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Other People Vinyl, CD & tapes from this label at Norman Records

Patrick Higgins

A collection of tracks from New York based sound artist Patrick Higgins called Dossier. What makes this album special is the ability of Higgins to bring together genuinely great guitar skills alongside noise and sounds that make you feel so many different things. Available on vinyl LP and released on Other Peo...view item »

Dave Harrington Group
Become Alive

Dave Harrington Group is a flexible assemblage of Dave Harrington and whoever he happens to playing with at the time. Improvisation is at the core of his practice, although post-production and overdubbing is used to make new pieces from the instrument-heavy jams. Become Alive is out on the Other People ...view item »

Nicolas Jaar

Inventive is the Jaar. He’s made an esoteric dance opus, gone on to make what my friend once described as “dad house” in Darkside, released a gorgeous interpretive score called ‘Pomegranates’, which I can only really describe as an avant-garde slab… and now there’...view item »

Vaghe Stelle
The Full Stream Ahead : The Prologue

Vaghe Stelle is a mystique-laden Italian, known for his participation in the One Circle production squad and past releases on Gang Of Ducks. The Full Stream Ahead: The Prologue is a tangled set of electronic pathways, fully-featured with weird oozy textures and submerged drum machines. Pretty compelling...view item »

Teenage Jesus and The Jerks
Live 1977-1979

The first part of Teenage Jesus and The Jerks is represented on this collection. Arguably the tracks here could be the definitive versions of these no-wave classics: recorded roughly in front of a baying crowd. Really brings out Lydia Lunch’s gnarliness to the full. Live 1977-1979 is out on Other ...view item »


I really don't have a strong reference in my head as to what Nicholas Jaar does or what he's about. I don't know what he eats for dinner, what his favourite shagging position is or where he buys his underpants. I don't know what colour or sexuality he is. He may be a tiny midget or a huge giant. He could trave...view item »

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