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The Shivers

The Shivers are a band from the east coast (not Hull) of the good old US of A. They have a sound that is keyboard driven and quite soulful. They remind me of that Of Montreal band albeit less campy, and with a more Springsteen feel. I reckon they (or just mebbe the singer/stroke songwriter Keith ...view item »

Player Piano/ Come In Tokyo

More goodness from Fence with a split single by Player Piano and Come In Tokyo. The Player Piano side is smashing. Both Brian and me were taken by it on first listen. What does it sound like though? We couldn't decide at all and all we could come up with was it's a great pop song. Nice scratchy guitars in it and it has a real 70's feel......The pre...view item »

Seamus Fogarty
God Damn You Mountain

I need to go up to Anstruther, home of Fence Records, just to see what it’s like. I have no excuse not to go, it’s just up the coast somewhere, right? Fence seems to have been going for a long, long time and ...view item »

The Pictish Trail
Secret Sound Vol. 2

My only previous exposure to this Pictish Trail chappie, alter-ego of Fence honcho Johnny Lynch, was on a wacky album he did not too long ago which contained a gruelling 50 30-second-long songs. I didn’t find it a lot of fun to listen to, but I’m obliged to ...view item »

The Pictish Trail
Secret Soundz Vol. 1 & 2

[This is what our Mike wrote about Vol. 2]   My only previous exposure to this Pictish Trail chappie, alter-ego of Fence honcho Johnny Lynch, was on a wacky album he did not too long ago which contained a gruelling 50 30-second-long songs. I didn&rs...view item »

Rozi Plain
Joined Sometimes Unjoined

It’s Fence day here at the Towers, although this appears to be a split release with Need No Water. So I’ve seen the name bandied around but I’ve never heard Ro...view item »

King Creosote/ Kid Canaveral
Homerun & A Vow

This actually surprised me. What I know about music (and what John Terry knows about bedroom etiquette) can probably be written on a very small piece of parchment. Nevertheless the fact that the new split single from Kid Canaveral/King Creosote has a very normal rock single type vibe goin...view item »

King Creosote
Psalm Clerk

KING CREOSOTE comes last, the Fence head honcho with a highly distinctive & unusual voice. Yearning Celtic vocals over a motorik future folk thrum starts off 'Psalm Clerk' with earnest. It's 23 tracks (count 'em) work really well, veering from finger picking wavering folk, full of heartbreak & hope, to more gauntly &a...view item »

The Red Well
Amid Storms We Arrive

The Red Well have a CD out on Fence Records. Think it's been out for a wee while but it's only just landed here. 'Amid Storms We Arrive' is the boldly named title of their debut. The press release for this is a funny one. It admits it's not a new genre defining amazingly new album.... it's just a good album. Well I've heard about half of it and it'...view item »

The Pictish Trail
In Rooms

The Pictish Trail, aka Scotland's Johnny Lynch, has decided to do something a bit different with his new album. This one contains a mammoth 50 songs, each only 30 seconds long! To be honest, about 10 or 15 tracks in it got pretty annoying, but now I'm on about track 28 I think my brain has settled into the constant changing. Many of the "so...view item »

Kid Canaveral
Shouting At Wildlife

Kid Canaveral are a sprightly four-piece who hail from Fife in Scotland. They have an ear for melodies and peddle a sound that almost verges on twee. It has some nice dual vocals and some very catchy guitar riffs. Their newie has all the potential to be an indie pop classic. It's reminiscent of Teenage ...view item »

Chemical Campfires

BARBAROSSA provide us with 'Chemical Campfires', a multi layered & moving album of widescreen folk & brittle, inventive pop produced by Simon Lord of Garden/Simian fame. There's definitely a warm, bubbly soul throughout this album, as country/bluegrass textures rub shoulders with an electro-acoustic template of progres...view item »

Adrian Crowley
Bless Our Tiny Hearts

We're enormous fans of Adrian Crowley here. I've seen him live a few times and just about the most intimate thing I've seen live. You feel like you're sharing the guys innermost feelings and secrets. It's incredible how one man's voice can be packed with some much feeling and emotion. You almost feel like you shouldn't be there. Anyway here's a new...view item »

