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Juana Molina

Argentinian experimental / folktronica guitarist Juana Molina turned up at Roskilde festival in 2018 to find her band’s instruments weren’t there. She had her guitar, so they played on with the instruments that were there. This meant playing improvised arrangements of her songs. It went down a storm, so they decided to take the ideas into the studio. Forfun, a 4-track 10” EP of reworked songs is the result.
  • Vinyl 10" (CRAM293EP)
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  • Coloured vinyl

Matias Aguayo
Support Alien Invasion

Chilean/German artist Matias Aguayo’s last album was The Visitor in 2013. About the only rule with this chap is that there will be dancing, and this by no means guarantees 4/4 rhythms. In fact, Support Alien Invasion seems dead keen to slip around and between typical time signatures. Aguayo’s impressive success lies in navigating this tricky minimal terrain without losing grip of the party or resembling too closely his stern, clanking German associates.

Mountains and Plains

Stubbleman is the ego of Pascal Gabriel who has done literally everything in music including writing the Theme from S Express and worked with Dido, Kyle Minogue and Can amongst others. One thing he hasn't done is write an ambient album so this is what that is, using cinematic sounds and live piano to create a panoramic album inspired by a US road trip.     
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  • Crammed Discs

Ekiti Sound
Abeg No Vex

Ekiti Sounds debut album is the sound of Lagos vis London and back again. On Abeg No Vex, the producer brings together disparate strains of electronic music and ties them together with the afropunk spirit. Ekiti Sounds aka Leke, is well practiced in production, having worked as a sound designed in Nollywood. On Crammed Discs.

Scott Gilmore
Two Roomed Motel

Two Roomed Motel plunges you into a an American world precisely as evocative as that title might suggest: this is San Fernando music, by Scott Gilmore. His style is rooted in the liberated Californian 70’s, where psychedelia, electronic experimentation, weird grooves and harmonised pop all sit well together. Scott’s new album is released by Crammed Discs.

Aksak Maboul
Un peu l'Ame des bandits

Listen back to the early roots of the Crammed Discs label, with this essential album by Aksak Maboul, the Belgian avant-rock group lead by label-runner Marc Hollander and also featuring such luminaries as Fred Frith and Chris Cutler of Henry Cow! Un peu ‘Ame des bandits is an amazing smorgasbord of a listen, spiralling through ambient, punk, turkish, tango and various avanty genres with breathtaking agility. Reissued, with bonus previously unreleased tracks, by Crammed Discs.
  • Vinyl LP (CRAM002LP)
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Aksak Maboul
Onze Dances pour Combattre la Migraine

Aksak Maboul is keeping busy at the moment (with a great collaboration with Veronique Vincent), so what better time to be reminded of earlier work? Onze Dances pour Combattre la Migraine is a glorious thing from 1977, and even if it doesn’t cure your headache, you will almost certainly dance. Reissue on Crammed Discs.

Juana Molina

Argentinian singer-songwriter Juana Molina gets easily lumped into a category far too broad for her impressively unique style. Her seventh full length, Halo touches all bases - from up close and playful tracks like Cosoco to the dark and claustrophobic Lentísimo Halo. Features a few guest appearance from Deerhoof's John Dieterich.

Kasai Allstars & Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste
Around Félicité

Around Felicite is a film by Alain Gomis, inspired by the heady sounds of Kinshasa’s finest, the Kasai Allstars. Of course, who could be better to soundtrack such a film than the Allstars themselves, working in this case with the Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste for extra symphonic colour. Double CD and double LP editions on Crammed Discs.

Yasuaki Shimizu
Music For Commercials

From 1987, Yasuaki Shimizu's Music For Commercials is still a very popular title in the 'Made to Measure' series. Composer-saxophonist Shimizu -- known for his soundtrack work and collaborations with Ryuichi Sakamoto, Van Dyke Parks, Bjork etc -- made an unusual album of short bits for Japanese TV ads (Seiko, Sharp, Honda). 23 tracks, each around 2 minutes long. Sounds are collaged, machines whirr. Artists such as OPN are well into it. CD / remastered vinyl with colour inner sleeve and free download. On Crammed Discs.
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  • Crammed Discs

Le Ton Mite
Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel

Le Ton Mité is a hard-to-pin-down collective with one McCloud Zicmuse sitting at the centre (other participants include members of Deerhoof and A Hawk And A Hacksaw). Passe Compose Futur Conditionnel packs an impressive 50 songs into 67 minutes, covering a wide span of sounds and styles. CD and double LP release on Crammed Discs.


