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Monk Higgins
Extra Soul Perception

Even if you don’t know Monk Higgins by name, you may well know his sound. A session saxophonist in the 60’s and 70’s, he worked with Otis Clay and Bobby ‘Blue’ Brand and has since had his music sampled by Gangstarr and DJ Shadow. Hi...view item »

Ry Cooder
Paris Texas (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Ry Cooder paints a somber mood with his slide guitar, giving the movie another dimension for us to view the tormented soul. The music has a quiet simplicity to it but is laden with ghostly emotions - he plays that one riff that just echoes throughout. The melancholy songs are interrupted by a very different, but beautiful sound of Cancion Mixtec...view item »

True Romance (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1993’s True Romance is basically a Quentin Tarantino film at heart, whatever the director’s credits say. Naturally, that means the soundtrack is an eclectic mixture of fine pop culture treats, from Soundgarden to Chris Isaak. Real Gone Music are now publishing the soundtrack...view item »

The Munsters
The Munsters

Real Gone exhume and reissue a spooky old record of ghoulish sixties surf rock. It’s Herman & family on a spirited Munsters cash-in LP, although actors Fred Gwynne, Yvonne de Carlo at al themselves aren’t present...view item »

Ken Boothe
Freedom Street

Reissue of an LP by the man they used to call ‘Mr. Rocksteady’. After a string of hits for Studio One in the 60s, Ken Boothe took his style to Leslie Kong...view item »

James Horner
Commando (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“Let off some steam, Bennett”. Well, before Bennett’s grizzly end at the hands of Arnold Schwartzenegger in ‘80s action classic Commando, he could have let off some steam by relaxing with a fresh vinyl copy of James Horner’s soundtrack. It features three tracks that didn’t appear in the film including one by ...view item »

Scientist & Prince Jammy
Scientist & Prince Jammy Strike Back

Classic 1982 LP from Prince Jammy and Scientist here which originally came out on Trojan Records. If those names aren’t marks of quality then...view item »

Alan Silvestri
Predator (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The original score for Predator wasn’t officially released until 16 years after the film. Selling out instantly on CD it’s now available on vinyl for the first ever time from Real Gone. Get to the chopper! Composed by Alan Silvestri who also did Back To The Future,  Forrest Gump, and ...view item »

X-Ray Spex
Germfree Adolescents

An utterly essential slice of original punk music: X-Ray Spex fierce Germfree Adolescents! Poly Styrene and the gang are on invincible form, tearing through each track and distributing fury at society in every direction. Available on radioactive green coloured vinyl, but only while limited stocks last! ...view item »

Cliff Martinez

Cliff Martinez used to be in the Red Hot Chilli Peppers, but for some years now he has instead been composing film soundtrack music, particularly with Steven Soderbergh. This release of the score for the 2011 film Contagion is some particularly fine work, and comes packaged in lush gate...view item »

Tom Tom Club
Tom Tom Club

Ah what a record this is. Freed from the rather hi-brow pretensions of Talking Heads, Chris Frantz and Tina Weymouth made a glorious fun for all dance pop album which spawned actual pop hits whilst would also appeal to fans of the New York oddball bands such as Liquid Liquid. Incredibly influential it is now ava...view item »

The Matrix: Music from the Motion Picture

Undeniably The Matrix was a big hit for many reasons. One would have to be the soundtrack, with a great mix of electronic breakbeat and the heavier end of rock. Real Gone Music have put it on vinyl for the very first time. Includes massive tracks from Rage Against The Machine, The Prodigy, Defto...view item »

Jack Kerouac & Steve Allen
Poetry For The Beat Generation

Listen up! It’s one of the prime movers of American beat poetry, reading his own work to a sparkling piano accompaniment. Poetry for The Beat Generation, recorded in 1957 in one session, came about after Steve Allen spontaneously joined Jack Kerouac on stage. This is Kerouac&rsquo...view item »

Shirley Walker & John Carpenter
Escape From L.A. (Music From The Motion Picture Score)

Another big-hitter 80’s blockbuster soundtrack by John Carpenter, working here with Shirley Walker, gets a deluxe vinyl release. The action-packed soundtrack to Escape From L.A. has never previously been released on the vinyl format, and what's more, this edition also includes a whole stack of add...view item »

Tim Buckley

Reissue of a vintage Tim Buckley album: 1973’s Sefronia, which features an interesting cover portrait of Buckley looking quizzical. The album finds Tim and his crack session team getting somewhat funky and soulful, as always with that lush voice at the forefront. Edition of 400 bl...view item »

Tim Buckley
Look At The Fool

Reissue of a vintage Tim Buckley album: 1974’s Look at the Fool, which features a sleeve art that looks like the kind of wonky portrait you’d find on the side of a carnival ride (sorry guys). Look at the Fool was Tim’s final album, and is a soul-rock suite of typical grandeur....view item »

Allen Ginsberg
Reads Kaddish: A 20th Century American Ecstatic Narrative Poem

A true classic of American beat poetry, performed by the author Allen Ginsberg himself. Kaddish: A 20th Century American Ecstatic Narrative Poem was inspired by Ray Charles, LSD and caffeine, and deals with Ginsberg’s Jewish history and the death of his mother. This a reissue of t...view item »

Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert
The Psychedelic Experience

In which extracts from the early 1960’s founding text of psychedelic LSD culture by Timothy Leary, Ralph Metzner and Richard Alpert is read out. It makes for a Psychedelic Experience indeed, especially if enjoyed in the right way. Released in a curiously precise limited edition of...view item »

Ravi Shankar
Six Classic Albums

This is a great collection of albums from the legendary Ravi Shankar. This album is a collection of his many works. It includes 4 CDs worth of music for you to enjoy. The first track is The Three Ragas 1956 which is a great album and shows how incredible he was at his instrument and how much of an incredible musician he is. Another highlight for...view item »