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François Tusques
Alors Nosferatu Combina Un Plan Ingénieux

Alors Nosferatu Combina Un Plan Ingénieux is constructed from tapes found in François Tusques’s basement, recorded around the time that the legendary French jazz pianist performed a number of similarly iconic concerts from early 1969 to late 1971. The results are released via Cacophonic Records. 
  • Vinyl LP (26CACKLP)

Gökçen Kaynatan

One of the most important figures in the modern history of Turkish popular music, Gökçen Kaynatan is largely responsible for anything made with synthesisers in the country. Cehennem is a collection of much-speculated upon and mainly previously unheard EMS Synthi AKS recordings, some of which date back to his earliest days and one of which was finished during recovery from brain surgery. 
  • Vinyl LP (25CACKLP)

Brussels Art Quintet
Vasy-Y Voir

Extremely in-demand private press European jazz rarity here, getting a very desirable 7” reissue by Cacophonic. Brussels Art Quintet involved members of both COS and Babs Robert Quartet, and Vasy-Y Voir and its B-side represent their entire recorded output, and what quality output it is. Vital for collectors and great for listeners too.
  • Vinyl 7" (CACK4508)

Roger Doyle
Oizzo No

The Irish composer’s ultra-rare 1975 debut is a wonderland of head-spinning tape collage, densely dissonant strings, and woozily detuned pianos, where uilleann pipes meet the avant garde. There’s a strong Uncle Meat-era Mothers of Invention flavour in the copious tape-speed manipulation, tricksy melodies and echoes of Edgard Varèse. Though Doyle was signed to U2’s short-lived Mother Records, it’s more useful to note his appearance on the Nurse With Wound list, and their label United Dairies.
  • Vinyl LP (24CACKLP)

John Robinson Pierce
Music From Mathematics

At some point, robots are going to take over the earth. Maybe it has already happened and we can’t even tell. Those that will be spared are those that have declared their love for all things robotic so you should buy this 1960s foray into computer generated music by John Robinson Pierce and start swatting up. On vinyl.

Jean Dubuffet
Expériences Musicales De Jean Dubuffet

Reissue of Jean Dubuffet's legendary Expériences Musicales. The original can cost upwards of €5000 so at £15.49 this is an absolute steal! Dubuffet founded Art Brut (not the band), a movement which he saw as raw emotional expression. His music is definitely raw, noisy and cacophonous. A fascinating artefact of 1960s avant-garde music. 
  • Vinyl LP (22CACKLP)

Musique Expérimentale

Finders Keepers bring yet another vital moment of the 20th Century French leftfield to wax with this release of early electroacoustic music and music concrete. After Pierre Schaeffer secured the keys to one of Europe’s first purpose-built electroacoustic studios in 1951, a community began to incubate around the studio which eventually developed into the Groupe de Recherches Musicales de la R. T. F.. This release brings together essential works made by that loose collection of artists, who included Luc Ferrari and Michel Philippot.
  • Vinyl LP (21CACKLP)

Michel Magne
Musique Tachiste

  • Vinyl LP (1CACKLP)
  • CD (1CACKCD)

Les Nouvelles Structures Sonores

Names that occupy a similar space to Jean Jacques Perry, Mort Garson and indeed Delia Derbyshire, the Lasry-Bachet group were known for their early experiments in music and sound, linking high forms of artistic expression with a melodiousness that at the time would be called futuristic. A historical artefact for vintage sonic journeys.
  • Vinyl 7" (CACK4507)

Don Cherry
Music, Wisdom, Love

Here’s a remarkable document of a Don Cherry residency in Paris 1967, unreleased and unheard for fifty years! Music, Wisdom, Love is an exciting slice of the Don Cherry puzzle, adding yet more insight into one of the most eclectic and intriguing figures in free jazz. LP release on the Cacophonic label.
  • Vinyl LP (18CACKLP)