At no less than 36 years of age, the warped synths and humming basslines of Half-Mute by Tuxedomoon return to the fore on vinyl with Crammed Discs. The experimental new-wavers from San Fran helped kick off the 1970s punk rock revolution, and this offering is largely responsible for establishing the outfit's cult status.
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  • Crammed Discs

Minimal Compact
One (Statik Dancin')

Underground 80’s club favourites Minimal Contact play relentlessly compulsive, bass driven tracks with an economical, stripped back funk/disco sound, recorded with a raw, punk rock production aesthetic that earned them a large, cult following across Europe and the US. This remastered reissue of their 1981 mini album includes the classic track ‘Statik Dancin’.
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  • Crammed Discs

Veronique Vincent & Aksak Maboul
16 Visions Of Ex-Futur

Ex-Futur was released in 2014, and so many artist from across the musical plains loved it that much that they have come together with covers in their owns styles. Including Jaakko Eino Kalevi, Marc Collin (Nouvelle Vague), London’s Bullion, delicate electro-pop from Frenchman Flavien Berger, Skweee-ers Easy & C.O.U., Nite Jewel and many others. The latest incarnation of Aksak Maboul also re-record two tracks themselves.

Tuxedomoon & Various Artists
Half-Mute / Give Me New Noise: Half-Mute Reflected

Tuxedomoon’s 1980 debut Half-Mute is rightly well-regarded as a weird-pop masterpiece: now the band are touring it again! To accompany the shows, they’ve handed out the material to artists like Simon Fisher Turner, Cult With No Name and Aksak Maboul, to cover and reinterpret. All these new takes are presented here: the CD version also contains the original album reissued.
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  • Crammed Discs

Konono No. 1
Konono No 1 Meets Batida

The mighty Congolese collective Konono No.1 haven’t released a record in ages, so this new collaborative effort with the Angolan / Portuguese producer Batida is very welcome. He mostly underpins the tracks with beats, managing to add to but not distract from the inimitable buzzing momentum that Konono do so well. On Crammed Discs.
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  • Crammed Discs

The Honeymoon Killers
Les Tueurs de la Lune de Miel

The Honeymoon Killers were a Belgian band fronted by Yvon Vromman. They formed in 1974 but it wasn’t until the early ‘80s and the release of Les Tueurs de la Lune de Meil in 1982 that they started to tour the rest of Europe. The British music press and French TV loved ‘em and Les Tueurs… became a much sought after piece of vinyl. Their music was a mix of indie, jazz and African rhythms.

Tuxedomoon & Cult With No Name
Blue Velvet Revisited

Blue Velvet Revisited is a recent making-of documentary for David Lynch’s classic movie, and we all know what David Lynch films sound like don’t we? What a tantalising soundtrack commission for Tuxedomoon and Cult With No Name to try and capture that atmosphere, which they achieve with noirish jazz and chamber music.
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  • Crammed Discs

Berangere Maximin
Dangerous Orbits

Available on CD or double vinyl LP on Crammed Discs. Jeeez! Name dropping alone should grab you if you like any kind of drone or sound art. Berangere Maximin studied under Denis Dufour (GRM, and himself a pupil of Pierre Schaeffer), first album released on John Zorn’s Label, and on to collaborations with Fennesz, and Rhys Chatham. Needless to say, this is honed skill in sound collage and other worldly atmospherics.

Cosmic Serpents

Don’t be fooled by the garish, cringingly teenage art & design project style cover for Cosmic Serpents by Skip&Die because behind the cover, in those dusty grooves, are some rhythmical, tropical and dance-inducing tunes, inspired by the countries in which the album was written and recorded, including Argentina, Egypt, Brazil and Portugal. Fun, fun, fun electronica to sway and groove to.  

Jozef Van Wissem
It's Time for You to Return

The dark, lute-driven folk of Josef Van Wissem found its place on the soundtrack for Jim Jarmusch's most recent evil vampire movie, but now it steps out on its own on this record where he seemingly thinks it's a good idea to rebrand himself as a vicar. These nine works see him working at a lethargic and mesmerising pace that entrances the listener. While based formally around Wissem as a lutenist, it also sees him as something of a conductor, with Jarmusch joining on guitar and Yasmine Hamdan on vocals.


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Presents the Sound of Club Secousse

  • CD (CRAM171)
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Lonely Drifter Karen
Fall of Spring

  • Vinyl LP (CRAM156LP)
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