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Captain, we have multiple Björk comparisons incoming! Yes, this be New Zealand’s Indira Force aka Indi readying Precipice, her debut album of eerie, folk-tinged electro-pop for veteran label Flying Nun Records. Unsettling and elegant imagery runs through these tunes, whose sk...view item »

Kody Nielson
Birthday Suite

Formerly known as Silicon, the Unknown Mortal Orchestra drummer Kody Nielson drops his first LP under his given name. Birthday Suite will appeal to anyone who’s enjoyed the rise of that bloody Vulfpeck lot. Berkley funk abounds on this set of self-satisfied conser...view item »

Grayson Gilmour

New Zealand’s Grayson Gilmour has popped up with fine scores for various movies in the last few years, but he hasn’t been neglecting his own independent work. Otherness arrives in a rich flurry of art-pop, with mature songwriting and cinematically-textured song design complementing each other nicely. Oth...view item »


Flying Nun are beloved by many for their central role in documenting New Zealand’s underground indie scene, but they haven’t rested on their laurels. Here they have brand new work from up-and-coming artist Fazerdaze, who has swiftly moved from bedroom production to the fully-fledged ecstatic indie pop we hear here. ...view item »

The Courtneys
The Courtneys

The Courtneys are from Vancouver, but it’s immediately obvious that they’ve found a fitting home on New Zealand’s Flying Nun. Their 2013 debut, reissued here on black or limited blue vinyl, showcases an unfussy garage indie style that doesn’t slavishly ape ...view item »

Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie
At Swim 2 Birds

Flying Nun reissue At Swim 2 Birds by Peter Jefferies & Jono Lonie for the first time since its release in 1987. This is a true lost gem of New Zealand experimental music. The music is hard to pin down, like a restless DIY chamber music created from manipulated tapes, field recordings and so...view item »

Perfect Body

A three-piece band from New Zealand, Mermaidens have released a ten-track record entitled Perfect Body. A quality blend of garage style psych-rock combined with the youthful but reluctant vocals of Gussie and Lily. The release gives you a warm and dream-like feel as you listen to one of the genres up and coming new kids...view item »

Shayne P Carter

"Sergeant said he's just back there so come with me". So began the greatest song of all time by Shayne Carter abd Peter Jeffries ('Randolph's Going Home') but here is Carter out on his own at last after a career that also took in the Double Happys and Straightjacket Fits. This is an album of piano-based...view item »

Bressa Creeting Cake
Bressa Creeting Cake

Bressa Creeting Cake’s self-titled debut album arrived on New Zealand’s crucial Flying Nun label in 1997, ready to amaze and surprise people with their unusual stylistic mixture. Prog rock, psychedelic and underground indie pop all play a role, with the band using stacks of ideas on each song. Double LP on Flying Nun...view item »

More Exits To Garageland

I remember Garageland, They were one of those ‘90s New Zealand bands who came to the UK and threatened to make it big but didn’t because no New Zealand band ever does (except Crowded House). They made a skewed type of Flying Nun style garage (natch) rock with some Sonic Youth...view item »

Look Blue Go Purple
Still Bewitched

Look Blue Go Purple are a great example of New Zealand’s 80’s underground indie scene. Released on Flying Nun, they had a wonderfully bright and fun sound. Here on Still Bewitched you’ve got all the tracks from all the EPs the band did, plus six nice live recordings that have never previously been issu...view item »

The Bats
The Deep Set

Returning with another (9th) edition of jangly guitar-led pop, The Bats bring us 12-track offering - The Deep Set. Propelled by an unstoppable rhythm section, this is the Glasgow-incepted outfit exactly how we know them. As confident, politically-tinged and direct as ever, the New Zealand 4-piece are d...view item »

The Courtneys
The Courtneys II

After stints with Burger Records and Gnar Tapes, sunshine-grungers The Courtneys have found a new home on Flying Nun (Deerhoof, The Clean and loads of others) for their second full-length LP. It’s another collection of 90’s-ass guita...view item »

Aldous Harding
Aldous Harding

Aldous Harding makes pastoral folk for when your house is full of cold air in the winter and needs a little warmth. Bringing to mind a whispered version of Sharon Van Etten in vocal melodies and First Aid Kit in the sparse but strangely full instrumental arrangements, her self-titled record is recommended for fans of narratively woven and impres...view item »

Ghost Wave
Radio Norfolk

They’ve called their album Radio Norfolk, but Ghost Wave are from New Zealand: so much so that they are releasing on legendary Kiwi imprint Flying Nun! Turns out they love the psychedelic sound Britain produced in the 1960’s, and have melded that with a few other choice influences to make this heady, janglin...view item »

The Features

Early New Zealand post-punks The Features were a crucial building block for the outsiders and undergrounders of that nation after they formed in 1979. X-Features, which looks like it includes all the material the band ever recorded, dates from 1980, and is now getting reissued by that stalwart label of alternative New Z...view item »

Lawrence Arabia
Absolute Truth

New Zealand’s Lawrence Arabia hopes to make a breakout with Absolute Truth, reaching for a wider international crowd than his current Kiwi / Oz fanbase. There is a rich detail to the sunny pop sound of this album, as though each musical surface was carefully thought about and polished to a sheen. Out on New Zealan...view item »


