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Manhunter (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Manhunter soundtrack, vinyl re-release, new artwork, yadda yadda yadda. What’s really important is that you know that this has Iron Butterfly’s ‘In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida’ on it, the song that was at the heart of one of the all-time great moments from The Simpsons. The feeling you’ll get ...view item »

Jerry Goldsmith
Logan's Run

There’s all sorts going on in Jerry Goldsmith’s score for the 1976 sci-fi dystopia flick Logan’s Run. Some of the string melodies are so grand and brazen that you’d be surprised if Hans Zimmer hadn't studied them at some point. That said, there’s also the strange avant dron...view item »

Harry Manfredini
Friday The 13th Part V - A New Beginning (Original Soundtrack)

You know they've made 12 of these movies?? 12!! And amazingly I've not seen any of them. Not even 1984's 'The Final Chapter', or this 1985's 'A New Beginning' (even worse than LCD Soundsystem jeez). In any case this is a reissue of the the fifth film's soundtrack, done by the original Friday the 13th composer ...view item »

Michael Abels
Get Out

Now that you’ve enjoyed Jordan Peele’s most original horror movie Get Out, you can submerge yourself in Michael Abels' soundtrack. It is pressed on ‘garden party’ green marbled vinyl with new artwork by American illustrator Leslie Herman. An insert with liner notes by director and writer Jordan Peele deta...view item »


The cinephiles at Waxwork hop on the Goblin reissue train. This soundtrack to Dario Argento’s 1982 Giallo classic Tenebrae was composed by three core members of the group (Claudio Simonetti, Fabio Pignatelli, and Massimo Morante). It’s a fun mix of ghoulish Italo disco, camp...view item »

House Of Waxwork
Issue No. 1

Waxwork Records release Waxwork Comics with the first issue of House of Waxwork. A horror comic book anthology pared with a 7” with three tracks to accompany the frights that lie within. Tracks from Creeper, Rami Sharkey & Kevin Dredge, and Douglas Pipes (...view item »

The Exorcist (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

What possible words can be used to describe such an important film, with the sound world and score so central to its atmosphere? This iconic pairing is celebrated here with a remastered soundtrack, presented beautifully on smoke vinyl and with bounteous information and gorgeous packaging. Listen in the dark, obviously....view item »

Douglas Pipes
Trick 'R Treat

Just in time for All Hallows Eve is the haunted mellow-drama from Dougls Pipes. This release of the Trick 'R Treat soundtrack has been specifically mastered for vinyl, with Waxwork assisted by Dougls himself. Full of chilling and tense fun, this is all you could ever need from a horror fi...view item »

Danny Elfman

Sam Raimi’s Darkman, 1990, came about when he failed to get the permission to make Batman or The Shadow. He created his own story where a superhero is borne out of misfortune and tragic lost love. The film has a score written by Danny Elfman who has scored many films for ...view item »

Jed Kurzel
The Babadook (Original Film Score)

Yes, prepare to be horrified: it's the soundtrack to a 2014 horror movie. The Babadook (Original Film Score) by Jed Kurzel brings back all of the terror of the original Australian psychological feature film, to the comfort of your living room audio system. The dark, lingering textures within Kurzel's unorthodox blend of...view item »

Richard Band
From Beyond (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The 1986 film adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s chilling tale From Beyond contains a suitably tense soundtrack by Richard Band, scored for both classical instruments and synthesizers. The suite has been both remastered and expanded, and is pressed to ‘Pink Slime’ vinyl. Presented within a...view item »

Popol Vuh
Nosferatu The Vampyre

Nosferatu The Vampyre is a 1970’s Werner Herzog film, which naturally means that it comes with a soundtrack by Popol Vuh. As usual with the workings of Florian Fricke, the results are gorgeous, melodic guitar lines flowing over one another like sunlight: or maybe moonlight, given ...view item »

Les Reed & Rick Wakeman
Creepshow 2

Coincidentally the name I was gonna use for my Norman Records documentary, Creepshow 2 was originally a film from 1987 based on stories by Stephen King and directed by Michael Gornick. It featured 3 distinct segments all soundtracked by songwriter Les Reed and chief loon Rick Wakeman, who brough...view item »

Harry Manfredini
House 1 & 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtracks)

House 1 and House 2 are a pair of cult horror films with a joyous B-movie aesthetic: I think the ‘Haunted’ is implied in the titles. They were both soundtracked by Harry Manfredini, and both soundtracks are presented here in fully remastered form, presented in some rather deluxe gatefold packaging w...view item »

