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The Amazing Singing Record

The Amazing Singing Record contains eight up-and-coming artists from Arizona. Each act contributes two songs. From the wonky country of Gene Tripp, the soothing analogue pop of Electrsad, lof-fi beauty of Amatuer Hour, The throat-ripping anthems of Cereal Milk, ...view item »

Typical Girls Volume Three

Emotional Response has had great success so far with their girls-to-the-front compilation series Typical Girls, so much so that they have been deluged with a wealth of the highest grade material from punks and post-punks and now have enough material for two more editions! Wasting no time, they are consequently releasing volumes 3 and 4 ...view item »

Typical Girls Volume Four

Emotional Response has had great success so far with their girls-to-the-front compilation series Typical Girls, so much so that they have been deluged with a wealth of the highest grade material from punks and post-punks and now have enough material for two more editions! Wasting no time, they are consequently releasing volumes 3 and 4 ...view item »

Even As We Speak, Boyracer, Action Painting!, Secret Shine
Four Band Compilation (Ex-Sarah Records Bands)

Just in time for the Sarah Records package tour of summer 2018 is this four band compilation featuring all the bands involved in the live extravaganza. Boyracer, Even As We Speak, Action Painting and Secret Shine all contribute a couple of new or unreleased tracks each. Now 'scu...view item »

Fling Yr Bonnet Over The Windmill (The Sarah Singles)

Boyracer have released many records over the years but some of the best things occurred when they were signed to Sarah Records. Always an odd fit with the label's more poetic stance, Boyracer were always a punk band if a romantic one. This collection compiles the three singles they recorded for Sarah in the early '90s. &nbs...view item »

Action Painting!
Trial Cuts (1989-95)

Action Painting could have been Sarah Records breakout stars. They had that dash of arrogance that was nowhere to be seen elsewhere on the shy, bookish label. Instead after three singles on Sarah and one for Damaged Goods they imploded. Now for the first time ever all these tracks have been collected on one LP with demos, unrele...view item »

Even As We Speak
Feral Pop Frenzy

Hang on  - that's not the original sleeve. Where did that wolf come from? (it's a Dingo) Anyway wolf or no wolf (Dingo?) this is a great album. Even As We Speak were the brightest and shiniest Sarah records band. As if the Go Betweens thought ah fuck it let's become Saint Etienne ...view item »

Karen Meat
You’re An Ugly Person

Built on a foundation of mid-fi girl group inspired songs, Karen Meat, AKA Iowa resident, Arin Eaton released her first recordings, She’s Drunk Like The Rest Of Us, as a cassette in 2016. With her debut album You’re An Ugly Person, she keeps her mid-fi aesthetic, but the girl group sound is replaced by a kind of dead...view item »

Blues Lawyer
Guess Work

Blues Lawyer weren’t supposed to last long, two shows in fact, but they decided to keep going. Founding members Rob I. Miller and Eylse Schrock met in a record store and realising they shared a fondness for Flying Nun bands such as The Clean and The Bats, started a band. Guess Work is thei...view item »

The Just Measurers

There was only ever 300 copies of Flagellation, the one and only LP by The Just Measurers, pressed back in 1983, so it’s no wonder that this really weird DIY punk record has recently been changing hands for the best part of 500 notes. Emotional Response saw fit to reissue the LP, so now you can grab a copy without breaking...view item »

Robert Storey
Come Up And Hear My Etchings

Compilation of songs from underground London musician Robert Storey. Includes tracks released between 1986 and 2016 as Orchestre Murphy, Nobodies, and more. His handle on harmony and vocal delivery recall some of Scott Walker's tamer moments as a solo artist....view item »

Typical Girls Volume 2

Not content with one volume highlighting bands fronted by women, Emotional Response have unleashed another batch of mainly unknown artists throughout the world -- all of which pretty angry about one thing or another. Suss C*nts (warning: a lot of the names are quite rude) stand out early doors with a furious blast of punk pop fun which crucially...view item »

The Debutantes
Adams Apples / Kids

When I reviewed the Debutantes previous tape I said they sounded a bit like September Girls...little knowing that actual September Girls were involved in it somehow. Anyway listen carefully to opener ‘Adams Apples’ then you can just about hear a tune nestling under all the sludge. Yes you...view item »