Doprah are a New Zealand crew producing a deeply trip-hop indebted sound with live instruments (unlike in the sampletastic 90’s Bristol days). Wasting is their debut full-length, a highly atmospheric set boldly fronted by Indira Force’s spaced-out vocals. Out on the legendary Flying Nun labe...view item »

Zen Mantra
Zen Mantra

Zen Mantra, aka Sam Perry, produces his own songs from his bedroom studio, managing to achieve the perfect level of dreaminess that allows simple indie-pop songs to elevate the listener to some higher plane. Operating out of New Zealand, young Sam has now joined the roster of Flying Nun, ensurin...view item »

Particle & Wave

Iconic NZ label Flying Nun definitely still know how to pick out a band. avoid!avoid! are a noisy, drone-rock group from Auckland and Particle & Wave is their debut. The band set rough guitars to tough motorik drum beats and then compete to see who can make the ...view item »

Street Chant

The influential New Zealand label Flying Nun release Hauora, by Street Chant, on vinyl LP. The band make witty pop-punk full of yearning melodies and rich Pavement-inspired guitars. Despite the sophisticated songwriting there’s still plenty of gnarly, distorted guitar solo...view item »

David Kilgour
Sugar Mouth

David Kilgour’s second album as a solo artist was first put out into the world in 1994 by New Zealand’s legendary Flying Nun label. Now the Nun returns the psychedelic pop wonder that is Sugar Mouth into circulation, with the welcome addition of a whole 10 bonus tracks, comprising demos and outtakes....view item »


Skeptics were active in 1980’s New Zealand, throwing out post-punk music that leaned very close to noise at certain exciting moments. They swum against the prevailing jangle-indie tide of Flying Nun by using samplers and being more aggressive, and good thing too. This reissue of III shows exactly what they brought...view item »


Skeptics were active in 1980’s New Zealand, throwing out post-punk music that leaned very close to noise at certain exciting moments. They swum against the prevailing jangle-indie tide of their scene with samplers and aggression: Amalgam was their final record, and possible their darkest. Reissued by Flying Nun....view item »

The Stones
Three Blind Mice

No, these Stones are not of the rolling persuasion. But they definitely rock. Releasing only two albums during their short existence, The Stones were a well-hidden part of the early 80s New Zealand lo-fi rock scene. Three Blind Mice is a compilation of their finest moments, coolest songs and their best efforts....view item »

Sneaky Feelings
Send You

Sneaky Feelings’s debut is a tiny relic of pop history. Released in 1983, Send You set the stage for these New Zealand rockers’ further escapade. The record has a classic upbeat indie-pop feel, with only a little taste of the sweetness that often goes too far with most twee bands. This remastered edition als...view item »

The Bats
Compiletely Bats

Captured Tracks continue their admiral quest to re-issue every single band who came out of New Zealand in the 1980’s. The Bats were a different proposition to the likes of The Chills, The Clean and The Verlaines in that they peddled a...view item »

The Bats
Law Of Things

The Bats are one of the original New Zealand bands that made records on the Flying Nun label. They hail from Christchurch unlike many of their contemporaries from the scene, such as The Clean, who are from Dunedin. The Law of Things, the band’s second album, was recorded in 1988 and released two y...view item »

Time To Go - The Southern Psychedelic Moment 81-86

Well if there's one record I decided I would absolutely kill someone to review this week then it's this beaut. Sod the rest of what's come in over the past few days, this twenty track odyssey contains some of the most important music in the world to me even though I must confess, due larg...view item »

Pin Group

Back in my early 20s I was something of a New Zealand freak. I couldn’t get enough of the dark skewed music which emanated from the Isle, particularly through the Flying Nun and Xpressway labels. This surprise re-issue is from one of the...view item »

The 3Ds
Venus Trail

This is a ripper of an album. The partnership of David Mitchell and David Saunders - both very different stylistically, and probably very different guys - gave the 3Ds a natural schizophrenia. Crisp and chunky. There's lightweight lyrics and charming pop melodies, mixed with loose improvisation and savage guitars. It reminds me of the Muppets ba...view item »

The Chills
Kaleidoscope World

Kaleidoscope World gathers together the earliest days of New Zealand’s The Chills: every single release between the years 1982 and 1986. This must have sounded like the opening up of a new world back then: an indie sound as light and poppy as it was alternative and new. CD / double LP on (needless to say) the lege...view item »

Chris Knox

Chris Knox is a major force in New Zealand alternative music (he played in The Enemy, Toy Love and Tall Dwarfs, as well acting as recording engineer for the likes of The Clean), and he made a big impact with Seizure upon initial release in 1988. Lo-fi i...view item »

Tall Dwarfs

New Zealand’s Tall Dwarfs were never straightforward, and 1990’s Weeville is no exception, flitting between slowcore-style indie, intense pop songs, hard punk, and tape experimentalism. It all comes together very nicely indeed, so thanks very much to the legendary Flying Nun label for reissuing the record on...view item »