Found/ The Pictish Trail
Something Under The Bed is Drooling

I'd murder a banana split. Not the cheeky children's television monkeys but the ice cream and fruit variation. No such tasty treats for me but I do have a split green vinyl 7". A side is by Found is is an indie garage/grime hybrid. A strange fusion that works complete with spooky synth. The AA is by Pictish Trail. Their track is a weird glam t...view item »

Kid Canaveral/Come On Gang
I Don't Have the Heart for This/Start the Sound

A split 7" between Kid Canaveral and Come on Gang. the Kid Canaveral side is lovely sunny Belle and Sebastian style pop with a slight nod to our Australian friends the Go-Betweens. Flip the record over and you get Come on Gang now this one does start off sounding like the Go-Betweens (or Even As We Speak) before erupting into tuneful but sligh...view item »

You're Really Quite The Catch

Another Fence release this week is by Found. It's a 7" called 'You're Really Quite The Catch'. Now, with it's strummy groove & Scots burr this is quite a cool little number with a faint whiff of The Beta Band or Simian and an underbelly like Malcolm Middleton doing samba. I like the detached post rock guitar that sounds like it's wandered ...view item »

The Pictish Trail
Winter Home Disco

Got a clear vinyl 7" of Pictish Trail's 'Winter Home Disco' remixes by Hot Chip and Found. Who'd have thought Hot Chip would be doing another remix? Is there anyone that they haven't remixed? They must have ORD - Obsessive remixing disorder. I ...view item »

This Mess We Keep Reshaping

Found: 'This Mess We Keep Reshaping' (Fence) Hailing from Edinburgh this open ended CD covers a gamut of styles and genre blending ideas. I think it'd be safe to assume that the basis of much of this groups' ideas stem from strong song ideas which are them combined and contrasted with strains of contemporary electronica with hip hop scratch FX and ...view item »

HMS Ginafore & King Creosote
Love + Hate = Hate

Delectable stargazing folk next from HMS Ginafore & King Creosote. Comin' atcha like Outer Hebridean ambient poetry, flickering's of ancient fireside paeans juxtaposed with the pulse, rattle & whirr of not-so-ancient technology. This isn't "folktronica" though. Nothing so crass, as the KC voiced songs here are more akin to Ivor Cu...view item »

Things In Herds
Everything Has to End Somewhere

THINGS IN HERDS new (fully released) CD 'Everything Has to End Somewhere' has a remarkable painting of a zebra rollerskating on some pigs on the sleeve. If that isn't enough to have you reaching for your wallet/purse, this is a tender 10 tracker of heartfelt, fragile folk shapes and melancholic semi acoustic pop that has shades of ...view item »

Village Hall

Wiqwar has a nice summery CD out on the Fence label. 'Village Hall' is the fourth installment in their Picket Fence series. It seamlessly blends electronics and acoustic guitar. The triumph is that the electronics fit around and compliment the guitar perfectly rather than a load of electronic beats with guitar thrown over the top.9 tracks in total ...view item »

Dont Fudge With The Fence Made

Finally before I nip off and pack up some lovely records for you good people in time for the weekend I should tell you about a rather special sampler on the Fence imprint 'Don't Fudge With The Fence Made' is a bargain priced compilation lovingly compiled and distributed directly to a handfull of gold old fashioned independent ...view item »

Northern Alliance
For the Grains of Sand

Further epic, wistful guitar pop from Scotland courtesy of NORTHERN ALLIANCE . More mid-tempo melancholic guitar led pop, coming in somewhere between Sparklehorse, Delgados & Smog with bits of classic, windswept Scot-rock in there. There's a structured use of subtle  feedback juxtaposed with the oh so sl...view item »

King Creosote
Rocket DIY

Clint. The first disc I have for review this week is a lovely one by King Creosote called 'Rocket D.I.Y.' Its really the most impressive thing I've heard him/them do. Its lovely quaint Scottish pop music that kind of reminds me of being on holiday in a Scottish coastal resort as evening falls, the lights twinkling in the distance. There'...view item »