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The Pandoras
Hey! It's The Pandoras

Well, what a pleasant surprise. Hollywood four-piece The Pandoras were a successful garage rock group in the 80s, but their career was cut short by the death of their frontwoman and songwriter Paula Pierce in 1991. Almost three decades on, the group have got ...view item »

PMS & The Moodswings
PMS & The Moodswings

A proper 'scene' album this. A bunch of rock'n'rollers from that there New York City, who collectively must have been in a hundred different bands, have got together to form PMS & The Mood Swings. Their self-titled debut brings you all the fun of Coney Island's heyday. Playground of the world baby!...view item »

Are Young and Good Looking

Not only is it their most professional (you can hear their evolution from garage punk) but it's also track by track the most complete. There's less of an all out brute force sound to this one. There is no one Dwarves release that's a must-have. All are pretty good in their own right (though don't start with "Lick It"). This is as good as any pla...view item »

Take Back the Night

Take Back The Night is the 12th studio album by legendary San Francisco via Chicago punks, Dwarves. As always they are helmed by Blag Dahlia and Hewhocannotbenamed and are joined by sometime members Sgt. Saltpeter and Rex Everything (aka Nick Oliveri formerly of Queens Of The Stoneage) and Josh Freese...view item »

RockNRoll Machine

New business from the Norwegian cult rock juggernaut that is Turbonegro. Rock’N’Roll Machine, their first album in more than five years, is a big fat rawk slab ...view item »

The Sufis
After Hours

The Sufis take their influences from the Elephant 6 collective (Apples In Stereo, Neutral Milk Hotel, Olivia Tremor Control etc), modern classical music, outsider artists such as The Shaggs and Wesley Will...view item »

L.A. Law
Law & Order

A team-up of Gabe Fulvimar (Gap Dream) and Jessie Jones (Feeding People), this is a record of 80s-flavoured synth-pop that manages to sound both sleek and lo-fi at the same time. There’s a cool B-movie car-chase vibe to tracks like ‘Hiatus’ and ‘Happy Alteration’, while ‘Shive...view item »

Peach Kelli Pop
Peach Kelli Pop III

The third (obviously) release of Allie Hanlon’s bubblegum pop solo project. Peach Keli Pop’s sound is damn lovely to be quite honest, sounding just exactly like you want it to, where 50’s aesthetics meet with punk drive. Hanlon plays all instruments and writes all songs: great work! On Burger Records....view item »

The Lemons
Hello, We're The Lemons

Originally released as a cassette tape on Gnar Tapes, Hello, We’re The Lemons now gets a full-blown vinyl issuing on Burger Records. The Lemons are a straight-down-the-line pop band, all about shiny-smiley melodies and songs about ice creams and candy. Lovely stuff. This edition has a whole 28 tracks!...view item »

Those Pretty Wrongs
Those Pretty Wrongs

Those Pretty Wrongs is a collaboration between legendary Big Star drummer Jody Stephens and producer, musician and former member of roots-rock band The Freewheelers, Luther Russell. The pair got together when Stephens asked Russell to perform with him to promote...view item »

Lovely Bad Things
Teenage Grown Ups

Lovely Bad Things blast straight out of LA with their latest adorable album / racket: Teenage Grown Ups. The quintet swiftly follow in the wake of their contagious EP ‘Homebodied’, combining boy-girl...view item »

The Garden
The Life and Times of a Paperclip

I’ve developed something of a reputation as the John Peel of Norman Records. No, it’s not my bald head, nor the expansiveness of my musical knowledge which has earned me this title. It is in fact my inability to judge what speed a record is supposed to be played at. I just put this 16-song LP by The Garden on at 33rpm for the duratio...view item »

Hello Kitty On Ice
Man With A Hole In His Throat / The Answer

Neil Hamburger, the bizarre comic identity of Gregg Turkington, is well enough known these days to have had a major film made about him. But few were ever aware of Hello Kitty On Ice, his teenage hardcore band from 1983! Granted, that’s probably because no recordings were ever released&hel...view item »

Tobin Sprout
Carnival Boy

Tobin Sprout is part of the huge indie ecosystem surrounding Guided By Voices. He spent ten years majorly contributing to the band, but also made music all of his own. 1996 solo debut Carnival Boy is a beautiful set of lo-fi indie songwriting, and it hasn’t really been available since its initial ...view item »

Tobin Sprout
Moonflower Plastic (Welcome To My Wigwam)

Tobin Sprout is part of the huge indie ecosystem surrounding Guided By Voices. He spent ten years majorly contributing to the band, and after their initial split in 1997 he put out some music of his own. Moonflower Plastic (Welcome To My Wigwam) is a beautiful set of lo-fi indie songwriting, and it hasn...view item »

