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Jason Simon
A Venerable Wreck

I know that feeling. This is the solo recordings of Jason Simon of Dead Meadow where he steers somewhat away from his parent band's exploratory psych rock and towards a singer-songwriter territory that never settles on one particular style.  Features guest spots from his Dead Meadow pals as well as members of the Black Angels and the Warlocks. 

Virginia Trance
Vincent's Playlist

Scott Ryan Davis brings his Virginia Trance project back for a second studio album, titled Vincent’s Playlist. Featuring guest spots from former Psychic Ills members Chris Millstein and Jimy SeiTang, it seems to be gentler and mellower in places compared to 2018’s debut album, drawing on jangle-pop influences from C86 to Real Estate to mix with their scuzzy, VU sound. 
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Mr. Ray

Interior is the debut album from Berlin psychedelic outfit Mr. Ray, which feels like the early ‘70s songwriting aesthetics of Neil Young or Joni Mitchell meeting classic British psychedelia and a ton of reverb. At its best, it’s an absolutely symphonic combination that’ll find favour with fans of classic rock and pop. 

The Holydrug Couple
Soundtrack For Pantanal

Soundtrack For Pantanal was recorded alongside The Holydrug Couple’s Moonlust album, and it applies the same kind of luscious psychedelic drone rock to a film. Except that this particular film does not actually exist… A shame, as I’d love to see the images that would fit with this lovely sounding album. LP release on BYM Records.

Chicos De Nazca

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Alfredo Thiermann & Tres Warren
Land In The Sky

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Virginia Trance
Virginia Trance

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The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane
Surfin’ Krautlifornia

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Almost Reach The Sun

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