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Object Agency
Abaa Cove

Object Agency returns to Kit Records (The Nag’s Head, Lung Glass) with another LP of wacky techno. Abaa Cove is a really chirpy record. Perky drum tracks on tunes like ‘1K MIDI’ and ‘Dads Of Summer’ (great title) are wedded with bright FM s...view item »


Following on from 'The Trip' and 'Gone Fishing' this is the next instalment of guys get together telly. Except it's not on telly (yet) and these two old pals make improvised lo-fi using any instrument that came to hand culminating in an all-over-the-shop album of lo-fi jazz, shoegaze, electronics and whatever else came out of the melting pot....view item »

R. Karim
Object of Unknown Provenance

R. Karim’s name is as mysterious as his music. It does not tell us anything, especially not about this pretty little tape. It’s filled with his own recordings done on the side, for an unreleased film. Object of Unknown Provenance is like a plane built for flight, but now functioning as a submarine: enigmatic...view item »

Devon Loch
Sleep Scale

Minimalistic organs and piano mixed in acoustic collages. Slightly dissonant and distractedly meandering. Sleep Scale is hypnotizing, somnambulant almost. The debut by Devon Loch, joined here by Ela Orleans and Best Available Technology, sounds like the demented memoirs of pure energy. ...view item »

Cara Stacey & Camilo Ángeles

Cara Stacey (South Africa) and Camilo Ángeles (Peru) bashed this one out in a day, and it’s quite a trip. Both artists performed multiple instruments, but Stacey largely favours piano and Ángeles various flutes. With a great sense of freedom, the material goes all over: opener ‘Jazmin&r...view item »


Kit Records and Timglaset Magazine have joined forces to provide you with this combined zine and tape compilation! The theme is Errata, so various artists have contributed pieces that feature (or are about) failures, errors and glitches. The tape includes tracks from Mary Lattimore, Jake Meginsky and ...view item »

Martin Glass
The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass

Martin Glass is, apparently, a US businessman set adrift in Taiwan, with only his synthesisers to keep him company. The recordings presented on The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass play around with 80’s muz...view item »

The Nag's Head
Live From Concrete Island

The Nag’s Head is not only a premium surf-spot off the North Carolinian shore, it is also one fanatic dark house/techno producer. Live from Concrete Island further expands on his industrial sound in a severely limited (50!) edition tape, with the sporadic release of haunting soundscapes meandering through the back...view item »


This split 12" has really colourful screenprinted sleeves, I like that. I'm starting with B£AMS's side. He's a producer from Canterbury and what's happening here is some kind of heavily droney trip-hoppy stuff. Quite woozy, I keep thinking maybe I'm listening to it at the wrong speed but I'm pretty sure I'm not. Sometimes it's like a more ...view item »

Romeo Poirier
Plage Arrière

Scratchy and minimal pieces by multi talented frenchman Romeo Poirier His debut album through Kit records, Plage Arrière is filled with micro tonal samples, clicks, shimmering pianos and faded surroundings, reminiscent of more ambient version of Giuseppe Ielasi’s Aix, It’s ma...view item »


Hey you, do you like a twinkle? If you like it then you are going to like Plinth. They twinkle with the best of them and they’ve twinkled away for long enough to have got pretty expert at it. This is a vinyl re-issue of their debut album, limited to just 200 copies and in marvellous screen-printed artwork. If I list the instruments used on...view item »

City of All Times

Stitched and layered found sounds from various locations across europe documenting a constant state of travel and passage, interspersed with harmonious musical passages consisting of drum machines and guitars. Fading between sombre, sweet and calm to playfully jaunty, Devonanon manage to capture the beauty inbetween departing an...view item »

Poirier Marshall Partners

Where Object Agency and Swim Platførm meet, the Poirier Marshall Brothers are formed. On their debut two collaborative release, the two have produced a fine set of luxury experimental electronics, all the textures and rhythms flaunting cool vibes. ATELIER / FERME is released in a...view item »