Sarah Bethe Nelson
Oh, Evolution

Sarah Bethe Nelson returns with a second album of her smartly-formed indie-pop. Oh, Evolution is bright and beautiful, pulling in 60’s California flavours, 70’s AOR flavours and modern garage flavours all together. Oh, Evolution is released in both vinyl and digipak CD editions by Burger Records....view item »

Tobin Sprout
The Universe and Me

Increasingly responsible for the better bits on recent Guided By Voices albums, Tobin Sprout doesn't quite have the all or nothing genius/madman approach of Robert Pollard but what he does have is consistency. It's very hard to find a bad Tobin Sprout track. They are all sort of enjoyable....pos...view item »


Well it's on Burger so you'll have some idea what to expect. The press release uses words like 'cacophonic' and 'disharmonic' but otherwise makes very little actual sense. The internet throws up phrases like 'garage pop' and 'psychedelic rock'. Hey, it's on Burger - we know what a fun blast it's going to be. ...view item »

Gap Dream
This Is Gap Dream

So this guy was in an early incarnation of the Black Keys but now plays an altogether different type of music. For a start it's good and secondly it owes more to Spiritualized and Spacemen 3 than whatever it was the Black Keys were tuned into. Certainly one for those who like their mind expandin...view item »

White Night
Weird Night

Delivering great West Coast fuzz-filled pop-punk, White Night sound a bit spoiled and very catchy. A bit lighter than fellow Californians Wavves, these guys still deliver songs find yourself singing the background ooooohs and aaaaahs to. Weird Night pretty much captures that bored-and-attractive-yo...view item »

Tomorrows Tulips
Indy Rock Royalty Comb

Tomorrows Tulips are young indie-pop stars, much enamoured with laid-back grooves and laid-back guitar fuzz. They certainly have the right attitude too, the vocals drawling away serenely. Indy Rock Royalty Comb is a new EP from the band, available on vinyl LP or as cassette. Released on Burger Records....view item »


Glitterbust is the newest project from Sonic Youth’s Kim Gordon paired up with Alex Knost. This self-titled cassette and double vinyl LP on Burger Records has a queasy improvisational quality to it; scratch, out of tune guitars blend with whispered vocals and miniature feedback freak-...view item »

Wax Witches
Memory Painting

Burger Records continue a sweet run of releases with some snotty hardcore punk from Wax Witches. This solo project from Bleeding Knees Club’s Alex Wall takes a garage punk template, but adds some pop hooks and one-man band style. Memory Painting&nb...view item »

Pizza Time

Burger Records bring us the debut of Spanish garage punks Pizza Time and their reassuringly crude and energetic stoner rock. They make a rough-edged Dinosaur Jr. style racket, but never forget to include great hooks. After a handful of killer cassettes and singles you can finally get ...view item »

Seth Bogart
Seth Bogart

Seth Bogart (of noisy electro-punks Gravy Train and Hunx and his Punx) releases his first solo album, with the help of Bikini Kill icon Kathleen Hanna and fashion guru Tavi Gevinson. Cut loose from a band environment Bogart cranks up the cheap k...view item »

Unkle Funkle

Unkle Funkle takes a break from his time in White Fang to throw together this entertaining sound mass. Take a look at the sleeve art for Supernatural and you’ll get a feel for the sound: a colourful, shiny fantasy of electronic pop. Funkle is having fun here, and you surely will t...view item »

Summer Twins

Summer Twins a two piece made up of two sisters. Their sound is all about half-imagined 1960’s summers in California: bouncy garage rock with harmonising pop vocals over the top. Good times music essentially. Limbo is the most developed their songs have sounded to date, without shedding the loose joy key that is k...view item »

The Hound Of Love
Careful Houndy

Jeans Wilder of The Mean Jeans strikes out with his first solo effort, under the name The Hound Of Love. He maintains the same wide-eyed enthusiasm we know from his band’s pop-punk, but transplants it to another merry genre: synth-pop! Careful Houndy is a bleepy, 80’s tinged...view item »

Peeling Out

Peeling Out is the new vinyl LP from Californian garage punk hoodlums Massenger.  This four-piece are hard and fast, but also have a knack for sweet surf-pop melodies and witty lyrics. Following up the dense guitar assault of their Banshee EP, this is groovy, teeth-gritted rock ‘n rol...view item »

Together Pangea
The Phage EP

Together Pangea have 6 new tracks for you to enjoy. The Phage EP has their indie-punk sound on top-form: the vocals have the correctly affected sneer, the riffs have the right distorted heft, and the production has the right quantity of reverb. Available as an LP, or a CD, or a cassette, courtesy of Burger Records....view item »