Terry Malts / Kids On A Crime Spree
Our Love

Split 10” release with two tracks apiece from Terry Malts and Kids On A Crime Spree, both making lovely fuzzed-up indie-pop on the West Coast of the USA. Our Love’s four tunes are punchy, sparky and buzzy, all with solid pop melodies running through the middle. 10” on the Emotional Res...view item »

They Make No Say: A Polytechnic Youth Singles Collection

They used to say if you want to get ahead get a hat but if you want to get ahead in what is left of the music industry then you'd do very well to release esoteric music on very very very limited editions and have a fantastic concept behind you. This is what micro label Polytechnic Youth has done by releasing li...view item »

Sleaford Mods
A Little Ditty / I'm Shit At It

Angry. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Sweary. Shouty. Angry. Angry. Sweary. Sweary. Sweary. Angry. Shouty. Shouty. Shouty. Shouty. Angry. Punchy. Punchy. Punchy. Angry. Punchy. Punny. Angry. Sweary. Fighty. Angry. Fighty. Angry. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Angry. Angry. Shouty. Sweary. Shouty. Angry. Punky. Punky. Angry. Punky. Punky. Ang...view item »

Solid Gold

More indie pop from the ever busy Emotional Response. What we have hear are two fuzzy and catchy slabs of old school indie with nods towards the Darling Buds and Shop Assistants as well as a healthy dose of shoegaze blur. It is full of vigour and fun and the lead guitar is very busy indeed twirling all over plac...view item »

Wanda Junes
Hi Fi Record Album

Wanda Junes are a group who are, quite firmly, from rural America. They take the relatively traditional forms of US folk / country, and marry them with touch of lo-fi indie thinking. The sardonically-titled Hi Fi Record Album is sometimes quiet and thoughtful, sometimes hollerin’ and hootin’, but always wort...view item »

Bad Daddies
Over 30 Singles

Here’s a noisy retrospective of uncaring punx crew Bad Daddies, who channel some elements of no frills old-skool while also full-on screeching into feedback, lopsided snarling and grinding noisemaking. Songs range from nineteen seconds (the best song length) to a gruesome two minutes and forty five secs, the band generally playing fast and...view item »

Andy Human & The Reptoids
Kill The Comma

“Is it modern cause we killed the comma?” ask Andy Human & the Reptoids on their gritty new 7” for Emotional Response entitled Kill the Comma. For what it’s worth it’s high time somebody offed the Oxford comma. In any case there is some solid channelling of the garage punk spirit going ...view item »

Time Frames

Razz are led by ex-Pets guitarist Dan Wood whose guitar and songwriting skills revive a classic new wave sound making it relevant for today. Backed up by members of Reptoids, Talkies and Sob Stories, Time Frames is blistering rock record with memorable melodies, 'ooo-ooos' all in the right places and a cracking ...view item »

Sob Stories
Debut 12-inch

Taking their cues from the joyous jangle of ‘80s guitar bands, Sob Stories' aptly titled Debut 12-Inch sees the Bay Area band whizz through guitar pop without leaving you time to get bored. The band are led by Joel Cusumano, previously of power-pop band Talkies, so his melodic credentials all check out. 12...view item »

Sparrow People
I Thought Of You / Baby Foxes

Sweet and winsome Australian pop from people who were one in the rather great Minimum Chips. It sounds rather similar to those marvellous purveyors of strum 'n' sing the Cannanes in that everything sounds like people picking up instruments for the first time. It's naivety though is what gives it it's charm....view item »

Go Away EP

Florida punx UV-TV turned heads with their debut LP Glass earlier this year. A short five months later and they’ll be dropping this EP on Emotional Response (City Yelps, Sleaford Mods). The three-piece tear through two new bits and cover tracks by The Prim...view item »

Hulaboy / The Safe Distance

The great thing about the Emotional Response label is that they really don't care. Release a split album? Why not. A split album is a strange artefact but can be very enjoyable if both sides are good. Rather like eating half a Danish Pastry then switching to half a flapjack.  Anyway on the A side we have Hulaboy who are the long run...view item »

