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Remember Sports
Sunchokes (Deluxe Edition)

Now with three records under their belts, it’s a great time to revisit their 2014 debut effort Sunchokes. Quietly released via Bandcamp, the lo-fi production and effortless pop melodies endeared it to those who heard it, and for its fifth anniversary the mini-album has been remastered by friend Lucas Knapp. Both CD and pink-coloured vinyl versions include eight bonus tracks and a 20-page memory book. 

Remember Sports
Slow Buzz

Remember Sports were once called Sports but we're now invited to Remember Sports. The band have moved from a tiny town to a big one and have added a drummer along the way. This is one of those records that revolves around the emotions suffered at the end of a relationship and showcases the band's most ambitious work to date. 


Shamir is, without doubt, one of a kind. His new 7”, Room, displays his adoration of country music, y’know, that obvious love you can hear in his previous material? This is his first new stuff since last year's Revelations LP. It was produced by LA big-shot Big Taste who has worked with Dua Lipa and acclaimed singer/songwriter, incomparable performer and man of the people, Justin Bieber. 7” bone coloured vinyl on Father/Daughter Records.

All Belief Is Paradise

Fits are an indie rock band from Brooklyn. All Belief Is Paradise is their debut long-player. Their songs are short and occasionally feature Pavement-style breakdowns before launching in another direction. Sometimes catchy, sometimes noisy, sometimes weird, always infectious. LP pressed on milky clear vinyl and CD on Father/Daughter Records.

SPORTS / Plush

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Diet Cig
Over Easy

People really enjoy having overblown opinions about the very chill band Diet Cig but they will essentially work for you if you like having feelings over decent chord progressions and enjoy the bridge built between indie rock and pop punk. Over Easy is five songs, an EP if you will, and it was initially released in 2015.

All of Something

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Adult Life

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Pure Bathing Culture
Pure Bathing Culture

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