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Martin Hannett
Homage to Delia Derbyshire

Martin Hannett is the producer who did all your favourite Manchester post-punk records, but check this out: he also created his own work. Homage to Delia Derbyshire is unreleased material from 1982, made with various synths and electronics. This music feels very intimate and personal, partly because it was not made with...view item »

The Fall
Live In Clitheroe

Live set by The Fall, captured in 2013 at Clitheroe Grand. By all accounts, Mark E. Smith and his band of merry men and women were in splendid form at this show, even if Mark did do his old ‘sing from the dressing room’ trick for the last few songs. Live In Clitheroe is rele...view item »

Captain Beefheart
Live at Knebworth 1975

Although Beefheart was in something of a creative slump mid '70s, he returned to Knebworth each year to perform his avant boogie blues. Here he seems to stick to a tried and tested setlist of freakout favourites which must have delighted any hippies still hanging on as well as proto new wavers waiting for punk to come along. Comes on orange wax ...view item »

John Cooper Clarke
Ou Est Le Maison De Fromage

Oú est la maison de fromage? (‘Where is the house of cheese?’) is the debut album of everyone’s favourite Salford-born ‘punk-poet’, John Cooper Clarke. It’s a 1978-compiled jumble of demos, rehearsals and live recordings, giving a nicely jumbled mixed flavour of the man’s...view item »

The Fall
Bingo Masters at The Witch Trials

Mark E Smith's increasingly loose grip on his back catalogue continues with this vinyl edition of a live gig from 1978. Just look at that sleeve. How in any way does it fit in with the cut and paste collages of the era? It's going to look awful in your collection but at least musically it captures the early Fall at their most intense with a wild...view item »

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Batlight Clearkid

Here we have a collection of Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band live recordings dating from the 70’s: premium times for the Captain. John Peel himself compiled the collection that appears on Batlight Clearkid, and the fourteen tracks are presented on 180g yellow vinyl with an array of rare ...view item »

Captain Beefheart & The Magic Band
Rough Raw and Amazing

Rough and Raw indeed - this is one of the worst quality bootlegs to ever be pressed to vinyl! I'm not sure why Ozit still get away with this, as by now most Beefheart fans know to avoid their releases. Sound quality and artwork are dreadful. Notice that bizarrely Ozit started to bill these bootleg vinyl pressings as "Don Van Vliet & His Magi...view item »
Double LP (OZITDANLP8024, £25.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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The Deeply Vale Box Set

6 CDs and a 272 page book documenting the legendary Deeply Vale Festivals that were held in the 1970s near Bury. If you didn’t go, this box set may not mean that much to you, but if, like members of Doves, 808 State ...view item »
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The Fall
Live In San Francisco

There have been some pretty shoddy live Fall releases over the years, but Ozit-Morpheus have been fortunate enough to put out 3 of the very worst! This one, Bingo Masters At The Witch Trials and Live In Clitheroe. All for very different reasons.. The problem here is that 5 gigs from this era have already been officially released on the T...view item »

A Film About Martin Hannett
He Wasn’t Just a Fifth Member Of Joy Division

This four hour apology is dedicated to one Martin Hannett, the understated fifth member of Joy Division who apparently was not just that. The film looks in depth at the life of the musician and producer and considers his impact on post-punk and pop music in a schema grander than just Unknown...view item »
DVD (OZITDANDVD015, £15.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Captain Beefheart / Don Van Vliet
Son Of Dustsucker (The Roger Eagle Tapes)

A rare good review from me on an Ozit Beefheart release, but let me temper that by explaining that this is not from "Roger Eagles tape" as they claim. That version was released on their original "Dust Sucker" CD - and it was their usual low generation hissy old bootleg tape from the 70s quality thin, supposedly dubbed from a cassette of the lege...view item »
LP (OZITDANLP8020, £21.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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Don Van Vliet And The Magic Band
Live At Bickershaw Festival

Double LP (OZITDANLP8017, £23.99) is now sold out, sorry.
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