Ennio Morricone
The Thing (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

This release neatly combines two of the most popular contemporary trends in vinyl reissues: soundtracks to eighties’ horror films and Ennio Morricone soundtracks! The Thing is one of the only John Carpenter films not also scored by Carpenter, but Morricone does a ...view item »

Pino Donaggio
Don't Look Now (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The cover artwork to this reissue of Pino Donaggio’s soundtrack to Don’t Look Now is a little misleading to the music within. Starring Donald Sutherland ...view item »

John Harrison

I've already been having a bit of a gripe this morning about the overpriced soundtrack reissues that are flooding into our shop, with Mondo's new 'The Omen' reissue costing a wallet-lightening £30. Well this one isn't much cheaper but in terms of getting your money's worth I think it's a more satisfying package, with nice thick card sleeve...view item »

Christopher Komeda
Rosemary's Baby (Original Motion Picture Score)

Waxwork Records have quickly joined Death Waltz and Mondo as a trusted name for beautifully presented horror soundtrack reissues. First Re-Animator, then Day Of The Dead, and now the piece de resistance - Christopher Komeda's score to 1968's 'Rosemary's Baby', undoubtedly one of the creepiest films ever made. The spine-tingling theme wit...view item »

Brian Gascoigne and David Briscoe
PHASE IV Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Although this music is decades old, this can’t be called a reissue because the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack to PHASE IV has never been released outside of the film before, at all! Brian Gascoigne and David Briscoe turn out a very evocative suite of droning organ, guitar and electronics, all packaged...view item »

Pino Donaggio
The Howling (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The Howling is a vintage piece of werewolk-horror cinema, released in 1981. It comes with a soundtrack by Pino Donaggio, who mixes both 80’s synth-work and high drama orchestration in expert quantities. This reissue includes twelve bonus tracks not on the original release, and the record is pressed to ‘silve...view item »

Joseph Loduca
Evil Dead 2 (Original Motion Picture Music)

The soundtrack to Sam Raimi’s crucial old supernatural-evil-em’-up Evil Dead 2, by Joseph Loduca, sits very nicely here on vinyl. The orchestra rubs up against the electronics, with creepy and dramatic themes aplenty. This thirtieth anniversary double LP reissue features fresh remastere...view item »

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman, composer of a million soundtracks, naturally had a hand in accompanying Goosebumps, a series with an impressive heritage (62 books!). It sounds highly dramatic and plenty spooky, and comes packaged in brand new artwork exclusively designed by Tim Jacobus, the illustrator of the books. On W...view item »

Harry Sukman
Salem's Lot - Original Television Soundtrack

Brought to us by Waxwork Records is the chilling Harry Sukman-produced, Salem's Lot - Original Television Soundtrack. This monster double vinyl clocks in at over one hour, and includes a host of creeping tracks. In being Sukman's final works before passing in 1984, this is a staple essential for any retro-horror...view item »

Mad Monster Party

The first official physical release of the soundtrack to 1967 stop motion film Mad Monster Party starring Boris Karloff and Phyllis Diller. A stark contrast to Waxworks other soundtrack releases such as Salem’s Lot and Shock Waves this is upbeat and fun-filled lark, on screen and...view item »

Bernard Herrmann
Taxi Driver

Martin Scorcese’s Taxi Driver is of course an essential cinematic classic, and Bernard Herrmann’s incredibly atmospheric soundtrack plays an important part. This release contains the full score on vinyl for the first time...view item »

Eric Serra
Léon: The Professional

Eric Serrs’s soundtrack to Luc Besson’s film about everyone’s favourite assassin is a blend of looming electronics, powerful orchestration and delicate flourishes of acoustic guitar and solo violins. Providing a rich backing to the mix of tension and innocence portrayed in the film. First time ...view item »

Richard Einhorn
Shock Waves - Original Motion Picture Score

Composed entirely on analog synthesisers, Richard Einhorn’s soundtrack to the 1977 horror film Shock Waves was alongside the first electronic soundtracks. Cold and sheer terror, the tracks play out like screaming machines, quite literally, Zombie Chase is horrific. Comes with liner notes from the director...view item »

John Corigliano
Altered States

Ken Russell’s 1980 sci-fi horror film Altered States is a pretty creepy, psychologically challenging picture. It has a soundtrack to match from John Corigliano, who uses every part of his orchestra to elicit dramatic tones and ...view item »

Paul Zaza
My Bloody Valentine

Nothing to do with the moody Dublin shoe-gazers, this is the soundtrack to the 1981 cult horror film they share a name with. Composer Paul Zaza worked closely with the production company to come up with something suitably menacing, atmospheric and foreboding to accompany the film that Quentin Tarantino considers to be the best slash horror ...view item »