What an introduction. Vision’s debut album Inertia will blast off your eyebrows with pure velocity and raw force, imprinting their name on the face of the world. Drowned in noise and distortion, the band's grudging guitars and hazy vocals deliver top notch shoegaze with a tasty West Coast finish. ...view item »

Vaadat Charigim
Sinking As A Stone

A supple psych offering from Israeli rockers Vaadat Charigim. Sinking As A Stone manages to utilise heavy distortion and screeching guitars whilst sounding sumptuously lush all at once. Drenched in reverb it’s an expansive collection of emotive epics. Out on CD and vinyl LP from Burger Records....view item »

Those Pretty Wrongs
Lucky Guy

Former drummer for Big Star and current producer of laid-back, 70’s California-hued countryish rock Jody Stephens presents the release of his new group Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Luth Russell. Burger Records are doing the duties, putting out Lucky Guy  o...view item »

Jessie Jones
Jessie Jones

With a light tread, Jessie Jones jumps across catchy melodies and swinging beats. After fronting  Feeding People and while taking a break from Death Valley Girls, her self-titled solo debut gives Jones the opportunity to let out her upbeat demons. Get ready to bob your head to an irres...view item »

Brain Cream

Triple whammy - available on Digipak CD, Vinyl LP and Cassette from Burger Records. Returning to their original label for their fourth album Brain Cream. Jaill offer brilliantly crafted lofi jangly pop songs akin to Fingers Cut, Megamachine (if they had a budget), acoustic guitars cheeky synth here and ...view item »

Part Time
Virgo's Maze

New Part Time music is out now: a double album no less, available as 2LP, CD, or even cassette tape, all courtesy of Burger Records. Virgo’s Maze has twenty tracks of good-times indie pop fun, including the sexily-titled numbers ‘Touch Me Responsibly’ and ‘Pussy Of My Dreams’....view item »

The Relationship
Oh Allen / Young Temptations

Weezer guitarist Brian Bell steps out of the shadows with his other outfit The Relationship. Fans of Cuomo et al won’t be disapointed. Oh Allen offers a belter of a chorus in that age old power pop tradition of strong, simple melodies. Backed up by Young Temptations on the B side. Out on vinyl 7&rdqu...view item »


Thrillingly forward-pushing shoegaze-sun-punk record from Froth. With Bleak, they sound sunny and bright, but that title is not a misnomer: touches of darkness lie beneath. But shouldn’t there always be a melancholy undercurrent to your beach frolics? This will work nicely. Out on Burger Records....view item »

Sarah Bethe Nelson
Fast Moving Clouds

The debut album from San Francisco singer-songwriter Sarah Bethe Nelson, produced by Kelley Stoltz. Nelson’s songcraft is lovelorn yet hopeful, by turns reminiscent of Tanya Donnelly (Throwing Muses/Belly), Jessica Pratt and Mazzy ...view item »

Denney and the Jets
Mexican Coke

Here's the latest from Burger Records and it's some straightforward rock'n'roll business by Nashville's D-D-D-Denney y los Jets. It's produced by an Alabama Shake and it sounds like the last 50 years never happened. The sticker on the front references "Merle Haggard, Jason Isbell and The Stones" and that's pretty much bang on the money. ...view item »

Danny James

Some 1970s style, lo-fi, psychedelic rock with tinges of melodic pop, Pear by Danny James has some heavy hitting riff action along with some psychedelic vocal effects and some heavy hitting drums. This one will appeal to fans of POND, Led Zeppelin and Warpaint. Unglamorous, &lsq...view item »

AJ Davila Y Terror Amor

Puerto Rican fuzzed out groove rock 'n' roll explosions and pounding South American trips from AJ Davila Y Terror Amor. Solo effort from the main wildhead behind Davila 666. If you like your sugar with a sharp hit of lime, then this one is for you. Disfrutar! out on Vinyl and CD from Burger R...view item »

Davila 666
Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos

Puerto Rican garage punk with plenty of Satan worship, we presume: Davilia 666 are using 'Pocos Anos, Muchos Danos' to share their blasts of noise with the as-of-yet unwilling world. Describing their tunes as "top shelf quality sit", their wonderful squalor is likely to appeal to fans of scuzzy and silly punks who just enjoy fucking shit up....view item »

Wax Witches
Center Of Your Universe

Lo-fi pop-punk graces us from Wax Witches, a project started by Alex Wall that delivers no frills, no masters riffs and choruses aimed to be immediate, pulverising and sung along to. 'Center Of Your Universe' collects together refusing, uncompromising blasts of punk rock clearly influenced by the attitudes of the genre's earliest purve...view item »

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