Cosmic Neighbourhood
Collages II

Collages II is so-named because these sounds were developed to accompany some old-school paper-and-scissors craft compositions (also produced by Adam Higton, the man behind Cosmic Neighbourhood. And these sixteen tracks certainly do evoke some of the shimmer and joy of 1970’s childhood as remember...view item »

Late Style

Late Style is a more or less unique-sounding album, being constructed out of recordings of a dying church organ. The failing circuitry means that these sounds (broken digital shards, twisted melodic fragments) can’t really be replicated again: sweet deal! The A-side has Devon Loch’s raw recordings, while the...view item »

Object Agency
A Revolution in Customer Service

The nattily titled A Revolution in Customer Service is the debut release from one M. Marshall under the name Object Agency. The sounds are mostly provided by a Juno synthesiser, with extra layers of textured fizz and melodic crackle from tape loops and the like. Woozy shiny atmospherics, very pleasurabl...view item »

Michael Tanner
Suite for Psaltery and Dulcimer

Michael Tanner presents a set of musics imbued with dreams of rural Sussex and memories of strangeness in the 70’s, all put across with psaltery, dulcimer, and Alison Cotton’s viola. Rich, woozy melodic folk-drones follow. Suite for  Psaltery and Dulcimer is released in a limited edtion...view item »

The Nag's Head
Gluud Und Scruud

As The Nag’s Head, producer Stephen Maskell makes a kind of strange-man’s techno: the pulse is present, just about dancefloor-suited, but the genre’s usual trappings are replaced with a melange of strange sounds and tones. Nicely done. Gluud Und Scruud is released as a shiny tape on th...view item »

Radio 15

Radio 15 compiles highlights from London-based Kit Records’ 2015 radio sessions, originally broadcast into the world via NTS Live. Artists include Sophie Cooper, Devon Loch and Cosmic Neighbourhood; styles include raga, dream-song, improvisation a...view item »

The Nag's Head
Luxury Slime Vortex

Following the disjointed techno vibes of 'Live From Concrete Island', 'Luxury Slime Vortex' is the second release from The Nag’s Head (aka Brighton producer Stephen Maskell) as well as being the second ever tape release on DIY, experimental micro label, Kit, fusing his signature shuddering rhythms, rich textural found sounds and beautiful ...view item »

Mary Lattimore
Luciferin Light

What could be better? A collection of home-improvised solo recordings from Mary Lattimore, deploying her delay-pedalled harp to absolutely gorgeous effect. Intimate, exploratory, near-spiritual. Luciferin Light is an attractive glitter gold cassette, released by Kit Records in an edition of just 100 copies....view item »

Cara Stacey
Things That Grow

Cara Stacey has turned minimalist African music into both a science and a form of art. Having studied music all her life, the South African composer combines multiple native instruments with uncanny amounts of consonants in their names with a jazz formation, to create experimental song structures. Things That Grow ...view item »

Cosmic Neighbourhood
Collages I

Cosmic Neighborhood is the musical project of an illustrator, and the tracks on Collages I are responses to the 70’s-children’s-TV-esque collages seen on the sleeve art. The music is suitably naive, twinkling and beautiful, conjuring gentle psychedelia with flutes, electronics, and a whole lot of hazy proces...view item »

Radio 14

Live sessions from NTS Radio in 2014. Featuring C Joynes, Seamus Fogarty doing some folk, Rozi Plain, Rachael Dadd, ICHI, Leafcutter John playing with light interface, and Aisha Orazbayeva’s Russian poetry and violin improvisation. There’s something for every musical taste. On cassette tape on Kit Records....view item »


Semaphore is the latest release from Auclair (Tanya Auclair) on Kit Records. Woozy post-dubsteppian avant-pop with a hint of understated R&B. Think Beach House, Broadcast and Little Dragon's more melancholic moments. The CD is limited to 200 copies and is accompanied by some dreamy artwork from...view item »


An audiovisual project of sorts, Synaesthete is Sarah Tanat-Jones' attempt at combining her illustration skills with her ferocious synth pop chops. 'Array' comes with a wide collection of her artwork in the form of a picture book, as well as the eight songs that comprise the record. 'Array' is a compelling departure away from Tanat-Jones' t...view item »