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Cool Like You

Just look at the sleeve? Wouldn't you just want to hang out with those guys? They are like Embrace but with cool lights. Well last time round Blossoms knack of writing catchy post Oasis anthems and adding enough 80s production to get local radio programmers everywhere putting away their ...view item »

Isaac Gracie
Isaac Gracie

Hot new British soft rock prospect Isaac Gracie's self-titled debut album comes out on the tail of a series of well received singles.  On it the young Londoner gets to grips with himself and his anxieties. Virgin EMI have very kindly given us some indies only yellow vinyl copies of this limit...view item »

Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)

Taking Tiger Mountain (by Strategy) is the second solo album by Brian Eno and was the first to employ his oblique strategies cards. Like a lot of Eno's early solo work some of the music is surprisingly upbeat an accessible at times but also delves deep into the sort of dense art rock that his work with Roxy...view item »


With Jamar McNaughton having been one of modern reggae’s foremost vocalist for a good few years now, it comes as a surprise that Chronology is the first official Chronixx LP. The album offers up a taut ten tracks that fold reggae, dub, lover’s rock and dancehall together with great style and aplomb. Well worth the wa...view item »

Massive Attack
The Spoils

A couple more new tracks from the lords of trip-hop which as usual featuring guest slots from the world of showbiz.  I have to admit I'm not feeling this Hope Sandoval track at all. Her voice just doesn’t have the emotional range to cope with the sweeping string-laden a...view item »

Brian Eno
Before and After Science

Eno's first four solo albums are all among the most underrated releases of the 1970s. Experimental, catchy and genre-hopping releases similar to that of contemporary David Bowie over the same period. Before and After Science might even be the pick of the bunch, combining the best elements of Taking Tiger Mountai...view item »

Here Come The Warm Jets

Here Come the Warm Jets was Brian Eno's debut solo album, credited under the name Eno it marked a continuation from the glam/art rock of Roxy Music but with a much more experimental bent. Tracks like the storming opener Needles in a Camel's Eye and Baby's On Fire anticipate the forward thinking art rock...view item »

The Libertines
Anthems For Doomed Youth

There was an awful moment on the BBC ‘Seven Ages of Rock’ documentary from a few years ago when having talked about The Smiths, The Stone Roses, Suede and Oasis -- which was varying degrees of fascinatin...view item »

Jake Bugg
Hearts That Strain

Recorded in Nashville with some of the best players in the history of recorded music, lord knows what these veterans of Aretha Franklin and Dionne Warwick sessions felt about this nasal voiced Nottingham upstart. Still, Bugg is nothing if not ambitious and this latest soul influenced opus contains collaborations...view item »

Pearl Jam
Let's Play Two

Grunge champions Pearl Jam unleashed their haughty, heaving rock music on Wrigley Fields in 2016, most likely sparking debates of "do they rock or do they rock?" amongst friends. These shows coincided with a World Series victory for the Chicago Cubs (sorta like the Leicester City love s...view item »

The Killers
Wonderful Wonderful

Fresh from jamming with Prince Harry, The Killers unleash more of their danceable rock which again is predicted to do well with non music fans. Having successfully forged a career out of having one good song the band now unleash their first new work since 'Battle Born' - an album distinct for being one that no-one can ...view item »

Cut Copy
Haiku From Zero

Haiku From Zero is the new album from Australian electronic band, Cut Copy.The album was recorded in Melbourne, New York and several places in between. It seemingly owes a great debt to Deerhunter and Animal Collective producer Ben Allen, whose work on this album ...view item »

Another Green World

Another Green World is Brian Eno's third solo album and marks the beginning of his move from rock-based compositions to the ambient work he pursued in the late '70s. It contains some of his best known tracks such as St Elmo's Fire and the beautiful title track and is notable for guest spots from Robert Frip...view item »

Benjamin Clementine
I Tell A Fly

I tell a fly get out of the goddamn kitchenette! Awful creatures. Mercury Prize winner Benjamin Clementine has announced his second album which is described as empathetic and compassionate. Hard to be either of those things where flies are concerned but there's also anger here which is far more apt an emotion. He's recently...view item »

Arcade Fire
Get Right

I don’t understand Arcade Fire but I’m reliably informed that loads of people like them. When I heard the first single taken from ‘Reflektor’ I assumed it was some kind of comedy prank. Anyway a million sales and an appearance in the Pitchfork best albums of all time list on , they are back with a track recorde...view item »

The Kooks

Only recently we were smitten all over again by the re-issue of the Beatles 'Sergeant Pepper's'... and 2017 has even more treats in store with a vinyl re-issue of the Kooks 'Konk'. This was their second album and features such hits as  ‘Ooh La’ and  ‘Sofa Song’. Klassic Kooks - we ...view item »

