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The excellent Where To Now? (Ben Vince, Wanda Group) front the new EP from Bergsonist. Solyaris is similarly skew-whiff techno to the recent Where To Now? drop by Metrist. The likes of ‘Fidel Gastro’ and ‘Conflict In Yeman’ see t...view item »

Ben Vince

Very obviously a saxophonist, Ben Vince readies a new record on the wonderful Where To Now? label. Uh. Hell yeah? Assimilation he treads further afield than the usual minimalist focus, collaborating with a bunch of artists who love him to give his sax wild different hues and contexts. Playing solo is one thing; playi...view item »


12" of rough as a badgers bottom, rusty rattlers on Where To Now? from Metrist aka L.SAE aka Joe Higgins. Previous output has come via Nineteen89, Fifth Wall Records, Black Opal, Resin and Neighbourhood. Spoils comes off to these ears somewhere between Mr. Oizo and the wry ‘floor workouts of Natalie Beridze....view item »


Incredibly, this masterful album of sublime, sweeping Minimalism was created entirely on an iPhone. This was vital for H.Takahashi as creating on the move and within different environments served as the linchpin to Raum - a meditation on space, sound and its relationship. Created across the city of Tokyo, Raum i...view item »

This Will Not Stand

Falling somewhere between Blackest Ever Black territory, Demdike Stare sampling pastiches, sound art, Black Dice experimentalism and multiple genre referencing. Assel makes his debut on the Where To Now? Label with This Will Not Stand, casting any allegiances to the side, morphing recog...view item »

Lutto Lento
Dark Secret World

Lutto Lento, aka Lubomir Grzelak, give the world a full-length album of his curious sonic approach, in which he swallows up a whole array of electronic music styles, sampled spoken audio and various other bits of sonic detritus, and makes beguiling club / unclub quasi-narrative magic out of it all. Truly trippy ...view item »

Mud Diver

A four-piece collection of imaginative sound architecture is the latest release from Latvian based musician N1L. This release contains a clever blend of drone sounds and experimental beats that create a sense of uncertainty, held together by the loosest set of bass beats. Mud Diver is available on Vinyl 12”....view item »


YPY is the production project of Osaka artist Koshiro Hino, working with what I’m going to call electronic music, although that term doesn’t explain much of what is going on here. 2020 is full of drum machine rhythms and synth fragments, but the rhythms don’t necessarily move like you&...view item »

Dale Cornish

Dale Cornish has always excelled when working with the most minimal of source material, and Clap sets him up nicely by focusing on the clap preset of the TR909 drum machine. Over four tracks, our hero splinters off into different directions (pulsing minimalism, sinister atmospheres) while always centering that Clap...view item »


Consisting of Nobuyuki Sakuma   - a member of Japanese synth punks Jesse Ruins - this is a wild ride of chopped noise-tronics and drill like percussion. Sakuma produces a warped and mutant form of juxtaposed electronica  - the percussion is ear splittingly harsh yet beneath there is some semblance of melodic ...view item »

Tom Hang
The New World

Let's ask Where To Now. They'll know what to do. The sorta techno imprint comes hurtling towards us with a new 12" from Tom Hang, whose delirious scatterings phase through different beat intonations that sound scraping and then evaporated, his focus on percussive transitions creating a sound that's somehow melodic in p...view item »

Vienna Orchestra

Vienna Orchestra is so-titled because the original sound sources behind the finished tracks are a stack of old classical LPs acquired on a trip to Austria. Producer U doesn’t waste the rich potential of that set-up, using bold EQ-techniques and crafty looping to create wholly new, highly-rhythmic material that sti...view item »

Machine Woman
Genau House w/ Kassem Mosse Remix

New work from Machine Woman, who dives into the sounds and the styles of her city of residence, Berlin. Genau House is potent and industrial, but also has some romanticism, at least in the first track. 2 hot new cuts presented here, with 1 of them also receiving ...view item »

Nicola Ratti
Pressure Loss

Nicola Ratti is a minimalist composer obsessed with both electronic experimentation and the drones of 20th century classical music. For Pressure Loss he lets both these instincts run wild, using for this vinyl LP only two modular synthesizers. This album, for Where to Now? records, ...view item »

Traces of Weakness

Traces Of Weakness is the result of KETEV’s time spent at EMS Stockholm, where he made particular use of their rare Buchla modular synth system. Mostly the Berlin producer whips up heavily-layered semi-ambient soundscapes, only occasionally wandering into techno-inflected territory. Out on Where To Now?...view item »


Etra is an “exploration of the manifesto of the human ego in architecture”, and that means experimental techno. Over the course of 9 tracks, Manta builds up a series of vivid atmospheres, mixing subtle voice / breath samples in with twinkling synth parts and the sometimes-present 4/4 kick. Out on Where to No...view item »

Space Afrika
Primrose Avenue

Swirling cosmic ambience sits alongside alien techno of a Drexciya persuasion on this new 12” from Space Afrika. Primrose Avenue comprises four tracks of reverb-heavy explorations, the questing synths and deep drum machines all sounding like they are pressing through a wall of haze. Atmospheric st...view item »

Beatrice Dillon
Face A/B

Beatrice Dillon continues to express her voluminous electronic talents with Face A/B, a three-track 12". Delightfully, she has, with this release, started bringing in free-jazz saxophone samples, which she loops and cuts and knocks about into some very pleasing shapes over her fresh avant-techno. On Where To ...view item »

On A Leash

The December project represents the slightly more experimental end of producer Thomas More’s work. Pumped up rhythms jostle against each other within each track, More having carefully imbued each part of the drum selection with just the right tone. Three original tracks and one remix by ...view item »

Natalia Martínez Ordoñez

Natalia Martínez Ordonez do something rather interesting here, challenging the hegemony of rigid BPM's in electronic music. The self-titled piece makes strange things happen with tempo shifts and multiple interlocking rhythms. Described in the press release as 'Fluxus Techno': who wouldn't want that! On the Whe...view item »

Lutto Lento

Electro composer Lutto Lento’s carved a unique home for himself in the modern electro scene with his deliberately lo-fi, oversaturated tape loops. Lento’s use of the painstaking process of tape cutting and looping shows his dedication to the craft that goes into these cosmic, dance floor orientated tracks....view item »

Eugene Ward
Paint en Pointe

Originally the soundtrack to five months of modern dance exhibition in Sydney, the music on Paint en Pointe is both abstract and catchy. Heavily percussion driven, Eugene Ward, also known as Dro Carey / Tuff Sherm, will treat you to the perfect environment to experience your own expressive dan...view item »

Ten Hyphen Twenty
Go To Earth

'Go To Earth' is 26 minutes of mutated, beat-led experimentation where layered washes of ambience crash against jagged, direct, raw thuds. Where shackling, historically organic samples meet head on with current bass trends. An incredibly strange blend of the medieval & the modern. Side 1 evokes the feeling of a slowly sinking huge ve...view item »

Masculinity is a Wonderful Thing

I’ve been enjoying the output of Louis Johnstone’s Wanda Group alter-ego a fair bit recently - specifically the split tape on Further with Ekoplekz, the ‘Piss Fell Out Like Sunlight’ album on ...view item »