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Daniel Schmidt
In My Arms, Many Flowers

There is very little in the way of recordings available of Daniel Schmidt’s works, but his gamelan compositions are sublime pieces which if you’re not careful will send you to sleep. Resonating percussive metals played with a Phillip Glass like repetition, but with a clear progression. In My Arms...view item »

Ian William Craig
A Turn of Breath - Extended

Q:What do you get if you cross an opera singer with a bedroom recording artist? A:Ian William Craig. A Turn Of Breath was the Canadian artist’s debut album and was noted for smashing two ostensibly wildly disparate genres together, opera and tape experiments. Craig’s voice adds both beautiful and mour...view item »

The Ivytree
Unburdened Light

Unburdened Light collects some unreleased work from Glenn Donaldson’s long-defunct The Ivytree project. While most of the tracks on the LP date back ...view item »

Open Corner
Empty Pool To No One

Sean McCann’s Recital (Ian William Craig, Daniel Schmidt) present this intriguing record from Open Corner. There is a neat division of labour on Empty Pool To No One - Asha Sheshadri delivers the spoken word, while beneath her passages Christian M...view item »

Cop Tears
Thirteen Harmonies (Cage, 1986)

Cop Tears is an unusual name for a contemporary music ensemble, but hey, that’s what this is: Derek Baron, Andrew Wilhite and Cameron Kapoor...view item »

Sean McCann
Music For Private Ensemble

When I found out this record was coming out I totally wrongly assumed it was gonna be Sean cranking out his expertly produced cosmic synth shit. How wrong was I? My first introduction to Mr. McCann’s sounds were some years ago when my good old buddy Jim played me some cassette tapes (before they got fashionable, and were the format of the ...view item »

Roger Eno
This Floating World

The press release for Roger Eno’s This Floating World describes the LP as ‘warm and feathered furniture music’, and there is certainly something ornamental about the composers first solo work in a near-decade. The chemtrails of reverb that float off these stately, often mournful piano compositions belie Eno&rsq...view item »

Sarah Davachi
Let Night Come On Bells End The Day

A match made in heaven is tone drone genius Sarah Davachi and weirdo label Recital Program. Having previously appeared on compilations put out by Sean McCann's imprint, Davachi now goes full-length with Let Night Come On Bells End the Day, here retreating from her in...view item »

Charlie Morrow
Toot! Too

Recital Records (Ian William Craig, Radiant Husk) release a compilation of music by avant-garde composer Charlie Morrow. The recordings of Toot! Too cover a long period of time - the earliest dating from 1970, the latest from 2014 - but rather than come across as s...view item »

Loren Connors
Pretty As Ever

Recital Records (Radiant Husk, Ian William Craig) present the fourth of their Loren Connors reissues. Pretty As Ever features the guitarist’s 2005 suites Pretty As Ever and Trinity as well as his 2000 interpretation of Hans Christian Ande...view item »

Michael Vincent Waller

A brace of recent piano and cello pieces make up the second album by this young New York-based composer. Minimal in terms of instrumentation and arrangement but not stylistically minimalist. Some tracks recall the dreamiest piano works of Cage (or Aphex Twin for that matter). Others almost edge into Nyma...view item »

Ian William Craig

Ian William Craig is a long-time favourite of ours at Norman Records: who could resist his magical combination of gorgeous voice with sweetly-tweaked tape loops and drones? Durbe is a document of a live performa...view item »

Sean McCann
Music for Public Ensemble

Sean McCann (he of Great Big Sea fame), has assembled a great number of friends and associates (including Ian William Craig, Graham Lambkin, Cameron Stallones, Spencer Grady…) to perform his piece Music for Public Ensemble. The w...view item »

Arrigo Lora-Totino
Out Of Page

Arrigo Lora-Totino, who passed away last year, was an Italian sound poet and all-round master of mouth-garble. Out Of Page contains fourteen tracks, which use multi-tracking and tape manipulation to conjure up a multitude of Arrigos, surrounding you with wonderous madness. LP on Rectal, coming with a pa...view item »

Loren Connors

Previously released in limited CD quantities in 1998, Evangeline is a superb example of guitar wizard Loren Connors working in a romantic mode, in a suite of pieces that follow a story adapted from an 1847 epic poem. The rich, gorgeous audio has been remastered for this reissue, which also comes with new artwork and a s...view item »

Loren Connors

Another precious Loren Connors recording rescued from limited-run obscurity. Lullaby, first released in 2001, was a follow-up to his glorious Airs record, and shimmers through similarly gorgeous and subtle pieces of guitar atmospherics. Originally only an edition of 100 CDrs, Lullaby now gets a proper ...view item »

Ian William Craig
Cradle for the Wanting

Ian William Craig's previous release 'A Turn of Breath' was not only a favourite with us but with the New York Times. So there. The Wire have also featured this Canadian sound collagist of late so there is high anticipation of this new record. This time round Craig has recorded very quickly (months rather than years) and has used only his voice ...view item »

Sean McCann
A Castle Popping

Sean McCann presents six compositions recorded here and there over the last few years. A Castle Popping is a broad collection, containing tape-manipulated vocalese, digital oboe and solo piano pieces, and a quartet piece. Only 150 copies of this LP, which comes packaged with a detailed booklet and a CDr with a whole ext...view item »

Idea Fire Company
Lost at Sea

Idea Fire Company’s new album Lost At Sea positions itself as the soundtrack to a doomed cruise voyage, melancholically floating through fog-shrouded waves. Piano dominates, with hissing radio, bursts of synth, and touches of trumpet accompanying. The listener really does feel estranged from reality when listening...view item »

Voooxing Poooêtre

Originally released in 1982, ‘Voooxing Poooêtre’ is an international sound poetry compilation LP assembled by Italian sound poet Enzo Minarelli. This long awaited reissue includes work from the likes of Bernard Heidsieck, Klaus Groh, Agostino Contò and Adriano Spatola as well as contributions from Minarelli himself....view item »

Loren Connors

A classic work of rich-toned guitar beauty from master of this sort of thing Loren Connors. Airs was first infused onto cassette in 1999, and it remains one of his most entrancing works to date. The name of the label, Recital, feels highly appropriate for the near-spiritual feel of these guitar miniatures. LP, limited t...view item »

Karla Borecky
Still In Your Pocket

From Karla Borecky comes the vinyl LP of Still in Your Pocket, a number of beautiful piano pieces recorded over three years. One track is titled The Sadness of Things (Mono No Aware), a principle which all traditional Japanese haiku and tanka are supposed to follow, relating to the transience of nature - a delicacy...view item »

Ian William Craig
A Turn Of Breath

Ian William Craig makes choral drone music on this stunning ambient record with the most fitting title of the year: 'A Turn Of Breath'. Craig performs warm vocal harmonies and stretches them to their breaking point, backing them with crackling drones that feel both part of nature and decidedly bedroom pop. 'A Turn Of Breath' is the perfect ...view item »