabashedly takes on the themes of 9/11, Guantanamo, Arabic conspiracy theories about Israeli secret police (Mossad), and Christian missionaries. Gergis also gives an English translation to the classic collaboration between Aaviko and Kabar on "E...view item »

Alvarius B
Blood Operatives Of The Barium Sunset

I was a tad confused about this record when I popped it on the old wireless. It starts with a haunting track called “Evil Next To Blue”, which has a country ballad type vibe. It has the feel of a whiskey soaked troubadour, venting his spleen against the world, and wincing abou...view item »