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Robotiko Rejekto

To celebrate their thirtieth release Optimo Trax have looked back, found this gem from 1987 that label boss JD Twitch loved, and thought it would be a fitting treat to release it for it’s anniversary as well. Produced by Ralf Henrich and Andreas Tomalla, Rejekto was techno before it was techno, with a slamming 80s snare.
  • Vinyl 12" (OT030)
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Severed Heads
Big Saints Reward (1988- 1990 Dubs)

EP available on 12” vinyl on Optimo Trax. With a lot of comparisons drawn between Australia’s Severed Heads and Kraftwerk in their musical and working style, you can certainly see their effect on modern day electronic music. Big Saints.. is a collection of tracks that have had minimal remastering and rearrangement for DJ usage, and could definitely still smash a dancefloor today.

Invito Alla Danza Part 2

Underspreche (who, despite the German name, are Italian) are releasing a full-length album on Optimo Trax, though it is cunningly disguised as a set of EPs by being released separately. Invito Alla Danza (this is part 2) is a vivid set of electronic movement material, four tracks full of original thinking and hard-bouncing grooves. 12” release.
  • Vinyl 12" (OT027)
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Solitary Dancer
In The Name Of The Mother

Optimo call time on their successful Optimo Trax offshoot at the thirty-third release. The EP in question, courtesy of Montreal’s Solitary Dancer, is also one of the more unusual pressings in the series. The three tracks on In The Name Of The Mother are all reverb-fugged edge-of-the-dancefloor numbers that by turns recall The Orb (‘Heroine Dub’), Inga Copeland (‘La Donna’) and Suicideyear (‘Lady Pimp’).
  • Vinyl 12" (OT033)
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This deliriously groovy fusion of worlds pits Mulugeta Teshome's traditional Ethiopian flute playing against contemporary dance beats. It's a record with a global scope, with Kalbata coming from Tel Aviv. The three versions each stand up on their own, offering a different shade of the central concept.

Mathias Schober

More deep goodness from Optimo Trax, this time an exercise in maximising the potential of a stripped back setup. A drum machine and synth framework has focus here, with fluctuations in filtering and effects providing plenty of life. Around this ooze gorgeous drones and sonic environments, all dream like.

Hiroshi Watanabe / Kuniyuki
Acid Japan

Acid Japan delivers 100% on the promise of its title: this is a double A-side 12” release of damn fine acid jams from the country of Japan. Hiroshi Watanabe’s ‘Infinity Sign’ is laced with fine piano lines as well as synth-squelch, and Kuniyuki’s ‘Acid Air’ builds slowly but surely to a ferocious conclusion. Originally released in Japan in 2015, this re-press on Optimo Trax gets this killer material into European hands at last.

Man Power
Sonic Pressure

Newcastle and Mexico, the respective birth place and residence of experimental producer Man Power, are two very different places - nearly as contrasting as the two tracks which front MP's new EP, Sonic Pressure. Stripped back, danceable and still quintessentially within the realms of the producer's trademark style.
  • Vinyl 12" (OT029)
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Invito Alla Danza Part 1

Four track 12” vinyl EP from Underspreche and the always essential Optimo Trax. The Italian group make dancefloor music full of strange orchestration, off-kilter rhythms and bizarre sampling and Invito Alla Danza Part 1 is their weirdest work yet, part jackin’ house music, part psychedelic excursion.

Boot & Tax
Baia del Ritmo

The incomparable, buy-on-sight Optimo Trax label live up to their reputation with the newest release from Milanese electronic duo Boot and Tax. Baia del Ritmo sees the pair on oddball form, with four tracks of wonky bossa nova and French-Touch inspired house music. On vinyl 12" with the label's always impeccable packaging.

Josè Manuel

Four tracks from Italian producer José Manuel. Although that said, one of these cuts is derived from a piece by Andrew Liles, the Nurse With Wound character not usually heard on the dancefloor. But Manuel has worked wild magic on it with his version, so Liles fits right into the Safari grooves. 12” on the DJ-centric imprint Optimo Trax.

Things Fall Apart

After having numerous releases on Numbers., Rubadub and Generations, David Clark returns to Optimo Trax for their 20th release under his Sparky Moniker. This four track EP is filled with cheeky chip-tune inspired techno, with tracks that equally wouldn’t be out of place in an arcade as on a club dancefloor.


Portuguese producer Trikk has a wicked skill for production: on this EP for the prestigious Optimo Trax imprint he manages to keep each track 100% slick and dancefloor certified, even though he throws plenty of unusual touches into the flow: thick dub echoes, a dramatic slow-down, what sounds like samples from a street gunfight… Several is strange and catchy, the ideal combo.

Muslimgauze / Underspreche

Here we have a previously unheard track from Muslimgauze, ‘Untitled 1985’. Rescued from a mid-90’s CDr, it has been polished for club playability and also treated to a bonus, rave-centric remix from Victor Shan and Gerd Janson. On the flipside, two tracks from Italian duo Underspreche, combining field recordings with lush techno. Split 12” on Optimo Trax.