The Warriors

Cult fighty film favourite The Warriors has a suitably tough and buff soundtrack, courtesy of Barry DeVorzon. For the first time, the original soundtrack album and the film score (complete with all the cues) are presented together on vinyl: and what vinyl! 2 heavyweight LPs with a printed insert and original art...view item »

Harry Manfredini
Friday The 13th Part II

Available for the first time on vinyl, Henry Manfredini's score to the classic horror sequel, Friday the 13th Part II is mastered for vinyl from the original master tapes. Available on 180g vinyl picture disc with Mrs. Voorhees sweater and blood splatter. This definitive vinyl edition also comes with a poster of...view item »

Carl Zittrer
Black Christmas

Black Christmas is an early slasher horror from 1974, presenting the classic theme of murdered young people with a festive twist! Carl Zittrer produced the dramatic soundtrack, which has never been released at all outside of the film. It wasn’t easy to track down the master tapes, but Zittrer and ...view item »

Douglas Pipes

For his soundtrack to Krampus, Douglas Pipes has pulled in influences and references to a stack of classic Christmas horror material. Double 180g red vinyl, packaged in a grand, heavyweight gatefold jacket festooned with original artwork and with a large-scale booklet full of informative liner notes. Released on Waxwork...view item »

John Harrison
Tales From The Darkside: The Movie

Tales From The Darkside: The Movie is a 1990 horror flick full of creepy creatures. Of course, these spooky tales must be accompanied by cinematic synthesiser action, and that’s where John Harrison comes into the picture. This release presents the entire soundtrack (not...view item »

Harry Manfredini
Friday The 13th Part 3

We’ve seen a lot of horror film OST reissues recently, but this score for Friday the 13th Part 3 from Harry Manfredini is really one of the highlights. This double vinyl LP from Waxwork contains all the film’s cues and eerie music. There’s detuned synths, jarring strings a...view item »

Martin Cooper and David Hughes
C.H.U.D. (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

1984’s C.H.U.D. is another cult favourite B-movie horror flick, and as we all know by now, such films always have cult favourite synthy soundtracks too! Martin Cooper and David Hughes’ work has only ever been issued on the film itself, never before on a stand-alone format. So relish this 180...view item »

Pino Dinaggio
Tourist Trap (Original 1979 Soundtrack)

Copies of Pino Donaggio’s original soundtrack to 1979’s spooky The Tourist Trap have been long sought after by collectors, but Waxwork Records’ comprehensive remaster and reissue job brings the dramatic sonics back into availability. Pressed to 180g wax with blood-red swirls poured into the vinyl, in a...view item »

Danny Elfman

Danny Elfman is veteran of many a film soundtrack, and it is easy to see why. Nightbreed showcases the man’s very strong talents, perfectly suiting the dramatic horror of Clive Barker’s film. This reissue is pressed to vinyl with the colour scheme “Burlap Mask with Blood Clot Splatter” (naturally...view item »

Jonathan Snipes
Starry Eyes

All analogue synth creepiness from the soundtrack to horror film Starry Eyes. Sub Pop artist Jonathan Snipes delivers an expansive journey that’s as good as the award winning film itself. Moments of real beauty accompany the classic Goblin-inspired ominous synth sections. Includes 12” art print & digital...view item »

Chuck Cirino
Chopping Mall (Original Score)

'Chopping Mall' is, of course, a film about some teenagers who get lost in a shopping mall and then have to deal with the consequences: robots will come and kill you. The gleefully corny horror flick originally came out in 1986, and now its soundtrack is getting a full release. This original score is the work of Chuck Cirino, who ...view item »

Harry Manfredini
Friday The 13th (Original Score)

'Friday the 13th' is one of the first ever horror slasher flicks, so bless it for that. It came out in 1980 and it involves lots of people being murdered, probably in not very nice ways -- also Kevin Bacon is in it, so there's that. The soundtrack is now being reissued by Waxworks, given the vinyl treatment for the very first time. The film was ...view item »

John Harrison
Day Of The Dead (Original Score)

What a treat! The 2LP soundtracks to George Romero’s ‘Day Of The Dead’ just hit our office, with one LP on lurid yellow and the other on a spooky green marble. It’s in a chunky thick gatefold with lengthy liner notes from the Romero and composer John Harrison as well. This label Waxwork did a...view item »

Richard Band

Soundtrack to the 1985 cult-classic film starring Jeffrey Combs of Star Trek fame which helped drive fans of both the science fiction show as well as devout H.P. Lovecraft fans to the film for the past 30 years. From Richard Band, eerie, brilliant and spooky, just what you expect from a camp horror comedy of the eighties. Vinyl ...view item »