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Robert Hood
Clocks / Low Life / Go

One of the foremost figures in minimal techno since the beginning of the 1990s, Robert Hood is still going strong. ‘Low Life’ accompanies a wonky little organ motif with a stomping tempo, ‘Go’ goes deep with a samba layout and minimal bleeps, while highlight ‘Clocks’ ingeniously switches up layers of stuttering snares over a windy, rubbery bed. It all comes off as very deftly composed, dynamic and lush.
  • Vinyl 12" (MPM30)
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Floorplan (Robert Hood)
Let The Church EP

Underground Resistance founder and Detroit techno legend Robert Hood joins up with his daughter Lyric Hood to form the Floorplan alias on M-Planet. Let the Church EP on 12” vinyl is precise, formal minimal techno that never loses sight of its soulful roots. Fatherhood hasn’t softened Hood’s love of dense electronic music.

Floorplan (Robert Hood)

Floorplan is a fantastic name for a house music project, immediately focussing the mind on the only place that matters: the dance floor. It is, of course, the name under which the legendary Robert Hood makes his houseiest tracks, and Victorious finds him co-producing with his own daughter(!). Awesome. This full-length is available as a CD or as a DJ-friendly triple LP.
  • CD (MPM28CD)

Robert Hood
Minimal Nation

Robert Hood’s Minimal Nation is a pretty serious player in terms of Techno albums, making a massive impact when it landed in 1994. Here it is remastered and reissued onto three whole slabs of white vinyl, with two rare unreleased / rare tracks thrown in. The set also contains a CD. Impressive collection, from M-Plant.

Floorplan (Robert Hood)
Music / Tell You No Lie

Floorplan is Robert Hood’s outlet for groovy, gospel laced, funky-as-hell, disco house. Music and Tell You No Lie are tracks featured on his upcoming sophomore album under the Floorplan moniker. These two tracks will stick in your head until your dancing legs can’t hold you up anymore. Sunshine, joyous, funk.

Mark Broom
Stunned (97 Mix) / Decay

Works old and new from Pure Plastic label-owner Mark Broom for this release on Robert Hood’s famed M-Plant label. As implied, Stunned (97 Mix) dates from way back when, though it’s thudding powers have been tweaked to 2015 levels without losing that original sound. On the B-side is a brand new techno slammer, ‘Decay’.
  • Vinyl 12" (MPM26)
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Floorplan (Robert Hood)
Never Grow Old / Phobia (Re-Plants)

The original version of 'Never Grow Old' was one of the highlights of Robert Hood’s first full length album ‘Paradise’, which quickly became a techno /house essential gaining massive respect and airplay within the genre. ‘Phobia’ is taken from Robert Hood’s equally well received and influential follow up Floorplan EP. These remixes are a fresh, more aggressive take on the original versions.

Robert Hood
M-Print : 20 Years Of M-Plant Music

There’s something kinda poignant about the fact "Never Grow Old" - featured here on the second of this 3-CD set - has been one of the biggest techno tracks of the last year. After 20 years of making high-tech soul -- and despite a turn to God -- Robert Hood’s work still sounds like something from the future, and not even in a kitsch way. Plus, massive props to anybody who can make a gospel track work on the Berghain dancefloor.

Robert Hood
Mark Broom Edits

One of many coming EPs to celebrate the 20 year existence of the M-Plant label, the Mark Broom Edits are just a piece of the massive techno landslide you might be caught under, if you don’t watch out. Remixing classics of Robert Hood, Mark Broom gives a new air to some classic Robert Hood tracks.

Floorplan (Robert Hood)

Monobox (Robert Hood)
Film / Rectangle

Detroit techno artist Robert Hood switches up his name and decides that Monobox is pretty catchy. This 12" on M-Plant offers two tunes that juxtapose each-other nicely; "Film" is a melodic and harmonious affair, while "Rectangle" is coarser, relying more on the rawness of the machines Hood uses to create a mesmerising and enveloping sound. 

Robert Hood

Robert Hood continues to see techno as a genre in infinite flux and refuses to stop making it; Eleven is the latest product of his tireless work, offering two original tracks that continue to hone the traditions of techno, minimising technique to maximise impact. As always, his work is supremely balanced.