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Bear Bones, Lay Low
Atlantean Encrypted Message

Ernesto González goes white label with three tracks from his Bear Bones, Lay Low project. With the title track taken from his 2015 cassette only album Visions From Limbus on Lonktaar, it’s a radiophonic exploration, sounding like a rainforest on the forbidden planet. Backed by two brand new...view item »

Setting The Scene For An Island Battle

This one has been a long time coming: Jordan GCZ (he of Lushlyfe and Off Minor fame) and Willie Burns (of Black Deer) have apparently been recording bits and pieces here and there since 1996, leaving their music together as Crotocosm supremely t...view item »

SK U KNO (Suzanne Kraft)

Netherlands-based Suzanne Kraft (a bloke named Diego, by the way) graces pal Jonny Nash’s label Melody as Truth with another LP. U KNO reproduces material performed live last year, ranging all sorts from woozy interludes and ambient dreamscapes to rather blazed ‘n’ wonky sampletronica....view item »


This would appear to be the debut of the project named E.F.A.: no word on what the personnel are, but nevermind about that, listen in. The two tight little tracks on this 7” release are sharp-edged, bright-eyed, and rinsed with acid: the kind of tunes that could really wake you up in the morning. Very limited supplies of t...view item »

Bear Bones, Lay Low
Hacia La Luz

Bear Bones, Lay Low is the pseudonym of Belgian based Venezuelan Ernesto González. Hacia La Luz, a solo vinyl LP he produced when not tripping out with psychedelic super-group Sylvester Anfang, taps into Belgium’s booming experimental scene and his own warped aesthetics. Tune out to cosmic synths an...view item »

Design A Wave

Retro synth-pop from Design A Wave, with all the elements in place: the handclaps snap tightly, the synth-bass plods along, there are slight lashings of Nile Rogers-esque guitar. Although the vocals do sound powerfully relaxed: possibly to the point of can’t-be-arsed. Snakeface is an LP and a 7&rd...view item »

Black Deer
Nowhere Man

There is a slightly spooked feel to Nowhere Man, and that’s probably no accident: William Burnett, the man behind Black Deer, began making these tracks as accompaniments to videos he put together about a strange 90’s TV show. Seething synth-wave with that excellent production touch that ...view item »

Jamal Moss
The Digital Afterlife EP

The Digital Afterlife EP gives us listeners a thrilling insight into how Jamal Moss (he of the Hieroglyphic Being) creates in the heat of the moment: the title track was put together on the fly in the midst of a 2-hour ambient-centri...view item »

Black Deer
Pray For Us

Pray For Us is the latest release from William Burnett’s Black Deer project, apparently seeking to represent ‘real Americans’. I’m not sure about that, but the title track’s darkly looming, hand-clap driven momentum is seriously compelling, and the stark artwork (courtesy o...view item »


Lessons from a spiritual dimension on this Four track EP on Rush Hour's No 'Label' - produced by Matt Gardner aka Terekke (L.I.E.S), these (untitled) raw house and techno tracks all speak for themselves as participants in the mission of dancefloor propulsion: go listen! 12” vinyl....view item »

Jordan GCZ
Lushlyfe II

Jordan Czamanski goes by many names and groups; Magic Mountain High and Juju and Jordash to name two. Under his lesser heard from Jordan GCZ alias he creates mesmerising and highly imaginative electronic experiments. With previous releases on Future Times and Off Minor Lushl...view item »

APC Edits Vol.1

Got a shadowy 12” here, not on any label, with just a bright psychedelic design on the sticker instead of information, but I happen to know that it’s APC, aka Aaron from Peaking Lights, with some shiny looped out synthscapes full of bubbling modular loops ...view item »


Fyoelk is a producer who likes to keep things under wraps, having not put anything out since a 7” on Erode Releases almost five years ago. Shame, as this self-titled 12” shows that they have the knack of weaving synth-lines and bass-lines into a fine, groovy mesh, with the beat cushioned in the middle. Limited editio...view item »

Stump Valley
Magica Movida

Stump Valley keep the mystique up pretty high, but identities don’t really matter with tracks of this quality. Following on from releases on Uzuri and Off Minor, Magica Movida is a double 12” release with multiple versions of a few of its tracks. Lo-fi odd-house jams to be savoured by home listeners and esot...view item »

Black Deer
Trail Of Tears

‘Trail Of Tears’ 12" is Black Deer aka William Burnett (Will & Florian)’s release for the ambiguous No Label record label which exists as a platform for less categorizable music that falls outside the remit of more specific, labels or genres. ‘Trail Of Tears’ certainly falls under the ethos of No Label, extendin...view item »

Odd Numbers
Break Even

Odd Numbers are DJ/producer Willie Burns (Will & Florian), Psychedelic synthesist Secret Circuit (Medicine) and LA based producer/DJ Suzanne Kraft. Their latest release ‘Break Even’ is an optimistic, uplifting, wide eyed nostalgic house record sailing into a tranquil Balearic sea of laid back dancefloor vibes....view item »

Shplittin' The Shtones

Available on 12” vinyl LP, Not on a label. Split LP with mb (Morgan Buckley) and od (Olmo Devin). With 3 tracks on a side each, they plunder into bizarre kraut-like house which displays funky elements, a bit of acid, as well as crunchy driving force of the “Mad-chest...view item »

Will & Florian
Will & Florian

Willie Burns and Florian Kupfer, as Will & Florian, combine their usual deft house and techno revisionism into an altogether stranger and more psychedelic electronic form. Club boundaries are broken apart, but there’s still plenty of overdriven drum machines and soft synthesizer tones stretched out in deep house narrat...view item »

Torn Hawk

This is an enigmatic double 7" set from a man known to his Ma as Luke Wyatt. He produced an album under his own name last year that went by the clever title of 'Teen Hawk' which sounds like a great title for a Cowtown song. He's also done stuff as Torn Hawk with Karen Gwyer and 12"s...view item »

DMX Krew
Reith Trax

Oh lordy I thought it said ‘Keith Trax’. It’s not it’s ‘Reith’ after the farm in Austria from whence it emerged. In the next room they are playing Slayer. I’m happy with with my DMX Krew especially when the first track is as lovely as ‘Ham...view item »