Spit It Out

Here’s the worst band ever and also they’re from my hometown, a place so desperate for a taste of good music that it converted a public toilet into a venue. Slaves are just not good at all, but they’re on Virgin EMI and they’ve been on Jools Holland, so they’ve lived punk rock as purely as the earth has achieved its...view item »

All That We've Become

After a long wait, Society have finally released upon to us their first full length debut record. A captivating combination of experimental indie-rock has given room for All That We’ve Become to grace its presence on earth. More than just a side project, Jamie Girdler and ...view item »

Vince Staples
Big Fish Theory

North beach Wunderkind Vince Staples is finally releasing his sophomore full-length album. Known for being from Norf Side Long Beach and sketching a grim view of life around Ramona Park, Staples’ voice is always lucid, and his tracks both catchy and moody. Here's to Big Fish Theory treating us to more of...view item »

Beth Ditto
Fake Sugar

Beth Ditto, known as the driving force of The Gossip, is now back back back with her first solo album! Fake Sugar is a powerful statement of soulful rockin’ pop, imbued with Ditto’s charismatic personality and mighty voice. Fake Sugar is released by Virgin EMI, with...view item »

The Strypes
Spitting Image

My how they have grown. The Strypes are now actual adults but are still producing a lively form of adrenalised rhythm and blues which they mix with high octane power pop and '70s styled pub rock. This is their third album and showcases tuneful guitar music that should hit hard with fans of Eddie and the Hot Rods...view item »

The Stone Roses
All For One

It was the 'where were you' moment for anyone still under the vaguest misapprehension that the Stone Roses were able to construct anything approaching a listenable song.  When your last decent attempt at a melody was released in 1989 that's a lot of years to try to repeat the trick. 'All For One' is of course laughably bad but the last...view item »

Marika Hackman
I'm Not Your Man

Marika Hackman’s second full-length album arrives with The Big Moon in tow as her backing band. I’m Not Your Man is a cool record, intimate when it needs to be and guitar-rocking when it feels like it. We have four different formats available (at time of release, depending on stock levels), ...view item »

Leave a Trace

Chvrches were one of the first bands to use an idiotic way of spelling their name so I’m going to forgive them more than I would everyone who has used the same trick since. They play very upbeat chart-friendly pop music that sits just to the left of your Taylor Swift tween-ready electronic pop by way...view item »

Cold War Kids
LA Divine

Cold War Kids are using their sixth full-length LP to pay homage to their beloved hometown of Los Angeles: the City Of Angels. L.A. Divine is another set of full-throated soulful indie, with a more muscular thrust to it than many of Cold War Kids’ lighter indie contemporaries. CD / double LP relea...view item »

Circa Waves
Different Creatures

If Circa Waves’ last album Young Chasers was a bright and sunny record (as they tell us it was), then Different Creatures is the somewhat darker album of the night. But don’t worry, the band are still playing polished radio indie-rock that will have no trouble scaling festival line-ups over the summ...view item »

Ryan Adams

It seems a long long way from Whiskeytown now but David Ryan Adams is still at it veering somewhere between alt country troubadour and balls out rocker. This album follows his ill-advised attempt at covering Taylor Swift's '1989' and showcases a prolific period of writing. Indeed 'Do You Still Love Me?' is brash...view item »

Caught In Still Life

Vaults are in serious ascendancy. Their rise is, admittedly, largely due to this debut's conclusive track, One Day I'll Fly Away - as featured in 2016's John Lewis xmas ad. However this album rides on a vast depth of emotional vibrancy and crystal clear production, not simply on a singular momen...view item »

Jamie T
Power Over Men

Jamie T is back in business with a new album, Trick. This single taken from the album makes a nice strong statement with it’s BDSM sleeve art and vibe of female Power Over Men, with the track working the usual Jamie T rock-songwriter vibes. Pressed to ball-gag-yellow 7” vinyl in lim...view item »

Loyle Carner
Yesterday's Gone

Loyle Carner presents his debut full-length album, Yesterday’s Gone. The Croydon-based rapper is clearly serious about family and roots: as well as various lyrics and the lovely Carner family snap used for the album artwork, ...view item »

Paul Weller
More Modern Classics

More Modern Classics by Paul Weller is another new collection featuring the best tracks from the last fifteen years of the Modfather’s career. More Modern Classics is available as a double vinyl LP, a limited edition 3CD set including 20 additional tracks and 12 radio session tracks and standard...view item »

Coma Happy

Fangclub's blend of sweet, catchy pop tunes and in-your-face distortion seems to place their style about halfway between pop-punk and grunge, although at times it can be difficult to decide where exactly they lie on the spectrum. Coma Happy is the second EP from the Dublin-base...view item »