Underspreche are a duo from Italy, making techno so bursting with texture, tone and flavour that it is hard to believe they’ve managed to squeeze the music into a 4/4 structure. They have though: Optimo aren’t in the habit of releasing tracks you can’t dance to, and Subterrenus doesn’t change that. 3 tracks, 12 inches of vinyl.

Fabrizio Rat
La Machina EP

Inventive little EP here from Fabrizio Rat, a producer and pianist who set out to construct this EP using only a drum machine and a piano. The results are 4 Techno tracks made out of deliciously fiddly little looped sounds from the piano: strings scraped and prepared, the surface tapped and treated. La Machina is impressive as an invention and as a set of dancefloor tracks.
  • Vinyl 12" (OT019)
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The Golden Filter / Morgan Hammer
Heavy Bastard EP

Two tracks each from The Golden Hammer and Morgan Hammer on this split EP from Scottish heroes Optimo Trax. The Heavy Bastard EP (the name combines each artist’s track titles: what serendipity!) contains material tried and tested on the dancefloor, but from generally under-released producers, so snap this up! Energy-fired club quality all round.

Glasgow. London. New York. Edinburgh EP

The latest work on the Optimo Trax label is an international all-star affair! Glasgow. London. New York. Edinburgh gives us a track each from denizens of those locations, a mixture of familiar faces and upcoming producers. Beta, Alex Burkat, Modini (Neil Landstrumm and Alan Parley) and (the obvious winner of the naming competition) Love’s Flaccid Disco Muscle aka L/F/D/M (Diagonal). 12” EP.

Wick Blaze
Glympses EP

Re-shaping house music from his Baltic Sea hideaway is producer Wick Blazes, influenced by the flourishing house scene he keeps things raw whilst getting the mood just right and as we know that's the key to producing great house music.  This is deep and soulful stuff with a lolloping dancehall feel on the title track.  
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  • Optimo Trax

Alex Smoke

Glasgow’s Alex Smoke just doesn’t sit still, hopping from label to label with a wide range of electronic belters. The Stauner EP is four tracks of groovy upbeat repetition. Arriving in a Scottish colour-coded sleeve it’s tinged with patriotism. Out on 12” vinyl from Optimo Trax.

Drum Attack (Lost DJ Weapons from the 1990s)

‘Attack’, ‘weapons’... this 12” released on Optimo Trax comprises of three tracks guaranteed to go off with a, er, bang on the dancefloor, at least according to label boss JD Twitch (and who can argue with him?). Featuring long forgotten tracks by Illumination, Mr. Marvin and Fuel, all heavy on percussion, this collection is a bit like being told a master magician’s secrets, except the only trick here is getting people to dance.
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  • Optimo Trax

Mia Dora

Some extra buttery shortbread from Mia Dora. Un.sub are 4 slices of Scottish housey movers and/or shakers. The first track is an overload in cowbells and lasers, whilst the second track is more of a straight-up vocal jacker. He's even put some the voice of a sexy french lady on there too. It's all a bit seedy. Out on 12" vinyl from Optimo Trax.

Crooked Man
Undigitize Me EP

'Undigitize Me' is the new 12" EP from out-of-the-game DJ Richard Barratt, who made house and electronic music under the name Parrot back in the late 80s. His current output goes under the Crooked Man moniker, and attempts to subvert the expectations of the house genre, opting to work within electronic music while using more conventional types of songwriting. 'Undigitize Me' offers up three tracks and comes from Optimo Trax.

Jasper James
Sneaky EP

Taking it all the way back with Jasper James. Sneaky EP has four hot tracks from this born 'n' bred Glaswegian. This chap is on one old skool tip, getting loose and letting the acidic grooves flow. Packed with '90s synths, hot percussion, spars vocals and deeply funky vibes. It's house from way back -- 100% pi-atti initiator! Out on 12" vinyl from Optimo Trax.

Boot & Tax
Fusci EP

Getting yer freak on with Boot & Tax. Fusci EP are four corkers from these Italian renaissance men. Packed with Italo-esque synths, super fun percussion and a mixture of sampled vocal loops and some forlorn 80s croonery. They also switch it up between four to the floor and 6/8 to up the ante. Out on  12" vinyl from Optimo Trax.

Michele Mininni
Tupolev Love

Tupolev Love is an impressively accomplished debut from Michele Mininni. Originating in Southern Italy (where he says people are not interested in his type of music) and coming via Glasgow (his new found spiritual home), Mininni has crafted sun-drenched cosmic disco drug-scapes informed by Krautrock, post-rock, New Wave and electro.

Luca Lozano
And It Was Good

Slicker than his own name, Luca Lozano delivers one catchy piece of dancefloor techno. Despite its retro inspiration it has a proper modern sound, and that one melody will make you want to shuffle all night. The next day you can proclaim that universal truth, after you highlight your mates' crazy shenanigans: ...And It Was Goooood.
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  • Optimo Trax