Florence Raynaud

Florence Raynaud, the frontwoman of Croque Madame, here presents her first solo release, a 7” single. Singes is centred around Raynaud’s highly characterful French language vocals, with a cluster of strings and piano and bouncy pop rhythm section around her. A very strong de...view item »

Pop Chops

Father were my favourite mid '90s lo-fi band who weren't Guided By Voices. They were three teenagers from Stoke On Trent who had an incredibly melodic if impossibly lo-fi sound which over the course of three cassettes yielded a number of utterly remarkable recordings. What makes them stand from the ot...view item »


Right, this is great. This is an Australia indie pop supergroup featuring Art Rush, Claire O' Meara and the legendary David Nichols (the Cannanes, Crabstick) making the sort of wonderfully pastoral pop that only Australians seems to be able to concoct.  They have a wordy yet...view item »

Croque Madame
Croque Madame

Pop album of the century! Yes, that’s right, it’s true: this is a pop album of the century. The beguiling (I don’t want to say “alternative”) pop music of Croque Madame is sourced from the minds of three peculiar smart-arses known respectively as Dave Perlis, Rob Storey and Florence Raynaud. They make twinkling tune...view item »

No Monster Club
Where Did You Get That Milkshake

No Monster Club is the project of the prolific Dublin-based producer Bobby Aherne. Having already released a dozen albums, Aherne's style is a tongue-in-cheek take on pop music, mocking a lot of contemporary pop while being compared to "a stripped-down sugar high Pet Sounds". 'Where Did You Get That Milkshake' is the band's first 7" with contrib...view item »

Typical Girls

This compilation of lesser known female groups from around the world is thankfully not another re-hash of the early ‘80s (I do love that era but it’s been done over several times now). Instead we get sixteen examples of modern day pop fun which ranges from fantastic buzz pop (Earth Girls), synthy Devo ish s...view item »

F*Ckin’ Ziggurat

Fancy zine / book assembled by Emotional Response, featuring deep interviews with lots of cool bands from around the world, including No Monster Club, Primitive Calculators and Quaaludes. And the 70 beautifully-bound pages are accompanied by 17 songs on an accompanying CD, so you can read about ...view item »

Shark Toys / UV-TV

Out now on Emotional Response the label that never stops are two slabs of prime US indie pop that you should ignore at your peril. UV TV are from Florida where I believe it is hot and they make a slab of gritty C86 isn punk which reminds me of Tallulah Gosh and Bl...view item »

Tangible Excitement! / Ginnels

Here’s a split on the ever-busy Emotional Response label. Tangible Excitement are a 'supergroup' made out of members of Veronica Falls, Lucksmiths, Boyracer and more. Their opening track ‘Northland Food Court’ transcends this ge...view item »

Primitive Calculators
I’m Fucked / Bad

Primitive Calculators took more-or-less 3 decades off between their early work and their later, Nick Cave-prompted return: now they have some brand new music for us to hear. I’m Fucked / Bad is a pair of strong, Suicide-via-Australia vibed synth-pop, pressed to coloured vinyl by E...view item »

Linton and Stewart / The Aislers Set

The Aislers Set are a much loved indie pop band from ….oh somewhere that is probably hotter than here and this is the first new music from them in lord knows how long. Their new track is just delicious, showcasing the not inconsiderate talents of front person AV Linton. A lovely acoustic lament with out of nowhere banjo solo and the kin...view item »

The Safe Distance
Songs EP

My fourth and final Emotional Response 7" for the day is from wonky indie popsters The Safe Distance, notable for the fact that they all live on different continents and have played in good bands already. Stew from Boyracer is here of course, on bass and organ, while Crayola (Sarandon...view item »

Thee Headless Kings
The Untimely Death Of... EP

Garage-indie-soul-doo-wop-fun from the Emotional Response stable. A rollicking heart-on-sleeve kaleidoscope of 50s styledrock and roll and and 60s soul icons, (think Booker T, Al Green), coupled with a healthy dose of garage punk, filtered through the off kilter singular vision of frontman Justin Burch, (Soft Paws/Inspaceno!). Also stars Stewart...view item »

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