Stevie Parker

Consistently dreamy, sensual and ethereal is the London Grammar-esque Blue offering from Bath-born Stevie Parker. Soft synths and stripped back beats provide a sparse atmosphere for Parker's shimmering voice to flourish in this melancholic and ultimately highl...view item »

Slaves / Wonk Unit
Take Control / We Are The England

Virgin EMI anarchists continue to sing about punk agency on a track called "Take Control" which is quintessential Slaves aka bad music, done quickly but lasting forever. The music video involves them cycling about and having a good time and while it looks innocuous I assure you the footage was taken from a day of them chasing me around a Tunbrid...view item »

Jake Bugg
On My One

As far as I am aware, this is Jake Bugg’s first foray into production after his previous album, Shangri La was produced by none other than Rick Rubin. A bit of a leap for Bugg perhaps who wrote, played and produced everything except three tracks produced by Jacknife Lee. P...view item »

Jim James
Eternally Even

Most commonly known as frontman of My Morning Jacket, Jim James brings us his sophomore record - Eternally Even. Produced by Alabama Shakes' Blake Mills, this offering is set to top his debut release - which was met with widespread critical accla...view item »

Empire Of The Sun
Two Vines

Although the press release cheerfully discloses that their debut Walking on A Dream sold 1.5 million copies it fails to confirm sales of it's follow up Ice on the Dune. Something went very wrong between the two albums but there's hope yet for Empire of the Sun if they can just stay clear of being too cheesy. ...view item »

Take Control

Energised and fervent second album from mercury faves, Slaves. Produced by ex-Beastie Boy Mike D (He also guests on one of the tracks), they push into heavier and more politically charged material. Tonally you can hear Mike D’s sheen, mixing 90s hip-hop and elements of The Damned...view item »

Jamie T

Popular rap rock dude Jamie T is back after a gap of two years with more massive ear worms that you'll know even if you claim otherwise. Lead single 'Tinfoil Boy' is both emo-tinged and moshpit friendly which bodes well for an album of expansive /punk/reggae/rap/pop that is sure to be one of the years bigger releases. He's one o...view item »


Pictured on the sleeve in a pose that suggests they are trying to win an Embrace lookalike competition, Blossoms have been touted as the great new hope for British indie music but on opener ‘Charlemagne’ they come across as something like a cross between Suede and ...view item »

Home Of The Brave

Prose are three lads from Manchester whose anthems of growing up, life and love are imbued with a working class narrative. The band’s popularity has risen exponentially since signing with British producer Naughty Boy and yet bigger things are expected following their debut album Home Of The Brave....view item »

Band of Horses
Why Are You OK

On the tenth anniversary of the release of their debut album, Everything All The Time, Seattle’s Band Of Horses release their fifth album Why Are You OK. The album contains all the melodic hooks and the stories the band are known for. This time however, the album is informed by top horse Ben Bridwell&rsqu...view item »

Clare Maguire
Stranger Things Have Happened

Clare Maguire hit the depths of despair when her first album didn't work out but thankfully she got herself together, bought a sausage dog and started tentatively posting songs online. This has resulted in her second album in which she has taken control of her music once again. She has a big foghorn of a voice that veers between Lana Del...view item »

Jake Bugg
Gimme The Love

Lee Mavers rapping atop a discarded Stereo MCs backing track. Well baggy. ...view item »

Feed The Mantaray

Just look at them. It's fair to say that Slaves haven't been invented to appeal to ears of my vintage.  An appearance of this single on the Shaun Keaveny show this morning came very close to spoiling my breakfast They make a right old racket of barely listenable rawk with cockney vocals and buzzsaw riffs. Uuurgggh. ...view item »


Sitcom idea. Sleaford Mods and Slaves trapped together on an endless world tour. There are similarities between them - they part share a fan base, their names both begin with Sl, they are both ‘punk influenced’. SM are grumpy old men, Slaves are irritating, bouncing youth. It might just have legs...view item »

Brian Wilson
No Pier Pressure

A question regularly posed by seasoned Beach Boy watchers over recent years concerns how much Brian Wilson is in charge of his current output. He's certainly been by his own standards prolific over the last few years with the highlight the fantastic three songs he managed to cobble together towards the end of the Beach Boys surprisingly ok ...view item »

Bleeding Heart Pigeons
Anything You Want EP

Bleeding Heart Pigeons are an indie rock band from Ireland. Anything You Want is a four track EP with some solid, impassioned tunes. The sound is like early Radiohead meets a bit of Pulp perhaps, via a bit of White Lies. It’s really solid, catchy stuff wit...view item »

MTV Unplugged

MTV Unplugged by Placebo sees the band not being content with stripping back their songs to their bare bones. Brian Molko and co. wanted to do something special to contribute to the on-going history of MTV Unplugged. Available on a staggering number of formats: Double vinyl LP picture disc, 180g double vinyl LP...view item »

