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Mac-Talla Nan Creag
The Sorrow Of Derdriu

We were a massive fan of Firecracker's first Mac-Talla Nan Craeg release, a record that curve-balled our expectations on the label to release good house bangers via an archaeological dig of Scotland's ancient landscape. One can only assume that participating artists Hoch Ma Toch, Other Lands and Lord Of The Isles have been up on the highlands drinking more whiskey as they've now got The Sorrow of Derdrilu to give us, another sound collage created through found sound, synths and traditional song study. They claim this one is more narratively driven, based on particular ancient tales rather than inferred from simply hanging out in the countryside.


At the time of writing it’s 08:13 in Atlanta and 17:13 in Tbilisi. This particular Norman Records™ description writer found out both of these things before he got any info on Georgia’s Time. It turns out that this duo are actually from New York City and make a highly idiosyncratic brand of off-kilter electronica compositions. There are shades of Zuli’s avant-hop, the brain-bending beats of early Flying Lotus and FaltyDL’s organic rhythms to Time, but really this one’s out on its own. This LP has been released via the dependable Firecracker Recordings (Lord Of The Isles, DJ Sports).
  • Vinyl Double LP (FIREC028LP)
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  • Firecracker Recordings

Fresh Gildans

Are you allowed to go at 150 BPM? Isn't that one of the forbidden tempos? Well no one ever told Linkwood who's determined the make you dance (fidget?) faster than you thought you could. Fresh Gildans features three new tracks from the electrofunk producer. But don't get too excited, the B-side takes things a bit easier.
  • Vinyl 12" (FIREC026)
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Other Lands
Pattern Transform

Oh here we go, here's a colourful thing, one foot in sumptuous tropical island-house, another in quirky downbeat electronica. Richly composed and beautifully groovy, this release is hard to place but none of that really matters to be honest, the vibes are light and shimmering and categorisation can melt away.
  • Vinyl 12" (FIREC025)
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