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Staalplaat/ Muslimgauze Archive Series Vinyl, CD & tapes from this label at Norman Records

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The Muslimgauze reissue series shows no sign of abating, with the late Bryn Jones's massive back catalogue being pored over in more detail than ever before it seems. One of the coolest reissues to spring from this series to date is this expanded version of 'Drugsherpa'. What was originally released as a single-track 27-minute mini album now sees...view item »


The Muslimgauze reissue train rolls on with 1995’s Maroon, another grainy dubbed-out experience in techno orientalism, importing samples of Islamic calls to prayer, among other things, into the whirlwind of Bryn Jones’ atmospheric beatscape productions. Vinyl reissue from Staalplaat, present...view item »

Mullah Said

The late Bryn Jones operated in a few related signature styles, and the this album represents him at his most singular and compelling. Layers of electronic beats, echoed hand percussion, and voice and instrumental samples swirl around each other in an ambient representation of political and social unrest in the Arab world. Origi...view item »

Minaret Speaker

The Muslimgauze project is famed for two things in particular: a very high quality of work, and a very high quantity of work. Minaret Speaker is more or less a new release (a few tracks had a 7” in 1996, but other than that, all unheard), and features his trademark digital distortion, clattering breaks, and sample...view item »


Sulaymaniyah is album number 92 (yes, 92) from the very prolific ethnic electronic musician Muslimgauze, aka Bryn Jones. Originally released in 2008, nine years after his death, it was one of a number of previously unreleased recordings he’s sent to the Staalplaat label before his untimely death in 1999....view item »


Muslimgauze aka experimental electronic musician Bryn Jones started his musical career under the name E.G. Oblique Graph in the 1982. He used the name Muslimgauze since 1983 and recorded a ridiculous.amount of music up until his death in 1999. Jerusalaam is being released on its...view item »

Iranair Inflight Magazine

Muslimgauze was the experimental electronic music project of Bryn Jones. Iranair Inflight Magazine is his....wait for it...83rd album and was originally released in 2003. Jones died in 1999, but due to the sheer volume of music he recorded and sent to labels, this posthumous release date still brought forth new music. ...view item »

Ali Zarin

More quality material from the Muslimgauze archive, previously unreleased… until now! Ali Zarin is a hefty treat for fans of the Muslimgauze aesthetic, with tons of distorted electronics, buzzing rhythms, and heady whirls of sampled vocals and instrumentation. Double LP release from Staalplaat&rs...view item »

Izlamic Songs

More quality material from the Muslimgauze archive, unreleased until 2013. Izlamic Songs, which was devised as a specific album by Bryn Jones during his lifetime as opposed to assembled posthumously, is rich with the Muslimgauze vocabulary of deep bass, sampled vocals and instrumentatio...view item »

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