Every Open Eye

Chvrches return with Every Open Eye, their second album. This is an impressively full-blown synth-pop record, almost recalling a Taylor Swift or a Robyn. Pretty notable levels of craft for a band only two records in. The last album sold plenty, and this one sounds like it could sell yet...view item »

The Chemical Brothers

New Chemical Brothers 12”, extracting Go from this years full-length Born In The Echoes. As you would want from a Chems 12”, the track is extended for full dancefloor effectiveness, and is accompanied on the flip by an ‘Edge Of Control Dub’ version. Q-Tip takes up the vo...view item »

Cheer Up London

Well this new single, from questionably named Tunbridge Wells duo Slaves, is awful from pretty much all perspectives. Bringing us back to lower-end mid-2000s indie with some patronising lyrics: the B side to the Cheer Up London 7” single is titled Why Would You?, and that just seems to sum it all up....view item »

Bleeding Heart Pigeons
A Hallucination

I believe this is Bleeding Heart Pigeons debut release, an EP on Virgin EMI. A Hallucination has a slightly epic seam running down the middle of its churning indie rock, not to mention some unusual breakdowns. Everything sounds very fully-formed for such a brand new band. Heavyweight 12" vinyl with band-produ...view item »

The Strypes
Little Victories

Cherub-like Irish four-piece The Strypes caused a stir with their debut album, Snapshot because they looked (and were) so young yet rocked so convincingly. The band have spent two years touring the world before returning to the studio to record their second album, Little Victories. Expect even bigger things fro...view item »

The Chemical Brothers
Born In The Echoes

Brand new, full length record from The Chemical Brothers, the first in quite some time! These massive dance-smash tracks are full of familiar Chemical goodness, though also reinvigorated with some 2015 energy. Vocalists include Beck, Q-Tip and St Vincent! CD, de...view item »

Are You Satisfied

Debut full-length from Slaves, the Tunbridge Wells band who have been rightly castigated recently for their dodgy name. Thirteen tracks of well-polished sort-of punk with a snarky attitude, packaged in pink with a disco ball of foil. Contains several ‘anthems’, no doubt, including recent single ‘Cheer Up London...view item »

Circa Waves
Young Chasers

Hyperactive Ramones-equse pop with a hint of the Arctic Monkeys on this debut album Young Chasers from new band on the scene Circa Waves who’ve already made a splash touring for the NME Awards. Recorded at the RAK studios in London back in late 2014 and bursting out at the end of March 2015.  One for fans of the Zuton...view item »

Matt and Kim
New Glow

From the superhappy intro-song-to-the-Community-tv-series about suicide, Matt and Kim have now arrived at a cheerful pop sound with some cozy trap influences somehow meshed in comfortably. New Glow has got a new sound going for the duo, while still keeping in touch with their old joy. Also, who could say no to such happ...view item »

Laura Marling
Short Movie

She suited her hair brown but very quickly changed it back to white. She suited her hair long but very quickly had it all lopped off. And as with her various haircuts, Laura Marling changes musical styles too. Not crazily so, she sticks to her folk template but each record she moves in a different direction. Here, she has slipped away fr...view item »

Jamie T
Carry On The Grudge

Which one is Jamie T again? I simply can't remember. Anyway here he is, he hasn't released anything for four years, yet this is  his third album? What is it? I mean what the hell is it? The track I'm listening to is a kind of a chanting pub rock type affair with a melody which is exactly like somethong from the '80's that I just can't recal...view item »

The Gaslight Anthem
Get Hurt

'Get Hurt' is the fifth record from New Jersey's proudest punk rockers the Gaslight Anthem, known for a nostalgic, Springsteen-touting sound that rivals even the Hold Steady. The band's Americana tinged punk is set to be changed up on this record, as frontman Brian Fallon has expressed a wish to try something new, dipping into folk as ...view item »

Morning Phase

Every few years Beck does the decent thing and releases an album of haunting acoustic tracks, usually when he’s had a relationship break up or is in the middle of some kind of crisis or other.This album seems to have come following several wilderness years for Mr Han...view item »

The Bones Of What You Believe

First off, the V in Chvrches needs to be addressed. Bugger off. Now that's done; these guys are a Glaswegian synth pop band with a heavier, M83 style, epic synth beat which meet some kind of CSS vocals and pop. It's possibly most similar in style to La Roux. In fact, the song 'Gun' remin...view item »

Cage The Elephant

Melophobia is the third album by Kentuckian five-piece, Cage The Elephant. Melophobia was recorded in Nashville with the band’s regular producer, Jay Joyce, once again at the helm. With anthemic indie rock songs such as Come A Little Closer, the album is likely to please fans old and new. ...view item »

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