François Tusques
Free Jazz

Recorded in 1965, when this thing called free jazz was really starting to pick up steam around the world, Francois Tusques’ album Free Jazz brings together the finest French players for a fiercely cool session. This first-time vinyl reissue includes two bonus outtakes, as well as a replica of the original booklet. On Cacophonic
  • Vinyl LP (20CACKLP)

Daniela Casa
Arte Moderna

Daniela Casa’s Arte Moderna is a particularly fascinating and unusual set of sounds, even by the high standards set by 1970s Italian library music in general. A number of these pieces are proper cutting-edge electroacoustics, with an astonishing attention to detail and a craftsperson’s approach to sound: fantastic stuff! Never commercially released before, this golden material is now available, via Cacophonic.
  • Vinyl LP (15CACKLP)

Pierre Henry

Pierre Henry’s influential score for the 1962 film Malefices - which starred Juliette Greco, no less - makes its way back to wax courtesy of Cacophonic. Henry was one of the first of the musique concrete crew to see the exciting ways in which the medium could cross-breed with other genres. His music here, part-Hammer Horror ghoulishness and part eerie avant experiments, is a good example of Henry seeing that potential realised.
  • Vinyl LP (6CACKLP)

Alle Sorgenti Delle Civiltà

The world of Italian library music and film composition is already fairly obscure territory, but Giuilia De Muittis is even less well known than the area’s ‘big names’, no doubt due to the inbuilt sexism of 70’s Italy. She played on many releases, but Alle Sorgenti Delle Civiltá is the first ever album of her own work as an artist, under the moniker of Kema. 10” on Cacophonic.
  • Vinyl 10" (19CACK)

Ganimian & His Oriental Music
Come With Me To The Casbah

Come With Me To The Casbah is the only publicly released full-length album by Charles ‘Chick’ Ganimian, the Armenian-American oud-player. That’s a kind of Middle-Eastern lute, which you knew already of course. For their fusion between traditional music with contemporary sounds (from 1958, that is), Gamian & His Oriental Music were more than due for a reissue. So here it is. Get your hands on that vintage sound!
  • Vinyl LP (16CACKLP)

Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik

'Science Fiction Park Bundesrepublik' offers scuzzy and mysterious ramblings from Felix Kubin inc. This time around he's gone out of his way to curate a compilation of speculatively DIY, amateurish and home-made recordings from Germany in the 1980s. This one's calling out for fans of mangled krautrock. 
  • CD (CACHE012CD)

Lucien Goethals
Lucien Goethals

Compiling Belgian Composer Lucien Goethals' solo magneto-phonic material, Finders Keepers do it again with this gorgeous and esoteric LP. Magneto-phone experimentation basically refers to early tape manipulation, here specifically of cello and clarinet pieces. If that deranged technique doesn’t sound exciting it’s probably too late for you anyway.
  • Vinyl LP (5CACKLP)

Danse Sacrale

  • CD (9CACKCD)

Remi Gassmann

  • Vinyl 10" (4CACK-B)

Mr. Ondioline
Mr. Ondioline

  • Vinyl 7" (CACK4502)

Karel Goeyvaerts
Karel Goeyvaerts

  • Vinyl LP (2CACKLP)
  • CD (2CACKCD)

François Tusques
La Chasse Au Snark (The Hunting Of The Snark)

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Bernt Rosengren With Komeda Trio
(Crazy Girl) Jazz Jamboree 1961 Nr. 4

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Otto Luening & Vladimir Ussachevsky
Tape Recorder Music

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Francois Tusques With Barney Wilen
Le Nouveau Jazz

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Max Mathews
Music From Mathematics

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Musique Concrète

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Don Cherry & Jon Appleton
Don / Jon

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Francois Tusques & Don Cherry
La Maison Fille Du Soleil

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Braen Raskovich
Abnormal Sensations

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Martial Solal joue Michel Magne

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Instruments Non-Électroniques

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Francois Tusques
La Reine Des Vampires 1967

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Henk Badings

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Harry Partch
The Bewitched

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